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  1. 3 years I have been on here lobbying for Winamac to get (and Earn) an invite to Team State... I spit out many many statistics and comparisons to teams that were going and each year just felt CHEATED by the system.... couldn't understand how others were more deserving than our program based on given information. The hardest part was comparing teams that don't see each other... ECC Semi-State vs Fort Wayne Semi-State, The always viewed weak Logansport Regional, and now to see that what so many people started working for almost 9 years ago to rebuild a program from 7 total wrestlers in the wrestling room to EARNING enough respect as a program from the selection committee (obviously not amongst all coaches in the northern half of the state) to be invited to TEAM STATE..... I am so very thankful... I have no words to express the gratitude for this recognition... The part that excites me most is how this will ENERGIZE our kids and our community... These kids that have put in the work even when they had been knocked down time and time again. The FUEL this honor will provide our program can't be matched.... This experience for our kids will not be something that could be replicated anywhere.... I see and now understand that I was wrong the last 3 years.... focusing on the negative of not being invited was not fair to those that were invited and to all those programs I do publicly apologize.... wished I would have learned that sooner.... Side note.... To see Rochester, West Central, and Winamac all invited to Team State is so awesome for our little area!!! Great job head coaches and all supporters of each of those programs!! Best of luck to each!!!
  2. Was a Great day of Small School wrestling!! There were kids that beat kids that got further in IHSAA tournament just because of draws and facing those large schools.. it was a day of ups and downs and a day where Thoughts and Prayers were needed for a wrestler that had a very serious medical issue in his finals match.. I can't elaborate as I don't know that much but was a very very worrisome moment.... hope he is recovering quickly. To get to come back to our little community of 3,000 people and say that we had 3 placers and the Inaugural 1A/2A State Championships was very VERY cool... and the kids were already buzzing about it on social media and messaging each other with pics of the plaques.... THATS the kind of buzzing our sport needs in our little community!!! NO DOUBT this will transition into 1-2 more kids next year and maybe 3-4 more kids year after.... so excited to watch this grow!! To see the look on our wrestlers faces that got to feel this accomplishment... you can't replace that feeling..... Great Stuff!!!
  3. Tenser310


    Shaun Pratt
  4. Tenser310


    Shaun Pratt
  5. East Chicago is a JOKE.... I was in a designated corner to film our wrestler wrestling and this guy told me I had to sit down when there were 10 other people there recording with their phones... I told him no, I am Recording our Senior wrestling, He told me I was going to be kicked out and that he was going to get the police... Police officer came over and threatened to take me to jail for disturbing the peace and that I needed to sit down.. I pointed out that I was recording in the designated area and that there were 10 other people doing same thing I was... Made no difference to the officer... WHAT A JOKE... POWER hungry people thinking they can run the world... this is 3rd year in a row I personally had been singled out to sit down by SAME person playing Security.. Surrounded by people doing same thing and yet its all cool for them.... Busses with kids that are alternated or workout partners for the qualifiers have to park 2 city blocks away and walk in the cold to get to the doors to get in.... No managers allowed on the floor to record matches and take stats so they fight for an angle upstairs and get yelled at by people to sit down... they are just trying to do their job.... JOKE.....
  6. Winamac is sending 5 to East Chicago.... I think that is most since '97
  7. Tenser310


    Caleb Oliver
  8. Tenser310


    Josue Bautista
  9. Why not brag about them?? It’s not the kids that make the schedule. All they can do is come out and wrestle whomever puts their foot on the line and day in and out so far this year they have and won!! Those kids bust their butt in practice each day and I’m gonna brag on them because I am PROUD of each of them for being in that room making each other better!!
  10. Your so funny…. This is an adult forum let’s grow up a bit….
  11. Win Was by more than 10 points.. and win is a win…. And yes Winamac wrestled like crap at regionals it happens but it’s a new year and Winamac has come out and beat each team they have faced.. what more can you ask kids to do???
  12. How in the world do you keep Winamac out of these rankings when Winamac has beat Rensselaer in a dual the last 2 years, is undefeated at 12-0 while missing 3 varsity wrestlers from lineup. Includes wins over Bremen and John Glenn.. these kids have beaten everyone that has come in front of them and I really feel they deserve the recognition!! Rant over…. Ft. Wayne area has plenty of representation in the ranking at 1A spread the love a little….
  13. Tenser310


    Drake Montelongo
  14. Tenser310


    Shaun Pratt
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