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  1. You should have a coaches vote to see if they want Fairhaven in this tournament. As a 1A school, they would be real hard to beat, as they have had kids in the past that would have placed in state. Right now they have at least 2 kids that could compete for a state title next year, if they would join the IHSAA but can’t because they only offer wrestling and soccer at their school.
  2. The Region Bragging Rights dual meet was hosted by the Times at Purdue Calumet. It invited the best Seniors from the circulation area in Indiana and Illinois to face off and Blythes would provide singlets for the match. Last time they had it was around 2010.
  3. The Munster super dual was a 2 day tournament back then, and we hosted our own super dual.
  4. I remember those good days. Had to document every match, because at the time Alex was chasing the record for most consecutive career wins. Just off my head, I know we went to the Valpo Super Duals, Munster Super Dual, Lake County which was a 2 day tournament, the LAC which had 15 team conference, Griffith Super duals, and then the state series, both individual and team. Not to mention the Harvest Classic, Penn Super Duals, and the 4 duals during the week. That year I believe the Andrea and Angel had 64, and were made because they drew a bye and Alex drew a forfeit at a tournament to get 65.
  5. We also have a wrestler that does not have the 6 qualifying weigh ins, and were told by our AD that we could not enter him because of the rule that is in place. Wish we could have known about getting a waiver for him to wrestle in sectionals.
  6. If it is not green, it does not count.
  7. The problem is that there are rules set in place, but it seems come sectional time the IHSAA makes up new ones as they seem fit. Look at the sectional seeding forum on this page.
  8. 2008 was a great year for them, 3 Brickies wrestling under the lights.
  9. Grace College is looking for mats to start a wrestling club, which hopefully would become another wrestling program in College.
  10. What has Indy Tech does for that area?
  11. Pretty Angel Escobedo still has the record, have to check my files.
  12. Calumet just beat the #3 seed Culver Academy. Lots of forfeits.
  13. The NAIA just granted invitational status for Women's Wrestling. This means that after 2 years and 40 schools having wrestling, currently there are 25, it would be recognize as a championship sport by the NAIA. NAIA is the first division to recognize women's wrestling.
  14. Still looking for student athletes that want an education and continue wrestling for a low cost. Look us up.
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