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    #MondayMatness: Bellmont, family tradition carries on with Ruble brothers


    It’s an Indiana tradition unique to wrestling and two brothers from Bellmont High School will follow in the footsteps of so many Braves that came before them.

    Qualifiers for the IHSAA State Finals will parade into Bankers Life Fieldhouse before first round of the tournament Friday, Feb. 15 and Jon and Isaac Ruble were be representing their family as well as their storied mat program.

    “That’s pretty exciting, especially for their parents, Becky and Joe,” says Bellmont head coach and former state champion Paul Gunsett.

    “They’ve done a lot for those two. They’ve traveled everywhere for these two to wrestle. They’ve earned it with all the time and effort they’ve put in.”

    Jon Ruble is one of Bellmont’s captains and often leads the squad in during warm-ups at practice.

    “He’s a leader in our program,” says Gunsett of the older Ruble boy.

    “He’s been real reliable for me. He’s pretty special. He spends a lot of time with our younger kids. He spends more time with them than he probably needs to. He’s helped groom them and made them better.”

    Freshmen Carter Thomas (120) and Dominic Litchfield (113) are Isaac aka Ike’s usual workout partner during practice.

    Like many wrestling families in and around Decatur, Ind., there is a mat legacy. Joe Ruble is one of Bellmont’s many State Finals qualifiers, competing at Market Square Arena in 1991. The boys’ uncle Paul qualified for State and blew out his knee the week of the meet and was unable to compete.

    Joe Ruble’s uncle Kent Buuck was a a standout Braves wrestler. His best friend was Bill Schultz (uncle to Becky Ruble). When Buuck died in a highway accident before his senior year, Schultz dedicated his training to Buuck and became the second state champion in Bellmont program history, winning the IHSAA heavyweight title in 1977.

    The Braves’ first state winner was Phil Lengerich (138 pounds in 1969). Gunsett reigned at 135 in 1988. On 10 other occasions, a Bellmont wrestler has ascended to the top of the victory platform —Chris Mahlan (185 in 1979), Brent Faurote (98 in 1981), Paul Baker(130 in 1988), Tim Myers (119 in 1993 and 130 in 1994), Jason Baker (125 in 1996), T.J. Hays (152 in 1996), John Sheets (103 in 2000), Matt Irwin (135 in 2006) and Billy Baker (215 in 2009).

    The Braves reigned as team state champions in 1987, 1988 and 1994 and were runners-up in 1979, 1999, 2006.

    Jon Ruble (36-6) took an early 2-0 lead and made it stand in beating Rochester senior Drew Sailors in the Fort Wayne Semistate championship match.

    “I got that two-point lead and I’ve been riding leg stuff all year so I put the legs in and tried to ride it out and possibly get turns,” says Ruble, who was a state qualifier at 145 in 2018. “(Winning the semistate) means a lot. There’s such a big difference between second place and first place. You’re setting yourself up for that state run.”

    Both Ruble brothers —#DosRubles on social media — placed first at the Jay County Sectional and Jay County Regional. Isaac Ruble (36-6) placed second at semistate.

    Sharing the season and the State Finals experience with his sibling is something the older Ruble brother does not take lightly.

    “This is the only time we get to wrestle together,” says Jon Ruble.

    “This means the world to me. “We talk about it all the time.”

    What does Jon see in Isaac the athlete?

    “He’s a competitive kid,” says Jon Ruble. “He always thinks he’s the best.”

    With his family history, Jon Ruble was destined to be a wrestler.

    “I had no other choice,” says Jon Ruble. “Being a part of Bellmont history means the world. They’ve had such a great program forever. To be a part of that tradition is amazing.”

    The youngest Ruble brother has soaked up his learning opportunities in his first high school season.

    “I learn things and try to get really good at the — like firemen’s carries,” says Isaac Ruble. “It really helps me out.

    “There are certain things (Gunsett) gets on me about — like keeping my head up — and I fix them.”

    Given the age and size difference, do the two brothers wrestle against each other?

    “I can’t hang with him,” says Isaac. “He’s pretty good.”

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    I have never had the opportunity to meet Jon, but Joe and Ike are great people so I would have to assume Jon is as well.  Above and beyond the great athletic talents of Ike are his ever present smile.  If you ever see this kid he is always smiling and has nice respectful pleasant things to say to everyone.  Great family for sure !!!


    Good luck this wknd to both boys

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    My son Easton is in the room with these guys all summer and there is no place better to be.  Him and Ike go at it and Easton loves the workouts he gets.  Great family and hope they both do well at State!!


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    I just love these boys and their parents!!!! What an awesome family!!! I remember meeting little Isaac a few years back and we just struck up a conversation.  I was so impressed watching him wrestle that I knew he was going to be good.  Then we met Becky & Joe.  Jon and my son have wrestled a few times but we are all friends.  We plan to keep a close eye on Isaac.  And we wish Jon good luck in his next journey.

    Donna & John Slivka

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    I recall being at a Middle School tourney in West Virginia. Ike lost a tough match to another very good Indiana kid. What struck me was instead of sulking, he grabbed a tablet and studied his match. As he watched it, he would occasionally purse his lips with a slight shake of his head. I can recall thinking this is a kid that is bound for success. I often remind my own son of that scene and how you conduct yourself.

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