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  1. We have a full JV lineup and we are looking for any type of event on this date. Please e-mail Coach DeVaux at spartangrappling@gmail.com. Thank you!
  2. The Indiana wrestling community lost a great coach yesterday. Mike Ester of Fort Wayne passed away. Mike was the coach of Fort Wayne Snider before starting the Indiana Tech program and then recently returning to Snider as an assistant to help coach his son Brady Ester who is going into his senior season. Mike was my high school coach. I graduated from Snider in 2004. He had a tremendous impact on my life and I wouldn't be the man or coach I am today apart from his influence. I know Mike had a personality that rubbed a lot of people the wrong way but those closest to him know how big his heart was for his wrestlers and this sport. Even if you would classify him as 'enemy' you cannot question his passion. Remember, we all have our flaws and it never hurts to extend grace rather than judgment. This is a husband, a father, a son, a brother and a fellow coach. It is times like these when our community has an opportunity to set our differences and our competitive nature aside to respond in love and support to show just how bonded and unique this family of wrestlers is. As a gift for the family, I am collecting letters from individuals who have a memory, a word of encouragement or a story to share of how Mike impacted your life. This will help capture some sweet memories that they can reflect on to know just how special he was. If you would like to contribute, you can send it to me via e-mail at spartangrappling@gmail.com. If you know someone who doesn't visit this discussion board but would like to contribute, please share this message with them. The family is unbelievably broken and at a loss right now, please lift them up in your prayers. Whatever you are facing today may not be as big or as serious as it seems. Take the time to let someone know they are loved. God bless, Nathan DeVaux - Head Coach - Homestead High School Snider '04
  3. Still looking for one additional team. In addition to the teams listed above, we have also added Muncie Central and Central Noble. E-mail spartangrappling@gmail.com if interested.
  4. Homestead is located in Fort Wayne. We have an opening for our super dual on 11/30. Each team is guaranteed five duals. The winner of the tournament receive a championship belt. It is a good, competitive day of wrestling. If you are interested, please e-mail spartangrappling@gmail.com. Teams Competing: Connersville Dekalb Fort Wayne North Side Fort Wayne Wayne Homestead New Haven Northridge Perry Meridian (B) Yorktown
  5. Homestead High School in Fort Wayne is looking for an event on one of these two dates. Please let me know if you have an opening. You can reply here or e-mail spartangrappling@gmail.com. Thank you.
  6. 106 Guillermo Juarez (ILLINOIS LINCOLN) over Sean Johnson (INDIANA GOLD) Fall 5:02 0 6.0 113 Michael Leveille (ILLINOIS LINCOLN) over Martin Cruz (INDIANA GOLD) Dec 12-9 0 3.0 120 Michael Jaffe (ILLINOIS LINCOLN) over Evan Beasley (INDIANA GOLD) Maj 13-5 0 4.0 126 Hunter Watts (INDIANA GOLD) over Anthony Molton (ILLINOIS LINCOLN) SV-1 4-2 3.0 0 132 Asa Garcia (INDIANA GOLD) over Domenic Zaccone (ILLINOIS LINCOLN) Dec 6-5 3.0 0 138 Cayden Rooks (INDIANA GOLD) over Justin Benjamin (ILLINOIS LINCOLN) Dec 7-2 3.0 0 138 B Antwaun Graves (INDIANA GOLD) over Maxwell Kristoff (ILLINOIS LINCOLN) Dec 9-2 3.0 0 145 Trevor Chumbley (ILLINOIS LINCOLN) over Isiah Mohammed (INDIANA GOLD) TF 15-0 0 5.0 145 B Unknown (Unattached) vs Unknown (Unattached) 0 0 152 Jake Stiles (ILLINOIS LINCOLN) over Jack Schoenegge (INDIANA GOLD) Dec 7-2 0 3.0 160 Donnell Washington (INDIANA GOLD) over Jared Head (ILLINOIS LINCOLN) Dec 9-5 3.0 0 170 Nick South (INDIANA GOLD) over Major Dedmond (ILLINOIS LINCOLN) Dec 3-0 3.0 0 182 Carson Brewer (INDIANA GOLD) over Mounes Betancourt (ILLINOIS LINCOLN) TF 18-3 5.0 0 182 B Unknown (Unattached) vs Unknown (Unattached) 0 0 195 Nick Willham (INDIANA GOLD) over Elliott Fox (ILLINOIS LINCOLN) Fall 2:59 6.0 0 220 Ramin Abraham (ILLINOIS LINCOLN) over AJ Fowler (INDIANA GOLD) Dec 7-3 0 3.0 285 Alex Cartwright (INDIANA GOLD) over Aydin Guttridge (ILLINOIS LINCOLN) Dec 3-2 3.0 0 Dual Meet Score 32.0 24.0
