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  1. Bigyusm


    Giovanni Diaz
  2. Bigyusm

    are the rankings going to get updated

    Late nights and long drives ! Dedication ! looking forward to them - until they don’t look the way I like. Lol.
  3. Bigyusm

    Super 32

    Coach Diaz and I will Be there I’ll , Brock might have my number. Bolin has our numbers - we will help.
  4. Bigyusm

    Wrestlers wanted

    Open room ? I might make the trip with a couple kids if so -
  5. Bigyusm

    An Idea to Think About.

    I’m with Y2 on the college thing. My son is a Semi State Qualifier , he has- I believe 8 schools currently recruiting him - he is not a world beater , starting wrestling in middle school and played 3 sports for the first 2 years and only 1 sports last year due to injury. We didn’t do much summer wrestling and he didn’t do great in the summer events we attended. Some of the schools he reached out too and others reached out to us. He will be wrestling in college and I believe he will have a very good financial package based on preliminary dealings. We have to do fasfa and see where we are. This is where I say the small school environment helped him - he progressed quickly with the attention he was able to get - I was brought on as a volunteer coach and we were able to lift , train and condition when it fit around our schedule. Coach Diaz rearranges his schedule on a regular basis to accommodate the kids that do want to put in the work. At a larger school we would have never been able to change things around to accommodate 3 or 4 kids. And since only 4-6 kids work in the off season we are able too. That directly benefited my son and his development.
  6. Bigyusm

    USAW New Weights/Age Groups

    Illinois has there Novice as 10,11,12 - 10 year old can wrestle down intermediate and 12 year old can wreslte up senior- In Indiana my son who is 11 yr old and in 6th grade turns 12 on 12/27 so he will be in the U14 or school boy. There is a very large maturity difference between an 11 year old turning 12 to a 14 year old.
  7. Bigyusm

    An Idea to Think About.

    As a Small School with a 7 year old program - We are planning for 8 years down the road - and one thing constantly comes up is will the kids stay here or go to another school (bigger). As a parent we moved to Wheeler between my sons 8th & 9th grade year - I can say he probably would not have been a varsity wrestler at Valpo his freshmen year and his growth by wrestling against varsity competition tremendously helped him. The time Coaches have spent with him at Wheeler because we had 9 kids , 13 kids and 18 kids the last 3 years has been unbelievable. That small school environment made him so much better in my opinion as he wasn’t just a number. I think for some kids , like my son who was new to wrestling and played 3 sports, the small school benefits them tremendously. Too many parents think going to the bigger school will develop their kid into a hammer. Sometimes they develop into the nail - I can see where this scenario of kids leaving could really hurt a program like ours. Fortunately for us we have dedicated coaches - I understand why kids stay and I understand why kids leave - I prefer they stay and grow , but I have a 6th grader still so I’m just thinking about training partners for him in 3 years.
  8. Due to an injury at Football practice we lost our 187. Please reach out if you want to go. Yusef Mohmed 2199162220 yusefmohmed@hotmail.com
  9. Bigyusm

    Need 187 for Grand River Rumble

    We just had a last minute scheduling conflict and Now we need a 145lb Wrestler -
  10. Bigyusm

    Need 187 for Grand River Rumble

    Spot filled !
  11. We had a last minute change and now need a 187. Reach out if you’re interested 2199162220 yusefmohmed@hotmail.com Yusef Mohmed
  12. Bigyusm

    Need 220 for HS Grand River Rumble

    220 has been filled.
  13. Bigyusm

    Need 220 for HS Grand River Rumble

    Our 220 unfortunately suffered an injury. We are looking for one again please reach out Yusef Mohmed 2199162220 yusefmohmed@hotmail.com
  14. Bigyusm

    Disney Duals 2018

    Here we go !!
  15. Bigyusm

    Need 220 for HS Grand River Rumble

    Both spots are filled

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