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Everything posted by Sig40

  1. Keep tabs of Indiana kids records in Virginia Beach if it isn’t on trackwrestling for me.
  2. I don’t know if he has any intention of going up. Silas is just someone I would personally avoid. Evan seems like the type of kid that will go after the tougher match.
  3. Goin, Mendez, Calhoun, Walker, DeVault. Possibly Bettich, Ellis, and Bates if he goes 220. I’ll say 5.
  4. Wow I wish we could be in this. Lasalle is super strong, especially where CP is. Jesse wrestled there 106 through 126, all tough kids.This would be an awesome opportunity to see where are young guys are.
  5. Hmm, well then I see him placing this year as well.
  6. Top 10 in order of highest state placement. 1. Goin 2.Frazier 3.Schoeff 4.Goodwin 5.Jones 6.Lowery 7.Cruz 8.Carrol 9.Purdy 10. Solomey Also what school is Lane Gilbert at? I didn't see him on Sullivan's roster.
  7. Sig40

    Crown Point vs. Portage

    Crown Point
  8. Possibly Carmel and Carrol at Westfield. OPRF, Providence, Dekalb, Detroit Catholic Central at IL duals. Chesterton, Hobart, and Merrillville. Also Brownsburg in tournament setting and all the great teams at the Al Smith. Hopefully next year we can make team state work.
  9. Great breakdown. I wasn't sure some of the Portage guys, but i had it 48 to 17 with CP taking first 8 weight classes.
  10. Do you have a set lineup to back that talk up. Hearing there is a log jam between 120 and 145.
  11. After looking at semi state rankings I see Crown Point, Cathedral, and Mater Dei with potentially 3 in the finals... Brownsburg can get 4 in finals, but most likely 2. Team state is going to come down to the wire with 120, 138, and 160 playing a huge part in the scoring. Avon, Roncalli, perry, carmel, and Warren have some horses as well. This is going to be a fun and unpredictable year.
  12. My thoughts exactly. Most of the top programs leave the state at least once for a tournament. Last year Cernus, Moran, Garcia, and Rooks would have been undefeated as well if they would have stayed in state. I believe the losses they took were from national ranked wrestlers.
  13. 138 and 160 look like they are pretty deep.
  14. National Middle School duals were last weekend and Tulsa Kickoff is this weekend, so make sure to send any notable results to MScholar.
  15. Willie Saylor has new middle school rankings on Rokfin. He as Ison at 66 and Mills at 101. Mainly all 8th graders, so I am sure we will get a bunch more ranked next year.
  16. Is Roncali out this year?
  17. It is normally the Sunday after HS semi state.
  18. Flo just updated their rankings. Should be the last update before the High School season. Our guys won't see much movement during season due to our sweet travel restrictions. 120-Zeke Seltzer-20th 132-Jesse Mendez-2nd 152-Matt Lee-17th 170-Graham Calhoun-20th 182-Joe Walker-13th 195-Silas Allred-2nd 195-Evan Bates-13th FYI-I updated middle school top 25 on the youth page
  19. Just want to thank all the Indiana wrestling fans that came to Carver Hawkeye Arena to cheer on Jesse(70+). Jesse definitely had the loudest crowd besides the 2 Iowa commits. Also thank you to the Joe, Mike, and Caleb for coming out(even got to see Caleb's sick dance moves). This was an amazing weekend for Jesse and our family. Jesse was really happy with the support he received from everyone and is already talking about coming back next year. Side note: Indiana has had 5 WNO competitors compared to Iowa's 1. Indiana is killing it on the national scene and there is another strong group of young men in middle school that is going to keep that tradition alive. Indiana is and will continue to be respected.
  20. I really hope we can make dual state work next year, but we will definitely be at Al Smith this year.
  21. Crown Point is actually going to IL to wrestle in the OPRF Invite on Dec 14 instead. They should see some great IL teams and I believe Detroit Catholic will be there as well.
  22. I am not sure on the point system used to score the Individual tournament... so my top 4 teams based on the numbers I assigned place winners is Mater Dei and Cathedral fighting for 1st and the Dogs(Crown Point and Brownsburg) battling for 3rd. We should get a good idea on how the Dogs match up when Brownsburg comes up to CP on Dec 21st for the Carnahan Invite.
  23. Buchanan is going back to Michigan. Same high school he was at his sophomore year.
  24. I am going 38-26 for 2016 with them taking 8 matches. 2019 gets overwhelmed by Joe, Paris, and Streck’s falls.
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