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  1. I imagine the usual standards would be fine... Head to Head, Common Opponents, Previous Placement, Winning %, etc. (However, being at this level, winning % might be splitting hairs) Nevertheless, it would give an actual rationale to the formation of the bracket other than random. I just have noticed a few instances of semifinalists that now are going for 3rd/4th this year with wins over guys in the finals.
  2. I know this is not a new conversation, but... How do other state tournaments deal with bracket creation? It seems to me that there should be some sort of seeding for, at the very least, the state tournament. I appreciate the 4v1 3v2 set up for the round of 16 and don’t think that a full seeding would be practical or necessary for a high school state tournament. But I think it would make our state finals even more spectacular to at least have the 1’s seeded so that we could optimally have the “best” finals matches between the “better” two wrestlers under the lights and on tv,
  3. I’m curious to see if other Semi-States are more evenly distributed or not.
  4. Here’s a fun one. Which regional had the “best” performance? To start things swingin’, I have (counted on fingers, toes, and whatever else) the Mooresville Regional at 27 for 56 on the day. That’s 48.2% of advancements from EV coming from 25% of the kids. Around a 2/weight class average. Pretty good! Did anywhere else beat it?
  5. I wonder when the last class to never have a state champion was? Or has this even happened?
  6. Should’ve been one on 1-0 matches! Seems like there have been a pretty noticeable number
  7. Anyone have any O/U bets for Friday night/State? Funny or serious.... I’ll start it off. Shiny Pants Worn - 30 I’ll take the over. Pins by headlocks - 3 Gotta take the over. Heavyweight backflips — ???
  8. Word on the street is that Brownsburg’s Heavyweight Keys (Semi-State Champion) is a first year wrestler.... some are “novices”! That being said..... I don’t think he’d be where he is at any other program besides Brownsburg
  9. When will people learn to stop betting against Brownsburg?
  10. Mulkey is going to Gardner Webb I believe
  11. Question answered. Lol. Thanks
  12. Something I just noticed ... it looks like the NBA All-Star Weekend is going on this weekend. It also happens that Indianapolis was chosen to host the 2021 All Star Weekend ... assuming the NBA takes some authority over the IHSAA, what's gonna happen in 2021 if these two events conflict?
  13. Which regionals (and which weight) have a chance to get all four wrestlers at one weight class through to state?
  14. Any big first round matches? Any other notable results?
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