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  1. Ball State Wrestling Club is looking to set up some duals for next academic year. Just wondering if anyone knows some clubs in state or surrounding states! Thanks
  2. You don’t think Hardcastle has dreams of becoming a star qualifier too? He worked hard to get to that point too. What if Beeks would have had his knee injured like what happened in that situation. And don’t be saying subtle comments about the coaching staff, I heard you yesterday talking crap about the coaching staff. Just low.
  3. BSU wrestling club needs some clinicians to come and help run a few practices. If someone would be interested, contact me at brrosman@bsu.edu.
  4. Wrestling Club at Ball State as been created. Go follow the twitter account @BSUWC. Should have some apparel for sale in January. Going to plan on going to some opens in February.
  5. I am starting a wrestling club at ball state. I have no idea on how to go about starting everything. Does anyone have any advice, ideas, or experience with this? I am a college student as well.
  6. Western Invitational Eastern, Marion, Oak Hill, Southwood, Tipton, Wabash, Western
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