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  1. Look long enough, I’m sure you’ll find one
  2. The legendary Johnson Brothers from Franklin community Calvin and Cody. Great dudes. Calvin excellent on the guitar and tying Langford Doubles
  3. This will be year 27 in a row for me attending the state finals (first time when I was 4). I’m taking my 4 year old this year for the first time. He could care less about the wrestling, but he has been talking about the shaved ice all week. He said his goal is 9!
  4. This is a very good idea. This has to come from Doug Welch
  5. Bump. Still looking for tickets. We will scalp if need be. Seat geek is 3x higher than what we paid last year. Thanks!
  6. There are takes in this thread that would make Skip Bayless blush..
  7. We missed out on our tickets this year. Let me know if anyone has any they are interested in selling. Thanks!
  8. 125-Tomasello-4 133-Micic-9 141-Nick-10 149-Zain-8 157-Pantaleo-1 165-VJ-3 174-Hall-7 18-Bo-6 197-Rasheed-2 Hwt-Snyder-5 PSU 128
  9. Consistent updates from your dating experiences
  10. Here is a question I was looking at in regards to the topic at hand. How many kids lost in the ticket round only to become state champion the next year. I can think of 4 off the top of my head. Cayden Rooks Dylan Lydy Riley McClurg Sam Wilderman I'm not sure the Ihsaa would lose that much money in admission. Seeing the better wrestlers wrestle more times should attract more outside fans. (I.e. Not parents and family of wrestlers)
  11. Hook and Half did some research for me last year and from 2011 to 2016 I believe there were only three wrestlers who placed at state that got 4th at regionals. John Sims-2nd Paul Konrath-3rd Bailey Shrober-8th John and Paul both injury defaulted to 4th place their respective years. The first round of semi state is brutal to watch as a spectator. Theoretically the first round of semi state has 672 minutes of regulation wrestling. If we remove the 4th pace finisher, that changes to 336 minutes of wrestling. We could add wrestle backs from the ticket round on and that wou
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