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      Friday, Feb. 21, 2020
      Session 1 | First Round | 6 pm ET (Gates open at 4:30 pm ET)
      Saturday, Feb. 22, 2020
      Session 2 | Quarterfinals with Semifinals to follow | 9:30 am ET (Gates open at 8 am ET)
      Session 3 | Consolations at 5 pm ET with Championships to follow at 7:30 pm ET (Gates open at 4 pm ET)
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      Dates: Feb. 21-22, 2020.
      Site: Bankers Life Fieldhouse, 125 S. Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis | Website
      Security: All people as well as their bags, purses, and coolers (athletes only) entering Bankers Life Fieldhouse will be subject to a security inspection. A full list of prohibited items can be found in the Fieldhouse Fan Guide. Additionally, misconduct, mistreatment of Fieldhouse staff, or other prohibited behavior will be addressed promptly and violators are subject to ejection from the premises or arrest. The code of conduct is found in the Fieldhouse Fan Guide.
      Admission: $10 per session or $20 both days. Children 24 months old and younger admitted free of charge. Order All Session Tickets 
      Television: Saturday's state championship bouts in each weight class will air live on Fox Sports Indiana.
      Webstream: Friday's first round and Saturday's quarterfinals, semifinals and consolation matches may be viewed via live stream for a subscription fee at TrackWrestling.com. For Saturday night's championship round, viewers outside of the Fox Sports Indiana coverage area, a live stream will be available at IHSAAtv.org. For those within the FSI coverage area, the stream will be available only on delayed basis following the conclusion of the telecast.
      State Finals Pairings Show
      The brackets in each weight class will be announced exclusively via IHSAAtv.org on Sunday, February 16, 2020 at 4 pm ET / 3 pm CT (1 hour). The show will be hosted by Greg Rakestraw and Mike Goebel.
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      Friday, Feb. 21, 2020
      Session 1 | First Round | 6 pm ET (Gates open at 4:30 pm ET) | Order Session 1 Tickets 
      Saturday, Feb. 22, 2020
      Session 2 | Quarterfinals with Semifinals to follow | 9:30 am ET (Gates open at 8 am ET) | Order Session 2 Tickets 
      Session 3 | Consolations at 5 pm ET with Championships to follow at 7:30 pm ET (Gates open at 4 pm ET) | Order Session 3 Tickets 
    • Date: Saturday, Feb. 15, 2020.
      Admission: $10 (Final session only); $12 (Season ticket).
      Advancement: The top four place winners in each weight class advance to the state finals.
      State Finals Pairings Show
      The brackets in each weight class will be announced exclusively via IHSAAtv.org on Sunday, February 16, 2020 at 4 pm ET / 3 pm CT.
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      1. East Chicago Central | 9 am CT 
      Feeder Regionals: Crown Point, Hobart, Logansport, Penn.
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      2. New Haven (at Allen County War Memorial Coliseum) | 8:30 am ET 
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      3. New Castle | 9 am ET 
      Feeder Regionals: North Montgomery, Pendleton Heights, Perry Meridian, Richmond.
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      4. Evansville Reitz (at Ford Center) | 9 am CT 
      Feeder Regionals: Bloomington South, Evansville North, Jeffersonville, Mooresville.
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      Howard Jones is, without a doubt, the face of Jennings County wrestling. Jones has coached the Panthers for over four decades (41 years to be exact). And during those 41 years he’s always had to do things the hard way. That’s all about to change.
      Jennings County has started the construction of a one-of-a-kind wrestling facility. Jones believes this might be the only dedicated wrestling venue for a high school in the Midwest, and possibly even the entire country.
      The new, five-million-dollar venue will feature seating for over 800 fans. It will have four full-size mats down with the ability to remove some seating and go up to six full size mats. The 24,000 square feet venue will also have two locker rooms and a coaches’ office.
      “We expect this to make our wrestlers feel like first-class athletes,” Jennings County Athletic Director Cory Stevens said. “They are going to have a facility that no other wrestlers in the region or in the state will have. We hope this attracts others to use it as well, for camps and things of that nature.”
      For Jones, this is a dream come true. His wrestlers have practiced in a balcony overlooking the basketball gymnasium. The school has two balconies on each side of the gym, and the wrestling team was often so large that it had to split the team up and use both sides.
      “I was lucky enough to have real good assistant coaches over the years,” Jones said. “I would go on one side and the assistants would go on the other. Sometimes we would divide by weight class. Sometimes we would divide by varsity and junior varsity.”
      The wrestlers would also have to move the 800-pound mats that were stored in various places throughout the school down to the gym floor for invitationals or dual meets.
      “Needless to say, it was an inconvenience, at the minimum,” Jones said. “We didn’t get the lighter mats until about four years ago. We always had to end practice early if there was a girls or a boys basketball game.”
      Jones didn’t much believe that the program was getting its own venue when he was first told about it. He had heard similar talk before. One time the school was going to build a 4.7-million-dollar facility that would house three basketball courts, a weight room, a track and a wrestling room. Ultimately that got voted down by the community.
      This time around school superintendent Teresa Brown told Jones that it was going to happen.
