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  1. No one giving Jimtown's murderer's row any chance here? Granted, all 3 will have VERY TOUGH semi's... 126: Watts vs. Mendez (Al Smith finals rematch), 132: M.Gimson vs. Viduya, and 138: C.Gimson vs. Rooks (Al Smith finals rematch also)... All three have really stepped up their offense in the post season. Watts beating Curtis 8-5 at FWSS was no small feat. Matt Gimson's only close match all post season was Cottingham. Connor Gimson pinned his way thru the entire FW semi-state. I wouldn't look past any of these three under the lights... they're gonna bring it, guaranteed.
  2. LaPlace is also not your typical 182 pounder. He had a BIG growth change from 145 last year. He wrestles more like a middle weight. Also an interesting fact from last year's state, Jacob lost to Nathan Conley of Avon in the tiebreakers on Friday night 4-1. Redemption??? Definitely gonna be a beauty to watch.
  3. All mats not doing anything here... and tried going to the archived videos... same darn thing... this is really frustrating.
  4. MISSING ALLRED AND CRESSELL NOW AT 182!!! I have been waiting for this one!
  5. Ever wonder what a BLee GIF might look like??? Turn on Mat 4's camera and check it out! UGH IS RIGHT! Three times a GIF and then freeze frame!
  6. wasn't sure if it would be on Track or Region Sports. Thanks man!
  7. Who will be broadcasting tonight and tomorrow thru the semi's, online?
  8. was on the ihsaatv site and still can't find the brackets. I see the link for the finals on Friday/Saturday. Can anyone help?
  9. Couldn't believe how he seemed to be holding back to not bust out laughing. Then Mason's roar and super flex pose at him too, was crazy cool. But they ended up shaking hands in the end. This is one very healthy rivalry. Can they see each other again this summer?
  10. Hey ... there's another big man who should probably be in this conversation everyone's forgotten... how about Greg Wagner from Fort Wayne Snider? He was a tough dude! Since Bluechipper started this thing with the Stevenson's at Merrillville... how about staying "in house" for one... Stevensons vs. Strecks? Who's varsity, and who's riding the pine? LOL!
  11. Mr. Maligned... you just might get your dancing wish with Mr. Nicola... his beast heavy weight, #3 Ceron Francisco, gets the #5 seed in the final for that NAIA national championship.
  12. Alex Griffin... Redshirt Senior from McCutcheon... 157... punches his ticket with also a minimum 6th place finish. Indiana is gonna represent well at the Big Dance in St. Louis.
  13. How about Drew Hughes of Lowell... qualifies at 165 with at least a sixth place finish now at the Big 10s. Defeats Burcher of OSU, 1-0, to guarantee qualifing. Now awaits the loser of Jordan (WI) vs. Massa (MI). How does Da Rat feel about Da second Region boy, Drew, movin' along with Mr. Micic?
  14. How about props to Andrew Nicola... head coach of Concordia University (Neb.)... graduate of Fort Wayne Concordia High School... 1st year head coach... 7-0 conference champions, conference coach of the year, and taking 9 Bulldogs to the NAIA Championships!
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