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  1. Grace College is looking for mats to start a wrestling club, which hopefully would become another wrestling program in College.
  2. What has Indy Tech does for that area?
  3. Pretty Angel Escobedo still has the record, have to check my files.
  4. Calumet just beat the #3 seed Culver Academy. Lots of forfeits.
  5. The NAIA just granted invitational status for Women's Wrestling. This means that after 2 years and 40 schools having wrestling, currently there are 25, it would be recognize as a championship sport by the NAIA. NAIA is the first division to recognize women's wrestling.
  6. Still looking for student athletes that want an education and continue wrestling for a low cost. Look us up.
  7. There was more to the celebration than just acting like snuffing out a cigar butt on the ground. That was the ending, you must not have watched the whole thing.
  8. Yeah, but the semi state is in East Chicago not Merrillville.
  9. I spoke with Hobart's AD over the weekend, and he said it would be 3 mats across with both sets of bleachers pulled out.
  10. If you know my dad, he is not the richest nor he is near the grave. Just a real region rat, straight from a little town in Mexico.
  11. 38 years? My dad put in 45 years and just got hired back as a supervisor for Rogers and Sons. The Rat must be going soft if he can't make 40 years.
  12. Head Coach Dan Bedoy and Assistant Coach Julio Cisneros are sending an open invitation to all high school coaches, wrestlers and their parents, to e-mail them any information regarding a student-athlete wanting to further their athletic and academic careers at jcisneros1@ccsj.edu. Julio Cisneros Assistant Wrestling Coach Calumet College of St. Joseph
  13. So we have 6 guys left after the 1st session?
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