      “One day she told me ‘Coach Jones, we’re going to get you that wrestling room.’,” Jones said. “I didn’t believe her. That was about three years ago. Then, at the first of the year, she steps into the gym and said to me ‘Don’t you doubt me coach Jones, don’t you doubt me’.”
      Jones has had a hand in the design of the facility. He has looked at places like Purdue for inspiration and has tried to emulate what he knows works.
      “It’s been a very emotional time for me,” Jones said. “I have thought our kids deserved something better, but maybe not this elaborate, for years. I questioned why it was going to be so good. The principal at the time said ‘Howard, why can’t we have the best for our kids?’ That made sense to me. I think this state-of-the-art facility will be what’s best for our kids.”
      For Jones, the principal’s statement got him thinking.
      “I’m pretty conservative with things,” Jones said. “When he said that to me, I started thinking differently. I started thinking why not. The school wants to be greedy for the kids and it really shows.”
      The wrestling facility isn’t the only thing to get a major upgrade at the school. The baseball and softball fields got a multi-million-dollar upgrade. The weight room doubled in size. The football field got new turf. The tennis courts are getting a facelift. But, the largest change, is the wrestling renovation.
      According to Stevens, this might not have ever happened if it weren’t for the influence Jones has had on the students and the community through wrestling.
      “They say it has a lot to do with me, but it’s really for the kids,” Jones said. “The kids deserved better and we’re getting there. The educators care for the kids. But since this announcement I’ve had hundreds of people call or contact me about how much wrestling has done for them. That was done without this kind of facility. It’s not that we create champion wrestlers. It’s important that we realize we’re creating champion kids.”
      This has been an emotional journey for Jones. Former wrestlers are working on the building of the new facility and even the companies that put in the bids for the construction were ran by some of Jones’ former wrestlers.
      “Each of our six elementary schools have former wrestlers of mine that are coaching,” Jones said. “All but one of my assistants were coached by me. The middle school – all but one of the coaches was coached by me. It makes me very proud. One of the things that probably puts things in perspective for me the most is that I had a principal at one of the elementary schools come up to me and said ‘Howard, I’m tired of going to principal meetings and hearing about your wrestling program.’ But wrestling is a fraternity, not just within the school, but it creates a strong bond for life.”
      Stevens hopes to see other schools build similar facilities for their programs in the future.
      “We hope this inspires other schools to do something similar,” Stevens said. “Everyone is going to benefit from this – not just the high school, but the younger kids as well. Wrestling is a sport that does great things for kids. The more we can inspire other kids, the better. I was not a wrestler, but I see the value the sport offers for kids today.”
    • We have put together the best 124 wrestlers from 2000-2020 and mashed them in the ultimate bracket. This list includes five wrestlers who won four state titles, 10 that won three titles, and 49 that have won two state titles!
      We seeded them by a point system on their whole career then separated ties by national level success. The top 44 wrestlers(all who made the finals at least three times) were given a bye into the main 64 man ultimate bracket. The other 80 will battle it out in a vote-in to make the main bracket.
      To add to the foray we have created some banana bets for you to earn more bananas for future use.
      Voting will take place on Twitter starting around noon on Monday March 23rd and continue daily until the bracket is complete. Each voting duration will be only two hours so stay tuned to our Twitter account for updates throughout the day. As the winners are announced we will update our bracket to determine the champion.
      Bracket Link
      Banana Bets Links
      Twitter Link
    • Mr. Gorilla: Silas Allred- Shenandoah
      1st Runner-up: Alec Viduya- Roncalli
      2nd Runner-up: Joseph Walker- Mishawaka
      3A Coach of the Year: Sean McGinley- Cathedral
      2A Coach of the Year: Paul Gunsett- Bellmont
      1A Coach of the Year: Cody Moll- North Posey
      3A Wrestler of the Year: Eli Dickens- Mater Dei
      2A Wrestler of the Year: Clayton Fielden- Garrett
      1A Wrestler of the Year: Isiah Levitz- Prairie Heights
      Past Award Winners
      1A Coach
      2015- Tony Currie
      2016- Brett Smith
      2017- Gary Black
      2018- Chuck Fleshman
      2019- Tony Currie
      1A Wrestler
      2015- Sawyer Miller
      2016- Evan Ellis
      2017- Eli Stock
      2018- Noah Cressell
      2019- Silas Allred
      2A Coach
      2015- Trent McCormick
      2016- Mark Kerrn
      2017- Trent McCormick
      2018- Frank Bumgardner
      2019- Chad Shepherd
      2A Wrestler
      2015- Brock Hudkins
      2016- Brock Hudkins
      2017- Mason Parris
      2018- Brayden Curtis
      2019- AJ Fowler
      3A Coach
      2015- Brad Harper
      2016- Darrick Snyder
      2017- Chris Johl
      2018- Matt Schoettle
      2019- Sean McGinley
      3A Wrestler
      2015- Chad Red
      2016- Blake Rypel
      2017- Joe Lee
      2018- Asa Garcia
      2019- Jordan Slivka
      Mr. Gorilla
      2015- Tommy Forte
      2016- Chad Red
      2017- Andrew Davison
      2018- Brayton Lee and Mason Parris
      2019- Asa Garcia
      With a few exceptions, the cast of characters changed. But the plot was the same for Indianapolis Cathedral: Win Indiana’s high school wrestling team championship.

