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  1. You are such a class act Justice. I know you are disappointed that you did not make it but this is just a bump in the road. You are definitely destined for a bright future. I appreciate having the opportunity to watch you grow from little Bam Bam to the fine young man that you are today. You and Amante were blessed to have such great friends in each other.
  2. I do not know either wrestler. I watched it over and over online and wow; just wow. It was unfortunate.
  3. Blake has shoulder surgery right before the season started and was expected to be out the entire season. He was just recently released to fully practice again so he should be back on a mat somewhere soon.
  4. Blake Rypel had shoulder surgery in September and is out for at least 5 months.
  5. Those were the days... the old Red Cobra crew. Lots of familiar faces in the crowd also- Momma Red, the Glogouskis, the Banes with little Alston "coaching" from the sidelines, and some others.
  6. Ben Stewart won 12u Outstanding wrestler at Tulsa and was part of the World All-Star team that year. I am pretty sure that Chad Red was on the all-star team also that year. I know it is not the Trinity award but the all-star team was based on placement at those tournaments and was an honor. Aside from the horrible drives to Oklahoma, I used to love taking my son to the Roller tournaments. Congrats to the new generations of little guys getting it done out there and Reno.
  7. I was just skimming the "Chad Red in IL" thread and I got to thinking what a straight up champ vs champ dual might look like. I know we just had the senior dual but not everyone committed and it was limited to seniors so it is not a true example. I have to pull up the many classes of IL first to put a list together but I would like to see thoughts on what everyone thinks the outcome of the matches would be. IN against 3A, 2A, 1A. For the record, in my opinion there is no debate on which state is better as a whole or when comparing depth. IL wins overall but we could give them some good matc
  8. Blake pinned his first three opponents and was not scored on at all in those three matches. He and Jones are friends that have wrestled in the finals the last 4 weekends. Blake knows that Jones is a great wrestler that would give it his all with nothing to lose. Jones is more dangerous than many realize. I am sure that was in his mind after watching the many upsets this weekend. He wrestled safe with the ultimate goal of winning that match. He accomplished that goal and earned his 2nd State title.
  9. Ryan Guhl over Walter Haire by fall @ 220
  10. Zach Melloh over Owen Doster today at Cathedral. Won by 3 or 5 I think.
  11. It was an awesome dual! Wins for Cathedral at 106- Walendzak over Fair 2-1 113- Slivka over Nier 8-6 126- Bailey over Servies 9-0 132- Melloh over Brookbank 8-6 145- Trevor Bagwell over Kain Rust 11-4 182- Rypel over C Warren fall 195- Stewart over Perry decision 220- Guhl over Schjoll 22-7
  12. Ben Stewart Cath over Kolby Ferris HSE and Nick Shaeffer Westfield at NC Duals today at 195.
  13. That is a can of worms you just re-opened... Yes though, very tough draw.
  14. This is definitely a less than ideal situation for spectators.
  15. It looks like the schedule will be that the unseeded (and likely 3rd in pool) teams will have a bye in rounds 3 and 4 both. 4 hours is a really long time to sit around for that token 9/11 place match in round 5. Fortunately there will be great wrestling to watch but it still really sucks.
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