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  1. Jim Beeson past at 7:45 this morning. There were about seven kids there. He waited until they all woke up. Kids said prayers and then he passed on to be in heaven. What a beautiful celebration to be raised up on Easter. At least he did not have to suffer and he is with his wife and his daughter.
  2. If you would like to send Jim Beeson a card of support his address is 3549 W Willow Park, Flat Rock In 47234 Thanks folks
  3. I talked to Jim Beeson today, and Jim told me that he has a stage 4 very aggressive pancreatic cancer and was given three weeks to maybe 9 weeks to live. He has a 6 cm mass on his Pancreas and five or six spots on his liver and in his lymph nodes. He is home in hospice care but very very tired. He has decided to forgo chemo and enjoy the remaining time with his kids and many grandchildren. He has been anointed and receives holy communion every day. He just wants your prayers for his family and a happy death and join his beautiful wife and daughter in heaven! Larry Williams I
  4. What additional duals in Central Indiana this week? Thanks.
  5. Last night I attended the Tom Clark Celebration of Life. It was a VERY inspiring evening, with the wrestling family coming together and making me very proud to be a member of that family. Tom obviously touched many, many lives in his relatively short time in our state, but the turnout for the celebration was very impressive. There were literally officials from all 4 corners of the state and a significant number of Tom's international brotherhood of officials. Perhaps most impressive was the turnout of coaches last night. That support of the official community by the coaches does not go unn
  6. This will be five-oh for me. Started back in 1968. Not missed since.
  7. I have a former referee trying to locate Dick Boarman who coached at Shortridge MANY years ago. Any leads on how to track him down would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
  8. I second these sentiments. Saturday was a great day of wrestling and wrestling fans would be very hard pressed to find a more competitive tournament than what the team state has showcased the last 2 years, with several of the duals coming down to the last match (or 2). I am sure most of us have no idea as to logistics it takes to pull off a 36 team tourney and all that goes with it. A huge ditto to all those who helped to pull off this year's tourney and I am already looking forward to next year's !! PS -- and next year I'll remember to bring an EMPTY cooler, to use as a seat !!
  9. I went to Southport as an 8th grader in 1968 and have been to every state finals since, Southport, MSA, New Castle, MSA and Bankers Life. I believe that makes 46 and looking forward to #47 !! I loved Southport but I have to say that good old MSA is my favorite. Thank God for good health !!
  10. Having wrestled against John Hurrle's wrestlers in high school, and then having officiated his teams for years, I am sure John would be very pleased by the selection of Tom Clark to win an award named after John (well maybe, as anyone that knew John would know that it was never about him). John was a straight shooter and demanded a great deal from his wrestlers and of himself. John Hurrle didn't just produce very good, talented wrestlers, he produced very good young men. He taught them that you just do the right thing. In the days of old, many of us saw John Hurrle take a wrestler who was
  11. This is a reminder to all central Indiana coaches that the wrestling referee section of the Indiana Officials' Association will be hosting a coaches'-officials' forum tomorrow night at the K of C, 2100 E. 71st Street at 7:00. Pizza and soft drinks will be provided. The goals of this forum are to improve communications and fellowship between coaches and officials and to hopefully enjoy some discussion of what coaches expect from officials and vice versa, as well as to discuss specific holds, match situations, etc. This provides officials and coaches a rare opportunity to interact while not i
  12. Former IU Big Ten Champ Bill Willetts passed away at his residence this past week. Bill had not been in good health for several years and was unable to work due to complications of diabetes and to the deterioration of his hip joints. Apparently heart failure was the cause of death. Bill battled Diabetes for many years that required hospitalization at times. He was in great pain and was taking medication for both conditions. He lived by himself in the Crystal Lakes area...outside Chicago. Bill was trying to get an operation for his hips but had no health insurance. Bill was from Ind
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