      “You always want to set your expectations high,” said Irish head coach Sean McGinley. “We thought going in we had a legitimate shot to be very successful. We had several goals and one of our goals was to win a state title. We were able to accomplish that.”

      Cathedral traveled across town to Bankers Life Fieldhouse and took the program’s third straight title and fourth overall Saturday, Feb. 22 at the 82nd annual IHSAA State Finals.

      “I’ve said it before, Friday night is always key,” said McGinley after the latest hoisting of the state trophy. “Our goal is not a state championship, it’s to get through Friday night. That’s our state championship adage. We got five out of eight which gave us a chance. We thought we were still in it. Saturday morning was the big round for us. We went five for five with several kids getting bonus points. Bonus points probably made the difference. We were getting them but
      (eventual runner-up) Crown Point and (third-place team Evansville) Mater Dei was also getting them.”

      Two of the eight State Finals qualifiers in the 2020 field were finalists on Cathedral’s 2019 state title-winning squad.

      “This year’s team was way different from last year,” said sophomore Zeke Seltzer, who won the 2020 crown at 120 pounds after placing second as a freshman at 113. “The only people we had returning to State was me and Elliot (Rogers). Logan (Bailey) was returning, but he didn’t make it last year.”

      “We had some guys step up for sure.”
      What was the difference between standing on the second step of the podium and the top for Seltzer?

      “I’ve been working for this for a whole year now,” said Seltzer. “It feels great to finally get it.”

      Rodgers was a state champion at 152 as a junior and finished third at 160 in 220 as a senior.

      Five of eight Irish wrestlers in the field earned state placement in 2020. Besides Seltzer and Rodgers, senior Holden Parsons (285 pounds) was a champion, senior Bailey (138) a runner-up and senior Tyler Wagner (170) a fourth placer.

      “For me it was my faith,” said Parsons. “God got me through it and made sure I wasn’t nervous and everything. My coaches were there for me in my corner. They knew what we needed to do. hey knew how to keep me calm.”

      Parsons talked about the team approach to the season.
      “We keep a constant pace,” said Parsons. “As it goes along, we start picking it up. During the postseason, we taper on and off. That just keeps our gas tanks up and our lungs burning so we’re ready to go 100 percent when it comes time to put the pedal to the metal.”
      “Everybody knew we had to get bonus points to keep up with Crown Point. They are a great team. They had great wrestlers. They are phenomenally-coached.”

