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  1. Who is announcing mat 3? He is the best I have heard at the state finals in a long time.
  2. I was looking at the flow rankings and noticed Arizona State had guys ranked at 149 &157, no Tsirtis. He is listed on ASU's current roster. Does anyone know his current status at ASU?
  3. Drew is a beast. I think with a good draw, and a great tournament he could AA this year.
  4. He finished fourth. Lost in sudden victory to the 3rd ranked wrestler in the country. He was dominated by Ashnault from Rutgers, but he wrestled very well and showed he will be eventually be a contender in D1, and I think it will be sooner rather than later.
  5. In the 90's Connorsville was one of the few tournaments you could find tournament brackets online pre-tournament.
  6. Posey County: Andy Schneider, Matt Coughlin and Chase Ackers come to mind.
  7. I saw all four of Nick's matches on flow today and I was astonished. He literally beat two grown men today, and I still don't know how he did it. In his first win over Alan Waters he tossed him for four points. Took him down again on a go behind, then leg laced him for six more points and a tech fall. In his third match he beat Shelton Mack a former Pitt wrestler and three time NCAA qualifier, 9-8. Nick took him down several times and suprising to me, his freestyle tactics and mat awareness surpassed the veteran Mack. In his two losses, one to former NCAA champ Jason Ness and one to
  8. If a wrestler gets ridden out in the third period in a close match, it usually means they lose.
  9. Let's just hold off on the name calling and enjoy the match for what it was. Two potential NCAA champs holding nothing back, showing what Indiana wrestling is all about. Lee showed why he is deserving of a Penn State scholarship, and Red showed why he is a undefeated 4 timer. It was the best finals match I have seen since Vega beat Schafer. Sorry, Mauer v. Dolly fans.
  10. I grew up a "hilljack" in Southern Indiana, and I wrestled in the EV SS. I have now lived in Chicago, not Northwest Indiana for 12 years. Please don't refer to yourself as someone from a big city to pretend you are more cosmopolitan than other people from Indiana. You don't live in Chicago, and you are just as big of a "hilljack" as everyone else from Indiana, myself included. People from the city look at you the same way you look at everyone else in Indiana, with detain. Simply because you live near Chicago doesn't make you better than any other Hoosier. Also, if you are going to use a C
  11. I know for a fact hook is on vacation in Colorado. It's kind of nice to get a week off from his Mater Dei loving propaganda.
  12. Does anyone know if Welch is the first Southern Indiana native to win Midlands?
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