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  1. Nick Dewig

    NCAA Tickets Pittsburgh

    Bump. Still looking for tickets. We will scalp if need be. Seat geek is 3x higher than what we paid last year. Thanks!
  2. Nick Dewig

    Semi state scoring first round

    Not reasonably
  3. Nick Dewig

    NCAA Tickets Pittsburgh

    Rumor is 25,000 plus
  4. Nick Dewig

    Carmel Disciplined for Sauna Suits

    There are takes in this thread that would make Skip Bayless blush..
  5. We missed out on our tickets this year. Let me know if anyone has any they are interested in selling. Thanks!
  6. Nick Dewig

    Big Ten Tournament Contest

    125-Tomasello-4 133-Micic-9 141-Nick-10 149-Zain-8 157-Pantaleo-1 165-VJ-3 174-Hall-7 18-Bo-6 197-Rasheed-2 Hwt-Snyder-5 PSU 128
  7. Nick Dewig

    Boards about to die down

    Consistent updates from your dating experiences
  8. 125-Jordan Conaway-5 133-Jimmy Gulibon-3 141-Stieber-1 149- Zack Beitz-6 157-IMar-1 165- Isaac Jordan-2 174- Logan Storley- 4 184-Ricky Robertson-3 197-Morgan McIntosh-2 HWT- Bobby Telford-4 1. Iowa 2. PSU 3. OSU

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