      Senior Jacob Huffman (195), junior Johnny Parker (182) and sophomore Evan Dickey (106) competed Friday night but did not advance to Saturday.
      It was an extra-big weekend for the Seltzer family. Not only were there the team and individual championships, assistant Brian Seltzer (Zeke’s father) was inducted into the Indiana High School Wrestling Coaches Association Hall of Fame the day after the State Finals.

      When the Irish reigned over the IHSAA in 2019, seniors Jordan Slivka (first at 160), Alex Mosconi (second at 145) and Lukasz Walendzak (eighth at 126) were there along with Rodgers and Seltzer. At the 2018 State Finals, Cathedral was represented by junior Slivka (first at 145), sophomore Rodgers (second at 152), senior Zach Melloh (second at 138), junior Alex Mosconi (second at 132), sophomore Bailey (third at 106), junior Walendzak (fourth at 120), senior Jacob Obst (seventh at 285)senior Jacob Obst (seventh at 285) and qualifiers senior Anthony Mosconi (160), sophomore Caleb Oliver (113) and freshman Andrew Wilson (126).
      Last Saturday when Jordan Fulks pinned Terre Haute South Vigo’s Moses Hamm in the ticket round of the Evansville semistate, he did something that hasn’t been done by a Boonville wrestler in 13 years. He advanced to the state tournament.
      “The last guy to make it to state from our school was Sam Derosett,” Fulks said. “He coached me when I was in middle school.”
      Fulks, a junior, is currently ranked No. 5 at 152 pounds. He is 43-1 on the year with his lone loss coming in the semistate championship to No. 4-ranked Logan Boe.
      “Jordan is scrappy wrestler,” Boonville co-coach Dustin Wilke said. “He’s a good wrestler on his feet. He moves his hands and feet very well. He has a lot of pins and racks up a lot of points.”
      Last season Fulks finished the year with a 36-2 mark. He lost in the first round of semistate.
      “I had a knee injury last year that really set me back a few months,” Fulks said. “It became a motivation thing, I guess. I advanced to semistate with a knee injury and that really inspired me because I knew if I could make it that far, hurt, then when I got better I could go even further.”
      Fulks is a year-around wrestler. It’s the only sport he participates in.
      “He’s got a real drive to be successful in wrestling,” Wilke said. “I’ve known him for several years. He was in our youth feeder program. He was on our travel team. I helped coach him in middle school. When he was getting a little older, I asked him what he wants to be – and he said a state champion. He asked what he needs to do to make that happen. He’s always looking for insight and he’s always trying to improve.”
      Fulks believes his best attribute in wrestling is his confidence.
      “I’m a confident wrestler,” he said. “I go out there and I’m confident in my moves and that I can hit them. I never go out thinking I can win every match, but I think I am going to wrestle my match, every time.”
      Friday night Fulks will go up against Huntington North’s No. 12-ranked Cody McCune (36-2). Both wrestlers are looking to place for the first time at state. McCune advanced last year, but did not place.
    • The third edition of this article dives into which coaches have the most success in the semi-finals. We have created three different categories with this as we can break this down in terms of the total number of qualifiers that a coach gets to the finals, the number of placers that a coach gets to the finals, and finally the record in the semi-finals.
      Click here to view all of the data

      Current coaches with 10+ state qualifiers and their percentage of wrestlers making the finals.

