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  1. 106: Tanner DeMien vs Jacob Moran- I'll Take DeMien by decision Brycen Denny vs Sam Fair could be a good match! I'll take Fair though 113: Baxter Annakin vs Jordan Slivka- I'll take Slivka by decision Austin Slates vs Geoffrey Davis- I'll take Slates in this one 120: Caleb Bocock vs Jeremiah Reitz- will this be close? I haven't followed Reitz this year, but I do know Bocock is tough Kyle Luigs vs Blake Glogouski- this could be one of the better Friday night match ups... I'll take Blake in a close one Christian Hunt vs Graham Rooks- this one hasn't got much a
  2. what are some of the best friday night match ups and who do you think will win?
  3. 106- Mills, Curtis, Murphy, Cavanaugh 113- Cummings, White, Slivka, Weaver 120-Hildabandt, Reitz, Mulkey, Rooks 126- Hudkins, Bailey, Holmes, Torres 132- Red, Lee, Molloy, Black 138- Lee, McKinney, Eldred, Schurg 145- Lee, Vaughn, Laughlin, Eicher 152- Lawrence, Pruitt, McCormick, Herrin 160- Covaciu, Warren, Whitaker, Malone 170- Hughes, Baumgartner, Walton, Cronejo 182- Rypel, Jones, Davidson, Damler 195- Wilderman, Stewart, Tonte, Kleimola 220- Parris, Woods, Ellis, Larson 285- Streck, Galliger, York, Samuels
  4. Brad Laughlin is who they're talking about... Nobody beat Brad in the previous week
  5. i'll take two of the three...
  6. i hope Coy gets healthy... he struggled against average wrestlers this weekend at semi state.. clearly because of an injury of some sort. i think its more than just a wrist, but if he isn't healthy i don't think the match with him and Lee will be good, if it even happens... really hoping he somehow gets healthy before then!!
  7. my only problem with this argument is that Red has literally already beaten the best of the best. so the argument that once he wrestles someone like Lee, he may not get back up... i just don't buy it. especially after what Red did and who he beat in the offseason
  8. so who do you guys think are true contenders coming out of ft. wayne? Brayden Curtis/Tanner DeMien at 106? Glogouski/Langeloh/ maybe Hunt at 120? I don't see any of them beating Hildebrandt, but I could be wrong. Sage Coy at 138 has a good shot. Brad Laughlin at 145 has a solid chance. I think he will have a tough time with the Leo kid at semi state though. Cael McCormick at 152? Personally I don't think he is athletic enough to hang with Lawrence. Cael is definitely a contender though. Jacob Gray/Baumgartner at 170? can they hang with Hughes?
  9. if you have watched their matches, Maddox does score nearly all his points by takedowns. I do believe the matches have been exciting and close each time though
  10. 106- Curtis, Streeter, DeMien, Miller 113- Mejia, Davis, Stephenson, Wright 120- Glogouski, Langeloh, Hunt, Mendez 126- Mejia, Becker, Franklin, Standridge 132- Doster, Rhodes, Gunsett, Luevano 138- Coy, Householder, Rasler, Corpe 145- Eicher, Laughlin, Kerrn, Scott 152- McCormick, Bates, Sturgill, Dietrich 160- Busse, Garman, Levitz, Perry 170- Gray, Baumgarter, Davis, Ritchie 182- Eli, Hankenson, Kohler, Blakely 195- Hobbs, S. Evans, A. Evans, Elliot 220- Ellis, Isaacson, Davis, Pier 285- Amos, Perkins, Hodge, Mammolenti
  11. they have some guys capable but I don't think any would be favored to win it. Didn't Coy and Lee wrestle in the off season? I thought i remembered seeing some results from them.. Wasn't it a close match?
  12. I think Laughlin and McCormick both have the opportunity to wrestle in the finals as well..
  13. maybe you could say that for a lot of kids in the state.... but the horses come before the cart when it comes to these two kids
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