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  1. Close call by the 2nd ref. Would have liked to see them finish it on the mat.
  2. #5 Brock Ellis pins #13 Isaiah Ponce at the Hobart Super Duals.
  3. loggcabin11


    Brock Ellis
  4. Ellis(145) at 100% give anyone all they can handle.
  5. Not an excuse either but Ellis was out all week with the flu. Probably about 70%. Not to take anything away from Rust he was wrestling very energized and motivated.
  6. Looks like Nisley is going 138 and Douglass is going 152 in sectionals
  7. #2 Brock Ellis bumps up to 152 and decisions #8 Tyler Turley 4 - 0
  8. #9 Gavin Layman over #13 Jakob Simpson 3 - 0
  9. Anybody excited to see 152 at state this year with Ellis, Conley and Lee?
  10. Congratulations to the young men who took the time to represent their state this last week in Tulsa. Finishing 2nd in their respective pool in both Greco and Freestyle. Giving up 4 forfeits makes it tough to compete but it was fun to watch. Lots of great matches!
  11. Prior qualification is required to participate in the Freestyle State Finals- Indiana tournaments only! A minimum of 2 Local level Freestyle tournaments in order to compete at the State event. The ISWA has amended it's Freestyle State Qualification Policy for this 2019 season to allow for just one of the two ISWA sanctioned freestyle tournament pre-requisites to be substituted with one of the following national tournaments for CADETS & JUNIORS: · NHSCA High School Nationals · USAW Folkstyle National Championships · FloNationals · NWCA N
  12. Ricky Hegedus over Brayden Lowery (SV 10 - 8)in the Junior 132 final was awesome! Both great competitors.
  13. Great room tonight. Chesterton boys said they worked hard. Hopefully we'll get more Jimtown and Mishawaka boys over there next Monday. Steel sharpens steel. Thanks again!
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