      Coach Qualifiers Finalists Finalist % Current School Dan Briggs 16 6 37.50% Carroll(Fort Wayne) Mark Kirchgassner 10 3 30.00% East Central Zach Errett 20 6 30.00% Avon Wade McClurg 11 3 27.27% Roncalli Sean McGinley 100 26 26.00% Indianapolis Cathedral Darrick Snyder 85 21 24.71% Brownsburg Jim Tonte 102 24 23.53% Franklin Community David Maldonado 79 18 22.78% Merrillville Steve Pugliese 22 5 22.73% Tri-West Matt Schoettle 22 5 22.73% Perry Meridian Bob Read 24 5 20.83% Plymouth Maurice Swain 10 2 20.00% Center Grove Chris Cooper 31 6 19.35% Columbus East Matthew Behling 17 3 17.65% Culver Academies Bob Harmon 57 10 17.54% Castle Joshua Holden 18 3 16.67% Greenfield-Central Ed Pendoski 65 10 15.38% Carmel Chris Joll 47 7 14.89% Chesterton Dave Cloud 27 4 14.81% Pendleton Heights Greg Schaefer 69 9 13.04% Evansville Mater Dei Brad Harper 62 7 11.29% Penn Tim Alcorn 10 1 10.00% Mount Vernon (Posey) Kevin Blundell 10 1 10.00% Monrovia Nick Kraus 11 1 9.09% Garrett Jim Wadkins 22 2 9.09% Calumet Rod Williams 11 1 9.09% Leo Brian Weaver 11 1 9.09% Elkhart Memorial Dan Mikesell 13 1 7.69% Mooresville Andy Hobbs 39 3 7.69% Peru Branden Lorek 14 1 7.14% Crown Point Jim HIttler 17 1 5.88% Huntington North Lou Silverman 35 2 5.71% North Central Chad Shepherd 18 1 5.56% Western Danny Struck 18 1 5.56% Jeffersonville Eric Myers 21 1 4.76% Jay County Bill Flatt 23 1 4.35% South Bend Riley Larry Mattingly 31 1 3.23% Evansville Memorial Tony Abbott 31 1 3.23% Cowan Jim Pickard 40 1 2.50% Goshen Brandon Sisson 10 0 0.00% Floyd Central Mike Runyon 15 0 0.00% Bloomington South Doug Smoker 19 0 0.00% Angola T. Howard Jones Jr. 22 0 0.00% Jennings County Paul Gunsett 14 0 0.00% Bellmont Scott Ferguson 38 0 0.00% Evansville Reitz Dean Branstetter 15 0 0.00% Attica Louie Kuzdas 24 0 0.00% LaPorte Clint Gard 16 0 0.00% Rochester Andrew King 20 0 0.00% Oak Hill Jamie Welliever 12 0 0.00% Southmont Blane Culp 11 0 0.00% Columbia City Tom Miller 17 0 0.00% Lafayette Jefferson  
      Current coaches with 5 or more placers and their ability to make the finals

      Coach Placers Finalists Finalists % Current School Dan Briggs 10 6 60.00% Carroll(Fort Wayne) Mark Kirchgassner 5 3 60.00% East Central Steve Pugliese 9 5 55.56% Tri-West Zach Errett 12 6 50.00% Avon Bob Read 13 5 38.46% Plymouth Dave Cloud 11 4 36.36% Pendleton Heights Matt Schoettle 14 5 35.71% Perry Meridian Bob Harmon 28 10 35.71% Castle Jim Tonte 70 24 34.29% Franklin Community David Maldonado 53 18 33.96% Merrillville Sean McGinley 78 26 33.33% Indianapolis Cathedral Jim Wadkins 6 2 33.33% Calumet Darrick Snyder 64 21 32.81% Brownsburg Chris Joll 23 7 30.43% Chesterton Wade McClurg 10 3 30.00% Roncalli Maurice Swain 7 2 28.57% Center Grove Chris Cooper 22 6 27.27% Columbus East Matthew Behling 11 3 27.27% Culver Academies Joshua Holden 11 3 27.27% Greenfield-Central Ed Pendoski 37 10 27.03% Carmel Brad Harper 27 7 25.93% Penn Greg Schaefer 40 9 22.50% Evansville Mater Dei Michael Lapadat 5 1 20.00% Evansville Central Dan Mikesell 5 1 20.00% Mooresville Andy Hobbs 15 3 20.00% Peru Jerimiah Maggart 6 1 16.67% Jimtown Kevin Blundell 6 1 16.67% Monrovia Jim HIttler 6 1 16.67% Huntington North Frank Bumgardner 6 1 16.67% Wawasee Chad Shepherd 7 1 14.29% Western Danny Struck 7 1 14.29% Jeffersonville Branden Lorek 8 1 12.50% Crown Point Lou Silverman 16 2 12.50% North Central Brian Weaver 9 1 11.11% Elkhart Memorial Eric Myers 11 1 9.09% Jay County Larry Mattingly 12 1 8.33% Evansville Memorial Bill Flatt 13 1 7.69% South Bend Riley Tony Abbott 17 1 5.88% Cowan Jim Pickard 19 1 5.26% Goshen Pat Dowty 5 0 0.00% Indian Creek Mike Runyon 7 0 0.00% Bloomington South Doug Smoker 7 0 0.00% Angola T. Howard Jones Jr. 11 0 0.00% Jennings County Scott Ferguson 16 0 0.00% Evansville Reitz Dean Branstetter 6 0 0.00% Attica Louie Kuzdas 11 0 0.00% LaPorte Clint Gard 7 0 0.00% Rochester Andrew King 6 0 0.00% Oak Hill Zach Whickcar 5 0 0.00% Elkhart Central  
      Current coaches with 5 or more semi-finalists and their ability to make the finals

