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  1. HomesteadWrestling

    Practice this week

    From: Robert Faulkens All, The weather has been an issue all week and looks as if it is going to break this afternoon. Several schools have called or written asking about a weight allowance for Saturday. There will be no weight allowance if all schools participating in your Regional are open and/or schedule practice on Friday. Please call if you have a question regarding this issue. Good luck this weekend
  2. HomesteadWrestling


    Jake Jenkins
  3. HomesteadWrestling


    Jake Jenkins
  4. HomesteadWrestling

    Homestead vs. Jay County

  5. HomesteadWrestling

    Another Jerry McGuire Moment

    I don't really remember the match. If you have video, I would be happy to take a look and use it as a teaching moment if what you say is true. I don't think we have film on the match but you could post it as a private video on YouTube and share the link with me via message. Our wrestler isn't dirty and it hasn't been an issue in the four years that he has wrestled for our program. If it happened, I don't think he meant to cause any harm but I'm sorry that your kid was hurt in the process.
  6. HomesteadWrestling


    Jake Jenkins
  7. I saw that as well, big win. Unfortunately, it was Paul's only win on the weekend. Does this mean Konrath is the starter at 133 ahead of Pepple or is Pepple at another weight or injured?
  8. HomesteadWrestling

    Class of '18 superstars killing it at Midlands

    Mason's last match was a bummer. I'm not sure about the stalling calls against him. The kid from Northwestern was just laying on his hip. I'm not sure what else he could have done. In the end, the swipes for back points were a bit quick, like a makeup call for potentially missing them earlier. Either way, a great showing for Mason so far. Once he gets a little bigger and stronger, matches like this won't be close. He was clearly the better wrestler, just came up against a much bigger heavyweight that was hard to move at times.
  9. HomesteadWrestling

    Spartan greed

    Any updates on team scores or semi-final or finals matchups?
  10. HomesteadWrestling

    Spartan greed

    They seed this tournament now? When did that start happening?
  11. HomesteadWrestling


    Joe Parrish
  12. HomesteadWrestling

    Homestead vs. Fort Wayne Northrop

  13. HomesteadWrestling

    Fishers vs. Homestead

  14. HomesteadWrestling

    Ben Davis vs. Homestead

    Ben Davis
  15. HomesteadWrestling

    Homestead vs. Lawrence Central


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