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  1. Winamac Has changed Head Coaches Old Coach - Cody Hook New Coach - Kullen Day
  2. Any thoughts as to when that Vote will be made officially?
  3. Winamac Warriors are Patiently (NOT) waiting for the Vote Ins to happen.... They not only have a FULL line-up but are returning all 14 starters next Year and then will get 11 of those starters back... and have accomplished that in just 5 years from only have 7 kids in the room TOTAL!!!!! Just throwing that out there!!
  4. we May or May not have already done that ..............................??????????????????
  5. Thanks ontherise219 for the recognition on the growth of the Winamac Wrestling program. It has been LOTS of work by Many people and to get to point where we now have Kids doing Frosh-Soph State, HYWAY State, ISWA State, and seeing that this work is getting us into the talk for IHSWCA Team State is just growing and making our wrestling room a place where they WANT to be!! Fingers crossed on the Vote in!!! AND Winamac Comminity 1 of ONLY 2 schools in the state getting all 14 Starters back next year!!!!!! Thats kind of a NEAT Stat!!!!
  6. Tankersley Pinned Dunlap and didn't Dunlap and Winland split on the year??
  7. Watch Tankersley at 160 from Winamac!!
  8. No respect to Tankersley at 160.... has pinned out through sectional/regional and still no love????
  9. The Winamac Warriors (1A School 293 enrollment) 5 years ago had only 7 wrestlers in the varsity program... Using Classed Team State as a carrot along with - Getting a local club started, and VERY involved Head Coach with involved assistant coaches all way down through middle school we have 23 on the High School Roster this year... its not 50 kids BUT we fill the weight classes and are getting competitors in the room.. I can't begin to know the frustrations of running a Team Tournament like this but I do know that our kids get excited and just the chance to possibly be able to
  10. Kankakee Valley
  11. Tenser310

    Twin Lakes vs. Winamac

    Twin Lakes
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