      Coach Semi-Finalists Finalists Semi % Current School Steve Pugliese 6 5 83.33% Tri-West Bob Read 6 5 83.33% Plymouth Zach Errett 8 6 75.00% Avon Chris Joll 10 7 70.00% Chesterton Brad Harper 10 7 70.00% Penn Dan Briggs 9 6 66.67% Carroll(Fort Wayne) Dave Cloud 6 4 66.67% Pendleton Heights David Maldonado 29 18 62.07% Merrillville Jim Tonte 40 24 60.00% Franklin Community Matthew Behling 5 3 60.00% Culver Academies Bob Harmon 17 10 58.82% Castle Matt Schoettle 9 5 55.56% Perry Meridian Ed Pendoski 19 10 52.63% Carmel Sean McGinley 51 26 50.98% Indianapolis Cathedral Darrick Snyder 43 21 48.84% Brownsburg Wade McClurg 7 3 42.86% Roncalli Andy Hobbs 7 3 42.86% Peru Chris Cooper 15 6 40.00% Columbus East Lou Silverman 5 2 40.00% North Central Greg Schaefer 23 9 39.13% Evansville Mater Dei Tony Abbott 5 1 20.00% Cowan Jim Pickard 5 1 20.00% Goshen Bill Flatt 8 1 12.50% South Bend Riley
    • After putting out the original article on Monday we got to talking on Gorilla Radio on which coach had the best winning percentage on Saturday morning. Well, since we have the data we decided to put it out there with some great results. Note that this data is from the 1992 state finals through the 2019 state finals. It includes how many state placers(1st-8th) and how many of them made the semi-finals and even the finals.
      You can view all the data at this link under the Saturday tab.
      Click here to view
      Current Coaches with 5 or more placers, winning percentage in the quarter-finals.

      Coach Placers Semi-Finalists Quarter % Current School Dan Briggs 10 9 90.00% Carroll(Fort Wayne) Michael Lapadat 5 4 80.00% Evansville Central Mark Kirchgassner 5 4 80.00% East Central Wade McClurg 10 7 70.00% Roncalli Chris Cooper 22 15 68.18% Columbus East Darrick Snyder 64 43 67.19% Brownsburg Zach Errett 12 8 66.67% Avon Steve Pugliese 9 6 66.67% Tri-West Jerimiah Maggart 6 4 66.67% Jimtown Sean McGinley 78 51 65.38% Indianapolis Cathedral Matt Schoettle 14 9 64.29% Perry Meridian Bill Flatt 13 8 61.54% South Bend Riley Bob Harmon 28 17 60.71% Castle Dan Mikesell 5 3 60.00% Mooresville Greg Schaefer 40 23 57.50% Evansville Mater Dei Jim Tonte 70 40 57.14% Franklin Community David Maldonado 53 29 54.72% Merrillville Dave Cloud 11 6 54.55% Pendleton Heights Ed Pendoski 37 19 51.35% Carmel Jim Wadkins 6 3 50.00% Calumet Andy Hobbs 15 7 46.67% Peru Bob Read 13 6 46.15% Plymouth Matthew Behling 11 5 45.45% Culver Academies Chris Joll 23 10 43.48% Chesterton Maurice Swain 7 3 42.86% Center Grove Mike Runyon 7 3 42.86% Bloomington South Chad Shepherd 7 3 42.86% Western Pat Dowty 5 2 40.00% Indian Creek Brad Harper 27 10 37.04% Penn Eric Myers 11 4 36.36% Jay County Frank Bumgardner 6 2 33.33% Wawasee Kevin Blundell 6 2 33.33% Monrovia Jim HIttler 6 2 33.33% Huntington North Lou Silverman 16 5 31.25% North Central Tony Abbott 17 5 29.41% Cowan Danny Struck 7 2 28.57% Jeffersonville Doug Smoker 7 2 28.57% Angola Joshua Holden 11 3 27.27% Greenfield-Central T. Howard Jones Jr. 11 3 27.27% Jennings County Jim Pickard 19 5 26.32% Goshen Larry Mattingly 12 3 25.00% Evansville Memorial Branden Lorek 8 2 25.00% Crown Point Brian Weaver 9 2 22.22% Elkhart Memorial Scott Ferguson 16 3 18.75% Evansville Reitz Dean Branstetter 6 1 16.67% Attica Louie Kuzdas 11 1 9.09% LaPorte Clint Gard 7 0 0.00% Rochester Andrew King 6 0 0.00% Oak Hill Zach Whickcar 5 0 0.00% Elkhart Central  
      All coaches since 1992 with 10 or more state placers

