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  1. Probably closer to 6 if the 3 i am hearing about come. Several others not ranked that are probably on the watch list. I wish this season had more clarity, but it doesn't so I won't start rumors and put it on here.
  2. Could Indiana become the best wrestling state overnight?
  3. Yes. Nasir was very closed off and backed up for 5 minutes and 39 seconds. All the action was on the edge and kept getting whistled dead. Finally Jesse just finished a slam anyways and was hit for a point. When Nasir finally moved forward to take a shot Jesse scored and would have had a fall, but time expired. Once HS starts and he can get in a gym again I fully anticipate Jesse putting on some weight and hopefully being big enough to go 138. For now he will keep training and go 60 kilos at Junior Worlds, probably needs to get a little bigger for that to.
  4. You must not have actually watched the match then.
  5. Crown Point (Best lineup while only using a wrestler 1 time) 106- Jack Rees- 2nd & 4th 113-Anthony Hawkins- 1st, 4th, 5th, & SQ 120-Riley Bettich- 1st, 2nd, 5th, and 6th 126-Stephen Roberson- 7th & 5th 132- Jesse Mendez- 1st & 1st 138-Jason Tsirtsis- 1st, 1st, 1st, & 1st 145-Eric Roach-1st, 1st, 2nd, & 4th 152-Noah Lamore- 3rd & 6th 160-Darden Schurg- 2nd, 2nd, & 4th 170-Oscar Kasch- 5th, 5th, & SQ 182-Tim Gergerly-3rd 195-Marcus Shrewsbury-1st, 2nd, & 7th 220-Tyler Kral- 1st & 3rd 285-Charlie Smith-2nd
  6. This weights quarter finalist had 6 of 8 state champs and all 8 were finalist at some point in their HS career.
  7. Our Priority list over the past few years. 1. IHSAA State (what the country looks at & what every kid dreams about) 2. IHPO (what rankers look at) 3. Al Smith (litmus test for state) 4. IHSAA Semi-State (my favorite brackets to look up) 5. Middle School State (great predictor of HS success) 6. IHSWCA Team State (CP will hopefully get to compete next year if date changes) 7. ISWA Folkstyle state (great big brackets against Indiana kids) 8. Indy Nationals (tough in state and out of state competition) 9. Schoolboy Duals(Best of the best come to us) 10. ISWA Freestyle/Greco State (My favorite styles, just isn't very popular in Indiana)
  8. I prefer Al Smith, but I'd really like the team to get an opportunity to wrestle in team state.
  9. I hope this is not true, because if it is I can see the CP coaches skipping team state.
  10. I think we are at 6. Many of the top dual teams from elementary to HS are littered with Indiana kids. If we ever put our best on 1 team it would be scary. Bryan Bailey was probably the closet to accomplishing that goal. Check out his facebook, where everyone has been posting their memories with his teams. He has coached just about every stud in the state. We just need to get rid of travel restriction and other states will start getting exposed to some of our depth. Our top guys already travel, but getting rid of travel restriction will help some of our other talented wrestlers get exposure that can't or don't travel during the summer.
