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Everything posted by Sig40

  1. Sig40


    Ricky Hegedus
  2. Sig40


    Ricky Hegedus
  3. Sig40

    *Updated* Flo National Rankings

    Speaking of prior Indiana notables... Colten Drousias is looking really good in the Ironman today. He has number 1 ranked kid in the country Richie Figs in the quarters. #travelrestrictionsuck
  4. Sig40

    Walkout songs for state finals?

    Crown Point had it for the first time last night and it was awesome.
  5. Sig40

    Chesterton vs. Crown Point

  6. Sig40


    Jesse Mendez
  7. Sig40

    Carroll(Fort Wayne) vs. Crown Point

    Carroll(Fort Wayne)
  8. Sig40

    Carmel vs. Crown Point

  9. Sig40

    Crown Point vs. Noblesville

    Crown Point
  10. Sig40

    Crown Point vs. Homestead

    Crown Point
  11. Sig40

    Crown Point vs. Lawrence Central

    Crown Point
  12. Sig40

    Crown Point vs. LaPorte

    Crown Point
  13. Sig40

    -Shamrock Duals- Dec. 1st

    Weight/Name/Semi State ranking/State Ranking Pool A: 120-Carson Eldred(2/3) 132-Owen Crider(5/-) 152-Ethan Hicks(2/9) 170-Kyle Saez(2/9) 182-Ryan Mahoney(5/15) 285-Reeve Muncie(4/11) Pool B: 106-Brac Hooper(4/14) 113-Suhas Chundi(5/14) 120-Jake Shafer(8/-) 126-Logan Wagner(3/8) 132-Diesel Duncan(-/14) 132-Kyle Holman(6/-) 138-Chase Poynter(5/-) 170-Logan Hart(6/16) 195-Cameron Bacon(3/7) Pool C 106-Stephen Roberson(4/7) 113-Nick Tattini(5/-) 113-Antonio Jefferson(6/-) 120-Riley Bettich(1/2) 126-Jesse Mendez(1/3) 126-Dalton Huffman(-/16) 132-Deshawn Bankhead(7/-) 138-Justin Sparks(8/-) 145-Jacob Burford(3/11) 145-Terrell Leavell(8/16) 145-Jake Jenkins(7/-) 182-Ethan Potosky(6/14) 195-Eliseo Caldera(6/-) 285-Darrione Gregory(2/7) Pool D 106-Kody Glithero(6/-) 120-Brayden Lowery(1/4) 126-Brayden Curtis(1/1) 138-Alec Viduya(1/3) 138-Chris Wilkerson(-/9) 145-Dallas Pugsley(4/13) 145-TyceFreije(3/9) 152-Eric Hiestand(1/7) 160-Hayden Lohrey(-/7) 160-Trent Smith(8/-) 170-Drake Kendrex(5/-) 182-PJ Sterrett(8/-) 182-Elijah Mahon(1/2) 195-Silas Allred(1/1) 220-Spencer Feas(7/-) 285-Holden Parsons(1/3) 285-John Harris(6/-) Besides pool play we could see: 106-Hooper vs Roberson 120-Lowery/Bettich/Eldred 145-Freije vs Burford 170-Saez vs Hart 182-Mahoney vs Mahon
  14. Sig40

    East Chicago Semi state pre rankings

    4 to 5 champs.
  15. Sig40

    -Shamrock Duals- Dec. 1st

    Hoping these pools are not set in stone. Was really hoping to see Crown Point vs Yorktown, which could have produced preseason magazine #1 Mendez vs #1 Curtis at 126.
  16. Can you supply any results... no one added this invite to the results section of this website either.
  17. where is the results for this dual? If it is on track what is name of tournament?
  18. MScholar has volunteered to take over the rankings.
  19. Sig40

    Top Middle School Wrestlers 2018/2019

    Congrats to Logan Frazier and Cody Goodwin in winning Tulsa Kickoff today. Crown Point’s 2023 class next year is going to be ridiculously good. #crowntown
  20. Sig40

    Preseason Mag?

    Tick tock
  21. Sig40

    Flo National Ranked post Super 32

    I know he went there for an official. He will be a great pick for Purdue or IU.
  22. Sig40

    Flo National Ranked post Super 32

    I think the first 5 names listed are going to IU. Nice job Angel.
  23. Sig40

    are the rankings going to get updated

    Awesome. Appreciate your hard work.
  24. Sig40

    are the rankings going to get updated

    Super32 is complete and the first day of practice is upon us... how about that preview magazine dropping today. I’ll pay double for it if I can read it today.

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