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  1. irishfb88

    Jay County Regionals

    Any predictions? Team Race? Who advances? Surprises/Upset Predictions?
  2. irishfb88

    Al Smith Predictions?!

    I’ll pick my champs.... 106 -Cottey 113-Seltzer 120-Littell 126-Mendez 132-Gimson 138-Rooks 145-Mosconi 152-Rodgers 160-Slivka 170-South 182-Laplace 195-Hurley 220-Fowler 285-Devault Let’s go 14/14!
  3. irishfb88

    Notable wins and upsets 12-8

    #16 Andrew Abbott (Muncie Central) over #12 Tremor Bynum (Pendleton) 3-2 at 195
  4. Are you going to post brackets with the Indiana Mat rankings on them?
  5. irishfb88

    Fort Wayne Semi-State gets a POUND

    Is this official?
  6. irishfb88

    Semi-State Pickems

    Are there going to be the annual Semi-State pickems this year? If so, where can we find them?
  7. irishfb88

    2017 ECIC Jay Co.

    Eliseus Young (Muncie Central) by dec. 6-5 Joe Leazier (Churubusco) Andrew Abbott (Muncie Central) by dec. 4-3 over Cale Gray (Norwell)
  8. irishfb88

    Article: 2015 Fort Wayne Semi-State Preview

    How come there is no preview at 138?

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