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  1. Any predictions? Team Race? Who advances? Surprises/Upset Predictions?
  2. I’ll pick my champs.... 106 -Cottey 113-Seltzer 120-Littell 126-Mendez 132-Gimson 138-Rooks 145-Mosconi 152-Rodgers 160-Slivka 170-South 182-Laplace 195-Hurley 220-Fowler 285-Devault Let’s go 14/14!
  3. #16 Andrew Abbott (Muncie Central) over #12 Tremor Bynum (Pendleton) 3-2 at 195
  4. Are you going to post brackets with the Indiana Mat rankings on them?
  5. Are there going to be the annual Semi-State pickems this year? If so, where can we find them?
  6. Eliseus Young (Muncie Central) by dec. 6-5 Joe Leazier (Churubusco) Andrew Abbott (Muncie Central) by dec. 4-3 over Cale Gray (Norwell)
  7. After looking at the bracket, there seems to be less sure things to win state this year than most.... For 2017, I'd only count 3 locks with Lee, Lee, and Parris But in years past I feel like we've had more.... 2016 (9)- Cummings, Hudkins, Red/Lee, Braydon Lee, Joe Lee, Hughes, Rypel, Parris, and Streck 2015 (8)- Pepple, Red, Nick Lee, Forte, Hughes, Rypel, Woods, and Streck 2014 (5)- Red, Micic, Kelley, Robinson, and Bernard 2013 (5)- Micic, Lecount, Forte, Sliga, and Robinson 2012 (7)- Brooks, Ayersman, Jackson, Tsirtsis, Harvey, Lynde, and Sliga I know a few o
  8. Just by glancing at the brackets, some SERIOUS friday night matchups.... 106- Curtis (#1) vs. Mattingly (#3) 126- Cummings (#3) vs. White (#5) 132- Luigs (#3) vs. Gimson (#6) 145- McIntosh (#2) vs. Arney (#5) 195- Stewart (#2) vs. Wilderman (#5) The craziest ones to me has to be Cummings vs. White!! Both 4 time qualifiers now, where each of them have placed twice!! And Cummings is the 2x Champion!! What a Friday Night Match!!!!
  9. Belmont is favored in 6 weight classes (106, 126, 138, 170, 195, and 285) Jay County is favored in 3 weight classes (145, 152, and 220) 5 weight classes are a toss up (113, 120, 132, 160, and 182) Personally, I think Belmont will do better in 9 maybe 10 weight classes but if some of the toss ups go Jay County's way, it could be interesting! Should be a very entertaining Saturday!
  10. Some exciting/potentially close matches..... 106- West (Delta) vs. Abbott (Wes-Del) 113- Todd (Yorktown) vs. Winnans (Monroe Central) 120- Thomas (Winchester) vs. Tinsman (Monroe Central) 126- Hale (Winchester) vs. Blackburn (Delta) 145- Prescott (Winchester) vs. Leonard (Monroe Central) 152- Torbush (Wes-Del) vs. Green (Delta) 160- Huser (Monroe Central) vs. Bell (Cowan) 195- Watson (Yorktown) vs. Maxwell (Delta)
  11. Agree with you on most but have a few things to add in. 1. 152, 160, and 220 is a lock but 285 is in the air.... I'd take the field over Watkins here as Muncie, Harrison, and Jeff all have good enough kids to win it (Dunn of Muncie Central is my pick in this fairly even weight class) 2. Krintz is the heavy favorite on paper from Harrison but I expect the semi-final winner of Jeff and Muncie to give Krintz a better match than most people would see coming 3. I agree with your analysis and the favorites to win 113, 126, and 182 (but don't overlook senior Bowling of Tech at 113, he's a
  12. Red wins this if he is at full health no matter what. He beat Taylor Lamont 5-2 at Whos #1 and Lamont is at Lee's caliber, if not better. If they actually do wrestle, Red wins in a Lamont style fashion.
  13. Possibility of Wyatt Miller (South Adams) and Geoffrey Davis (Wayne) at New Haven
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