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  1. I can tell you when my son was getting recruited as a Junior who had been to Semi State - one of the schools we reached out to literally told me - he doesn’t have the accolades for me to give him a ton of money. In that same breath he said your son just worked a multi time placer from here , but without those accolades it’s a hard sell. He elaborated further , “well when I’m recruiting other kids - I can’t say hey I just signed a semi state kid from Indiana! “ This was a D2 school in North Carolina - for a kid like mine those accolades are huge. He didn’t do many off season tournaments as
  2. Was worth it ! I was very happy for you - you looked great !
  3. How about Roy Boys 2 off Ripley - hit that for some ink then roll a block down the road for a Buffett. This may have occurred for me back in 1994 - For a non native regioner I have some real region stories. Ha.
  4. The best are always in a garage off Cleveland St.
  5. I’m not gonna lie when I saw you from the stands. I was like did he ride his motorcycle here today ? Johansen going all in on the Sons look.
  6. Sorry but that stream can’t compete with @ontherise219 on the mic for Region Sports at EC - plus it’s free.
  7. Our boys don’t get the respect based on schedule, reputation and not being seen a lot. It’s not a slight - it just happens to pan out that way a lot. Kids with 1 loss come into semi state and lose to kids with 12. So there is a prove it vibe within the wrestling community. Especially if they don’t do off season stuff a ton and play multiple sports. My son is still salty with some folks for picking against him last year , even Though he had beaten guys ranked ahead of him and guys who beat some of them. Fortunately Tankersly gets a chance to prove everyone wrong this weekend. I’ll be roo
  8. Coming over to the dark side I see ! Diaz and Breedlove I agree. GSSC conference for life ! Ha
  9. Yes he was - was a very close match - I heard his dad was so upset he went out and ate dinner twice Friday night.
  10. His Dad is insane ! His name is actually spelled Isaiah Mohmed - He’s a great kid , took on wrestling full time this past year. Was dabbling in football and baseball for awhile. His favorite food is everything, as is his Dads.
  11. Very Possible - I was talking to some other coaches and that could be what was meant. Great win for Indiana !
  12. That’s great ! Everyone was saying we hadn’t won in many years.
  13. Their 182 - said no thanks I’m not wrestling that guy. Ha was a great win for Indiana today !
  14. Seriously , Isaiah is no world beater. But damn he is tough to score on. And he got tilted like he was at a carnival on the tilt a whirl. He said “ he wasn’t strong , he was just good!” Lol
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