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  1. Yes he was - was a very close match - I heard his dad was so upset he went out and ate dinner twice Friday night.
  2. His Dad is insane ! His name is actually spelled Isaiah Mohmed - He’s a great kid , took on wrestling full time this past year. Was dabbling in football and baseball for awhile. His favorite food is everything, as is his Dads.
  3. Very Possible - I was talking to some other coaches and that could be what was meant. Great win for Indiana !
  4. That’s great ! Everyone was saying we hadn’t won in many years.
  5. Their 182 - said no thanks I’m not wrestling that guy. Ha was a great win for Indiana today !
  6. Seriously , Isaiah is no world beater. But damn he is tough to score on. And he got tilted like he was at a carnival on the tilt a whirl. He said “ he wasn’t strong , he was just good!” Lol
  7. https://share.icloud.com/photos/0quVUAj77DWoeHkeV8DLc8zMA#Culver
  8. If I could post a pic - I have one. It’s him. No offense to 1A but Isaiah does not get beat like that typically. I don’t see a 1A champ doing that to him. 2 times he has been beat like that. Today and at Super 32. The same exact way. Tilts. Ha.
  9. Isaiah said “man I need to work on tilts !” Lol 😂 First Dual Win In 5 or 6 years for Indiana.
  10. Missed that Samich for lunch at practice. Had to head down the street to get a Burger 🍔!
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