      Coach Placers Semi-Finalists Quarter % Current School Past School Dan Briggs 10 9 90.00% Carroll(Fort Wayne) Union County David Walpole 10 8 80.00%   Decatur Central Mike Ester 14 11 78.57%   Fort Wayne Snider Robert Emerick 18 14 77.78%   Lake Central Travis Walls 21 16 76.19%   Griffith Nick Petrov 19 14 73.68%   Hanover Central Jared Williams 21 15 71.43%   Avon Bill Kelly 17 12 70.59%   East Chicago Central Wade McClurg 10 7 70.00% Roncalli Roncalli Lance Beehler 10 7 70.00%   Mishawaka Larry Tharp 13 9 69.23%   Portage Keith Hoffar 16 11 68.75%   East Noble Chris Cooper 22 15 68.18% Columbus East Columbus East Darrick Snyder 64 43 67.19% Brownsburg Brownsburg Zach Errett 12 8 66.67% Avon Avon Sean McGinley 78 51 65.38% Indianapolis Cathedral Indianapolis Bishop Chatard Mike Goebel 74 48 64.86%   Evansville Mater Dei Scott Vlink 45 29 64.44%   Crown Point Matt Schoettle 14 9 64.29% Perry Meridian Perry Meridian Rob Willman 11 7 63.64%   Floyd Central Danny Williams 11 7 63.64%   Warren Central Kevin Troy 19 12 63.16%   Roncalli Bill Flatt 13 8 61.54% South Bend Riley South Bend Riley Bob Harmon 28 17 60.71% Castle Castle Bob Hasseman 38 23 60.53%   Franklin Community Frank Svarczkopf, Jr. 10 6 60.00%   Lawrence North Perry Summitt 10 6 60.00%   Bloomington North Todd Sacksteder 10 6 60.00%   Beech Grove Royce Deckard 37 22 59.46%   Bloomington South Leroy Vega 22 13 59.09%   Portage Cale Hoover 12 7 58.33%   Center Grove Mark Kerrn 19 11 57.89%   Jimtown Greg Schaefer 40 23 57.50% Evansville Mater Dei Evansville Mater Dei Jim Tonte 70 40 57.14% Franklin Community Connersville Brent Faurote 65 37 56.92%   Bellmont Steve Balash 30 17 56.67%   Hobart Kyle Poyer 16 9 56.25%   Anderson Highland Chad Red 18 10 55.56%   Lawrence Central Brett Crousore 31 17 54.84%   Lawrence North David Maldonado 53 29 54.72% Merrillville Hammond Bishop Noll Wiley Craft 11 6 54.55%   Lawrence Central Todd Kendrick 11 6 54.55%   Franklin Central Lance Ellis 11 6 54.55%   Roncalli Scott Schwarz 11 6 54.55%   East Central Dave Cloud 11 6 54.55% Pendleton Heights Pendleton Heights Mike Atwood 13 7 53.85%   Delphi Lance Rhodes 21 11 52.38%   Indianapolis Cathedral Brian Seltzer 25 13 52.00%   Elkhart Memorial Ed Pendoski 37 19 51.35% Carmel Carmel Trent McCormick 58 29 50.00%   Yorktown Dan Gelarden 12 6 50.00%   Munster Paul Voigt 10 5 50.00%   Carroll(Fort Wayne) Andy Hobbs 15 7 46.67% Peru Peru Bob Read 13 6 46.15% Plymouth Plymouth Matthew Behling 11 5 45.45% Culver Academies Bremen Chris Joll 23 10 43.48% Chesterton Chesterton Henry Wilk 21 9 42.86%   Penn Dave Thompson 14 6 42.86%   Whiteland Jim Ledbetter 14 6 42.86%   Warren Central Al Hartman 14 6 42.86%   South Bend Clay Al Smith 19 8 42.11%   Mishawaka Randy Kearby 17 7 41.18%   Bluffton Paul Nicodemus 13 5 38.46%   Plainfield Clarence Warthan 13 5 38.46%   Frankfort Dennis Lewis 13 5 38.46%   NorthWood Russel Feigert 24 9 37.50%   Beech Grove Brad Harper 27 10 37.04% Penn Benton Central Rex Peckinpaugh 38 14 36.84%   New Castle Eric Myers 11 4 36.36% Jay County Jay County Tony Boley 11 4 36.36%   Elwood Lou Silverman 16 5 31.25% North Central Hamilton Southeastern Tony Abbott 17 5 29.41% Cowan Cowan Andy Simon 18 5 27.78%   Carmel Joshua Holden 11 3 27.27% Greenfield-Central Greenfield-Central T. Howard Jones Jr. 11 3 27.27% Jennings County Jennings County Jim Pickard 19 5 26.32% Goshen Goshen Israel Blevins 20 5 25.00%   Avon Larry Mattingly 12 3 25.00% Evansville Memorial Evansville Memorial Scott Ferguson 16 3 18.75% Evansville Reitz Evansville Reitz Louie Kuzdas 11 1 9.09% LaPorte LaPorte
