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  1. If stalls were called correctly TD call wouldn’t even matter. Your point is invalid take 2nd place in stride.
  2. First off congratulations to every single state champ every wrestler earned it. Secondly I’ll take my 7 point margin of error of victory as a W four under the lights and two champs. Never been prouder to be Irish!
  3. Man my bias shows that bad....lol. You are exactly right sometimes its hard not to play favorites but I'm in the process of doing some updating. Thanks for the viewer boost.
  4. Below is my best guess at all top 8's as well as a color coded assortment of each team. Every weight has been scored (without bonus) and projected to the bottom right with the final team scores. Any of the top 6 could win it. It is going to be a crazy team race. IHSAA STATE FINALS PREDICTIONS - Sheet1.pdf
  5. Cathedral should put four under the lights with Seltzer, Rodgers, Mosconi, and Slivka. Walendzak is a possibility but has to get by Hunt or Peele. EMD should have 3 under the lights in Lee, Dickens, and Boarman, and Roncalli should have at least 2 in Viduya, and Freije.
  6. 100% agree 152 is going to be one of the most entertaining weight classes especially with Brayton Lee gone creating a huge pool of unrecognized talent.
  7. While Noehre is tough Dickens has been unstoppable so far this season and his motor is crazy. Makes it hard for me seeing Noehre in the finals Saturday night. If I had to guess at a finals match up it would be either Dickens vs Rodgers, or Dickens vs Conley.
  8. The Irish even with 5 are still dangerous, with potential to put 5 under the lights they would be at 90 and thats without those coveted bonus points coming into play. Reminds me of how everyone said don't sleep on the patriots this year then Brady did again what we knew he'd do. Murders Row and Co. will be tough to stop. Going to be an action packed weekend.
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