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  1. I wonder when the last class to never have a state champion was? Or has this even happened?
  2. Should’ve been one on 1-0 matches! Seems like there have been a pretty noticeable number
  3. Anyone have any O/U bets for Friday night/State? Funny or serious.... I’ll start it off. Shiny Pants Worn - 30 I’ll take the over. Pins by headlocks - 3 Gotta take the over. Heavyweight backflips — ???
  4. Word on the street is that Brownsburg’s Heavyweight Keys (Semi-State Champion) is a first year wrestler.... some are “novices”! That being said..... I don’t think he’d be where he is at any other program besides Brownsburg 😉
  5. When will people learn to stop betting against Brownsburg?
  6. Mulkey is going to Gardner Webb I believe
  7. Question answered. Lol. Thanks
  8. Something I just noticed ... it looks like the NBA All-Star Weekend is going on this weekend. It also happens that Indianapolis was chosen to host the 2021 All Star Weekend ... assuming the NBA takes some authority over the IHSAA, what's gonna happen in 2021 if these two events conflict?
  9. Who is the heaviest freshman to qualify this year?
  10. Which regionals (and which weight) have a chance to get all four wrestlers at one weight class through to state?
  11. Any big first round matches? Any other notable results?
  12. Stambaugh lost 3-2 in Zionsville finals to Jessop HSE
  13. Rather than looking at each individual sectional and in interest of saving time, what are some notable changes in weight classes? Any unexpected weight class drops/rises by wrestlers that should be noticed?
  14. Results from HCC Conference (Bburg, Avon, Zionsville, HSE, Westfield, Fishers, Noblesville) 106 Campbell (B ) over Rioux (A) D 5-0 113 Lawhead (B ) over Brady (N) D 10-6 Garcia (A) over Lawhead (B ) D 11-4 126 Garcia (H) over Gobeyn (Z) D 5-0 132 Mulkey (B ) Pin Ellis (Z) 1:38 Miranda (A) over Robinson (W) D 10-5 Mulkey (B ) over Miranda (A) MD 8-0 138 Wagner (Z) over Bigelow (B ) D 4-2 OT Conley (A) over Wagner (Z) D 5-4 152 Lee (B ) Pin Gobeyn (Z) 1:27 Clark (A) over Kitko (N) TB-1 3-2 Gobeyn (Z) over Kitko (N) D 4-3 Lee (B ) TF Clark (A) 25-9 160 Brewer (A) over Wertz (Z) D 6-2 Wertz (Z) over Miller (W) D 4-3 170 Cicciarelli (B ) over Mazero (H) D 6-5 Penola (Z) over Cicciarelli (B ) D 9-3 182 Walton (B ) Pin Hill (Z) 3:34 Walton (B ) over Jessop (H) D 8-6 195 Jagow (W) over McCormick (B ) D 8-4 Jagow (W) over Williamson (Z) TB-1 2-1 285 Clark (B ) over Dollens (W) D 3-1 OT Team Winner- Brownsburg
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