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  1. Do you really think this guy is going to tell his kids a story about how he was "ONLY down by 10" when he got pinned by Jason Nolf as if that will be his greatest accomplishment? Lol wow, I hope not. The fact of the matter is when you are in a wrestling match, taunting an oppenent is unnecessary, especially when you're losing...
  2. Dumb move on his part, and was embarrassed instantly after
  3. From a serious standpoint it hard to say who would between Mendez and Lee, I haven't wrestled either, and neither have wrestled common opponents. Lee was very dominant as a freshman, and ran into a hammer in Micic, who I had trained with during high school at region, I was not shocked to see the way Micic handled him. Mendez was impressive beaten Watts multiple times, who I have worked out with on occasion. In a head to head matchup its hard to say who would win as freshman, gun to my head I would probably pick Lee as a freshman, but Mendez will probably go down with a much better high school career maybe one of the greatest in Indiana history.
  4. go to the history section of this website and you'll find my name ill let you decide who I am, just remember that everything Ive said thus far is only a joke.
  5. Nail on the head, I believe maybe one thing ive said out of all of these posts, the fact that everyone got so mad is the point in saying these things. These are high school and young wrestlers the fact that you guys hop on here and try to say who can beat who with wrestling none of them is absurd, its fun to try to decide who would, but there is no need to get so upset. I was only joking fellas.
  6. alright guys calm down, they are all great wrestlers I was trolling for fun, no need to get worked up
  7. I did win a tournament one time last year
  8. That’s fine. But Early as a senior, was better than watts asa senior IMO
  9. Let me know when Nick Lee wins more than one state title
  10. Indiana Lee Rankings: 1. Brayton Lee 2. Hayden Lee 3. Matt Lee 4. Joe Lee 5. Nick Lee
  11. hahaha some of it is for fun, but I do believe Early would beat Watts badly senior vs senior
  12. Mater Dei isn't even that good, just teach their kids catch moves to try to pin good wrestlers cause they can't actually win
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