  7. 106 Colin Reagan (INDIANA BLUE) over Guillermo Juarez (ILLINOIS REAGAN) Fall 3:15 6.0 0 113 Kooper Loehr (ILLINOIS REAGAN) over Jake Armstrong (INDIANA BLUE) TF 16-0 0 5.0 120 Chris Stewart (INDIANA BLUE) over Bradley Ritter (ILLINOIS REAGAN) SV-1 6-4 3.0 0 126 Brock Peele (INDIANA BLUE) over Michael Myers (ILLINOIS REAGAN) Maj 15-7 4.0 0 132 Geremia Brooks (INDIANA BLUE) over Noah Paul (ILLINOIS REAGAN) Dec 14-9 3.0 0 138 Ezra Elliott (ILLINOIS REAGAN) over Braxton Alexander (INDIANA BLUE) Maj 12-2 0 4.0 138 B Connor Gimson (INDIANA BLUE) over Riley Palm (ILLINOIS REAGAN) Dec 3-2 3.0 0 145 Nick Termini (ILLINOIS REAGAN) over Jake Burford (INDIANA BLUE) Maj 16-4 0 4.0 145 B Unknown (Unattached) vs Unknown (Unattached) 0 0 152 Leo Mushinsk (ILLINOIS REAGAN) over Cole Cervantes (INDIANA BLUE) Dec 5-2 0 3.0 160 Brooks Davis (INDIANA BLUE) over Mason Ajster (ILLINOIS REAGAN) Fall 3:16 6.0 0 170 Dominic Murphy (ILLINOIS REAGAN) over Logan Hart (INDIANA BLUE) SV-1 10-8 0 3.0 182 Jalen Morgan (INDIANA BLUE) over Gabe Friedrichs (ILLINOIS REAGAN) Dec 9-3 3.0 0 182 B Bradley Rosman (INDIANA BLUE) over Jake Woodrey (ILLINOIS REAGAN) Dec 8-7 3.0 0 195 KJ Roudebush (INDIANA BLUE) over Max Gomez (ILLINOIS REAGAN) SV-1 7-5 3.0 0 220 Jacob Bullock (ILLINOIS REAGAN) over Jacob Bolte (INDIANA BLUE) Fall 0:30 0 6.0 285 Ian Kuehl (ILLINOIS REAGAN) over Jamichaels Watts (INDIANA BLUE) Maj 10-1 0 4.0 Dual Meet Score 34.0 29.0
  8. @Perseverance @Mattyb We have a wrestler, Joe Parrish, who is competing that weekend. His coaches aren't able to make the trip so if any of you could adopt him for the weekend and let him borrow a drill partner, it would be appreciated.
  9. How about Todrank at 157? I know he is listed as 141/149 for Buffalo but he did score 2 on Nolf and instantly went viral. He may not win any matches but at least it would be entertaining.
  10. Anyone making the trip out to PA to compete?
  11. From: Robert Faulkens All, The weather has been an issue all week and looks as if it is going to break this afternoon. Several schools have called or written asking about a weight allowance for Saturday. There will be no weight allowance if all schools participating in your Regional are open and/or schedule practice on Friday. Please call if you have a question regarding this issue. Good luck this weekend
  12. I don't really remember the match. If you have video, I would be happy to take a look and use it as a teaching moment if what you say is true. I don't think we have film on the match but you could post it as a private video on YouTube and share the link with me via message. Our wrestler isn't dirty and it hasn't been an issue in the four years that he has wrestled for our program. If it happened, I don't think he meant to cause any harm but I'm sorry that your kid was hurt in the process.
  13. I saw that as well, big win. Unfortunately, it was Paul's only win on the weekend. Does this mean Konrath is the starter at 133 ahead of Pepple or is Pepple at another weight or injured?
  14. Mason's last match was a bummer. I'm not sure about the stalling calls against him. The kid from Northwestern was just laying on his hip. I'm not sure what else he could have done. In the end, the swipes for back points were a bit quick, like a makeup call for potentially missing them earlier. Either way, a great showing for Mason so far. Once he gets a little bigger and stronger, matches like this won't be close. He was clearly the better wrestler, just came up against a much bigger heavyweight that was hard to move at times.
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