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      Not much food talk as Mike and Joe talk about 152-285lbs at the state finals. Listen to to great insight and possibly some side talk about random other topics.
    • 1. Will Viduya get the golden bookend?
      Alec Viduya won a state title as a freshman at 113lbs, but since then his nemesis Asa Garcia has tripped him up twice. Garcia is in Bloomington now and the path seems clear to end on top of the podium. The other likely contenders include Brock Ellis, Jaden Reynolds, and Reece Luhmann. Luhmann went to overtime with Viduya last week.
      The "golden bookend" has been done three other times throughout Indiana history. The first was Ray Webb of Bloomington University who won titles at 120lbs as a freshman and 145lbs as a senior. The next to do it was current Evansville Mater Dei coach Greg Schaeffer. In 1995 he won a state title at 100lbs and again reached the top step of the podium in 1998 at 119lbs. The last person to accomplish this feat was Indian Creek's Ethan Raley. He won a title as a freshman at 103lbs, then again at 135lbs as a senior.
      2. Team Race
      The team race is going to be hotly contested from the getgo. Mater Dei looks to be the favorite on paper early on. Crown Point has some brutal Saturday morning matches that could determine the state title. Brownsburg is lurking with a couple state title contenders and other placers. Never count out two-time defending champions Cathedral. 
      Friday night could set the stage for one or more of the contenders to pull away from the field. However, a couple slipups could mean another team or two comes into contention. 
      Saturday morning will be filled with fireworks that will give us a great indication of who will come out on top of the team race.
      3. Will the class of 2021 get a title?
      As of this writing the current junior class has yet to win an individual state title. This can and possibly will change on Saturday night. Top contenders for a title include Alex Cottey(113), Blake Boarmann(138), Evan Bates(220), and Brock Ellis(145).
      Cottey has one loss on the year, but his opponent did not qualify for state. Boarman has a wide open weight class where the top guys have all beaten each other. Bates and Ellis both have yet to be defeated by an Indiana opponent this year.
      4. Famous firsts
      Indianapolis Lutheran's Hayden Flipiovich is the school's first state qualfiier. Will he be able to crack the code and be their first placer as well? Attica, Monroe Central, and River Forest have never had a state placer in their history. Will Jeffrey Bailey be the first Ingot state placer? Logan Swallow won a semi-state title last week and could be the Golden Bear's first state placer. Jordan Douglass was the first state qualifier in Rambler history two years ago, but has yet to reach the podium.
      There are 32 schools that have a state qualifier that has yet to have a state champion. The ones that might just break through this year include Garrett's Clayton Fielden, Hamilton Southeastern's Andrew Irick, North Montgomery's Drew Webster, Norwell's Cale Gray, Sullivan's Lane Gilbert, and Wheeler's Giovanni Diaz.
      5. Best dressed
      From shiny pants and shorts to Tonte's custom taylored suits, who will stand out in the fashion department? Will Cathedral be wearing their robes this weekend? Which coach will have the strongest beard game? All of these are valid questions that will get answered this weekend.
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