  11. Great write up. I am most excited to see how this team race turns out. Saturday morning will decide the champ.
  12. What email? Are you referring to just Evansville semi state?
  13. Those 3 plus Walker. There is also another 3 to 4 weights that can be won by EC.
  14. I definitely think 6 is possible. If I had to bet the house, I would say no less then 4 from EC.
  15. If one school cancels today does the whole EC semi state get an extra pound? I just saw Kankakee Valley closed.
  16. My math from my picks might be off, but I have Warren Central winning.
  17. I might change my Whitenack prediction after seeing him in person Saturday.
  18. 106: Goin, Stuckman, Bailey, Triana Best Matches(Cortez/Stuckman, Bailey/Goin, and Jackson/Triana) 113: Frazier, Schammert, Purvis, Waters Best Matches(Waters/Montelongo and Schammert/Doan) 120: Bettich, Diaz, Solomey, Hall Best Matches(Bettich/Haskins, Fogarty/Solomey, and Diaz/Hall) Match of the Tournament(Round 4 Bettich vs Diaz) 126: Roberson, Torres, Alexander, Mark Best Matches(Smith/Schammert and Alexander/Torres) 132: Mendez, Sparrow, Conrad, Ponce Best Matches(Ponce/Bonk and Conrad/Hardy) 138: Nisley, Tattini, Hickman, Rivera Best Maches(Lewis/Tattani,, Rivera/Kaiser, Tattini/Rivera, and Hickman vs Nisely will determine the Champ) 145: Ellis, Cruz, Poindexter, Maldonado Best Matches(Cruz vs Poindexter) 152: Douglass, Hollis, Turley, Hegwood Best Matches(Hollis vs Hegwood) 160: Hollendonner, Winland, Steenbeke, Stanley Best Matches(Breedlove/Steenbeke winner of that match vs Winland) 170: Calhoun, Neff, Welch, Layman Best matches(Phiilips/Verbeek that winner vs Welch, that winner vs Neff, Simpson/Layman) 182: Walker, Walton, Kwiatkowski, Barket Best Matches(Kwiat/Walton rematch, Browder/Stewart) 195: LaPlace, Hargan, Williams, DeMarco Best Matches(DeMarco/Mummey, Hargan/Pack, Williams/Hueber, Demarco/Williams) 220: Bates, Streck, Crider, Babcock Best Matches(Streck/Crider, Thomas/Babcock, and the Streck vs Bates rematch) 285: Dancy, DeVault, Perez, McLean Best Matches(Whitenack/Perez, Dancy/Stoner, and DeVault vs Dancy rematch) I have Crown Point winning a Semi State title advancing 8 with 6 champs. Chesterton in 2nd advancing 7 with 2 champs. Merrillville, Mishawaka, and Hobart going for 3rd.
  19. 106: Zirkelbach, West, Egli, Dunn 113: Ross, Sutton, Fortune, Lupfer 120: Freeman, Scott, newman, Williams 126: Hayhurst, Boyd, Wuerth, Kelley 132: Egli, Heeke, Polen, Whitesell 138: Boarman, Mayes, Lehman, Madden 145: Baumann, Kemper, Martin, Bittner 152: Fitts, Fulks, Bryant, Ramsey 160: Dickens, Purdy, Deffendoll, Farmer 170: Deters, Sollars, Schmidt, Happe 182: Parkinson, Hoover, Moore, Reff 195: Kemper, Rodgers, McGrew, Ritzert 220: Willman, Stewart, Robinson, Ricketts 285: Breivogel, Garrett, Wimpelberg, Combs MD sending 12 to semi state with 9 Regional Champs
  20. 2 of Crown Point's coaches are Bill Hawkins and Vince Sessa. So these boys have been in their 'system' since they started wrestling.
  21. Most going into EC semi state will be Mishawaka with 13(they may only get 3 or 4 to state though). I think Hobart will get 12 through, but might not get any to state(max 3). My Bulldogs will most likely only send 10 to semi state, but I expect 8 at state.
  22. 106: stuckman, Chavez, Macedo, Darner 113: Purvis, Montelongo, Peacock, Miller 120: Fogarty, Tom, Deason, Szucs 126: Alexander, Mark, Smith, Begley 132: Sparrow, Hardy, Bonk, Hogenson 138: Lewis, Malone, Valdez, Howard 145: Norton, Richey, Maine, Mallery 152: Marsh, Stuckman, Powell, Pittman 160: Steenbeke, Linky, Scott, Hammer 170: Calhoun, Welch, Timmerman, LAX 182: Walker, Al-Khalil, Estepp, Tolbert 195: LaPlace, Pack, Hueber, Kahl 220: Thomas, Fuentes-Ortiz, Garcia, Samuels 285: DeVault, Sandefur, Phillips. Bueno i have Mishawaka running away with regional title with 13 moving on(4 champs). I think SBR can sneak by Penn and Wawasee with 7 moving on(3 champs). Penn taking 6(4 champs) and Wawasee taking 6(2 champs).
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