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  1. What a great guy. I had the privilege of having him as my ref for almost the entire duration of me being a high school wrestler at Franklin. Definitely a class act, and the Johnson family will be praying wholeheartedly for him and his family.
  2. To add to the intimidation, frosted tips would've done the trick. You wouldn't lose a match anymore.
  3. Main prediction on the team race: Brownsburg has a legitimate shot of ending the team conversation early by getting at least 4 in the finals. Constantly a bonus-point threat when they are on the mat but like many said, it'll all come down to a few matches v. Cathedral in certain spots to keep them in the hunt. Cathedral has strength in numbers, and an insanely good chance of having quite a few semi finalists. That's what could get them through East, while having 8 in it, has to show up tonight and surprise us in a few weight classes to stay in the conversation. I predict they ge
  4. Myself and my brother are doing our fifth year of it this year on Trackwrestling. Should be a lot of fun, per usual!
  5. Already made some friendly wagers with shaved ice on the line. It better be there, is all I'm saying.
  6. If I could ever rewind and do things differently, I think I would do the Swain prep before the match. Insanely overdoing lat-pulldowns, followed by rigorous jump roping.
  7. ihsaatv.org. If you are just tuning in, scroll through the bar at the bottom of feed to see previous brackets.
  8. Commentating with my brother on the floor, we both came to the conclusion that this was the equivalent of a title fight. The crowd noise was unequaled, and in the 20 years we had been going to the tournament, we had never heard that big of a pro-Mater Dei crowd before. Now about the match. It was everything we hoped for and more. Both wrestlers had an edge in the match and it was just brilliant to see two wrestlers master what they do. Lee is going to be amazing for the Penn State program in a few years, and Red will do great things as a Husker. It was fun commentating on TrackWrestli
  9. Dunn v. Johnson is the one I look forward to the most. Dunn just didn't wrestle like himself at SS, and Johnson has been wrestling incredible. But Dunn knows how to turn it on at state time, as we all saw last year. Should be a good one, and I still don't know who to pick. Luigs v. Glogouski is going to be a barn burner, with Mater Dei fans going loud when Luigs pulls off a last second upset in traditional Wildcat fashion.
  10. Would love to see this as the last match, BUT, like most have said, this should be decided WHEN they get to the finals. Also, I think the wrestlers themselves, not just Red and Lee, but everyone else in the finals, should agree to it. They all got there, earned their spot just like Lee and Red most likely will. Majority wins.
  11. Very solid article, and I definitely stand with everyone else's comment on it being incomplete due to the missing link being Lee. As a former sports writer myself, wrestling OFTEN gets overlooked in the newspaper, and having wrestled for nearly 20 years myself, it was very discouraging. Even some of the best writers out there have no idea how to write a piece about wrestlers. Doyel is a good writer, don't get me wrong, and this was a good piece, but wrestling articles are few and far between. For Indy, it's basketball, and you'll see the best writing for the Pacers, Boilers, Hoosiers,
  12. Taylor looked really good, but in my opinion, Ed Ruth and Kyle Snyder stood out the most for me. Snyder, being an 18 year old, wrestling Gatsalov who won the Olympics in '04 and takes the guy down with an amazing single? He's going to do big things at OSU. Ruth, with a little experience in freestyle under his belt, looks as if he will take some world titles. He looked so fluid with his shots last night.
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