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  1. WadeDuPont

    2019-2020 Team State

    Thanks, where can I find last years list of team for each class?
  2. WadeDuPont

    2019-2020 Team State

    Where would I find last years list of all schools by class?
  3. WadeDuPont

    2019-2020 Team State

    Understood, but is there a rough draft based on enrollment numbers and historical data?
  4. WadeDuPont

    2019-2020 Team State

    With the individual state series upon us it also brings scoring for the 2019-2020 Team State. With that said and new enrollments issued by the IHSAA last week, is there a rough draft of the teams in each class for scoring purposes?
  5. WadeDuPont

    Repeat champions? Freshman Champions?

    126 Prediction: Curtis not in Top 4
  6. WadeDuPont

    Team State Qualifiers

    By Sectional By Regional
  7. WadeDuPont

    Past State Brackets

    I want to say great work on the past brackets, they are greatly appreciated in the wrestling community. Is the information out there for Top 10 Team scores by year as well?
  8. WadeDuPont

    Past State Brackets

    1984 145 lbs... David Locke of Delta listed twice.
  9. Do you know when Yorktown will officially announce their new coach?
  10. WadeDuPont

    Flo HS Girls Rankings

    Will Alara be returning to Yorktown? Do you know when Yorktown will announce their newly hired coach?
  11. WadeDuPont

    2018 Head Coaching Changes

    Heard Yorktown & Daleville have hired new coaches....anyone have the names?
  12. WadeDuPont

    Team State Vote-In Results

    Why is there a vote in? If the formula is so good to determine the Top 10, why isn't it good enough for the Top 12?
  13. WadeDuPont

    2018 Head Coaching Changes

  14. WadeDuPont

    Team State Bid Acceptance List

    I mis-typed...should have said our semi-state.
  15. WadeDuPont

    Team State Bid Acceptance List

    All we the Jay County Regional participants are saying is that our regional should not be rated as the weakest regional in the state, as you said this regional has had really good representation over the years at team state as shown in this thread two of the teams have participated every year and that is not including Bellmont's success over the years. Once that is corrected we will quit complaining.

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