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  3. Eastside 45 Fremont 27 Eastside 33 Angola 66 Eastside 27 Churubusco 63 Eastside 42 Woodlan 46 Eastside 45 Central Noble 33
  4. Best Career

    I was killing time watching matches on You Tube today and found Mason Parris frosh semi-final match against Chase Osborn in 2015. I had forgotten how close, and slightly controversial that match was. A quick recap: Osborn controlled the match early with 3 take downs, getting in on a single leg fairly easily and finishing strongly. Mason battled to stay in it with a mix of reversals and escapes. About mid-way through the 2nd period Mason started to change the momentum. Osborn got his 4th TD :30 into the 2nd period to lead 8-3. Mason reverses to make it 8-5 at the one minute mark of the period. The match was marred with several delays for blood time all the way down to :02 remaining. It certainly disrupted the flow of the match. Mason let's him up to make it 9-5 and can't take him down buy fights off shots that were scoring early, ending the 2nd at 9-5. Parris starts the 3rd period down and finally gets the escape @ 1:22, making it 9-6. A quick low show from Mason nets a TD followed by a quick release making it 10-8 @ :59. A standing go behind and a brief scramble and Parris ties it at 10 w/ :41 remaining. More blood time at :32. After blood time, MP let's Osborn up so they start neutral. It's 11-10 w/ :32 to go. Mason gets in a shot but Chase fends him off until Mason makes a quick move that would have resulted in a TD but he runs out of room and they go out of bounds at :19. At this point Mason tried everything but Osborn is on skates. Osborn backs straight off the mat and gets a stalling warning. :08 to go. More blood time. Same exact thing, Mason pushes, Chase backs off the mat. Parris asks for the stall call along with the crowd, doesn't get it. Back to the middle w/ :02 left. More blood time. Caution on MP on the whistle. Reset, add :02 back and Paris shoots, Osborn backpedals off the mat again. No stall call again, to the dismay of a very loud crowd. Final Score 11-10 Chase Osborn. The match was a true tale of two halves. One can 2nd guess whether Mason should have let him up when tied 10-10 at :30 left, but he had taken him down twice in less than a minute. One can wonder if there was no blood time, how would the match have turned out. But that's wrestling and Chase Osborn goes on to finish an undefeated season and a State Championship. Mason wins another close match to finish 3rd and never loses a HS match again, netting 3 State Titles along the way.
  5. RT @JalenSkutt: good thing i have a few twix up my sleeve https://t.co/ZZ6AL4krSk

  6. @taylorn_rush you need a goat so I can play peek a boo with it ? https://t.co/E9MpEqFCMs

  7. RT @NaomisDaughter: @realDonaldTrump @CNN @nbc ???????? https://t.co/7frQHM81on

  8. #IndianaMat Mr. Gorilla 3rd Graham Rooks @CE_Wrestling 2nd Lucas Davison @CHS_Pins Co-Mr. Gorilla Mason Parris… https://t.co/5bqJ3j99KF

  9. Team Scores

    Backtothemat - Agreed!
  10. Well done. As always, you guys put out great info and represent the state well.
  11. Graber / Walton

    How about the likes of Tristen Tonte or Vinny Cosaro. Both were 3x finalist and ran into buzzsaws.
  12. 2x State Champions

    Who was the most dominant though? My vote is Jason Terry (Cathedral). 1992. Won his sophomore and senior year convincingly. Junior year had the full blown flu at Market Square and lost a tough one to Devon Nelson from Mishawaka. His senior year he avenged that loss under the lights with a lateral for the fall. One nasty hombre. 7 losses in his career. He still weighs 130lbs, I would run from him in a bar fight even now. Miss that mofo though. Living Somewhere on the near east side of Indy invisible.
  13. @jacksonlong44 https://t.co/8BX67nyZxo

  14. Coaches of the Year 1A- Chuck Fleshman 2A- Frank Bumgardner 3A- Matt Schoettle Wrestlers of the Year 1A- Noah Cressell 2A- Brayden Curtis 3A- Asa Garcia Mr Gorilla Co-Mr. Gorillas Mason Parris and Brayton Lee 2nd Lucas Davison 3rd Graham Rooks
  15. Mt. Vernon 81 Memorial 9 Mt. Vernon 90 Harrison 12
  16. Yes live right now
  17. RT @haRYANpunch23: Bros have got your back after your ho rips your heart out for no good reason. And you are nothing but great to your ho a…

  18. Are you guys coming on tonight?
  19. 2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    No Gable?
  20. 2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    Here is our first match-up! Mason Parris vs. Brandon Whitman from Dundee, Michigan
  21. Quick Update: We have just started communicating with the top two seniors from each weight class. Here are some of the wrsetlers that have already accepted their invite to be on the team. 220 Mason Parris, Lawrenceburg 145 Christian Hunt, Yorktown 106 Zach Todd, Yorktown 152 Noah Lamore, Crown Point 160 Gleason Mappes, Center Grove 170 Jordan Rader, Peru Please continue to reach out to Coach Matt Behling at matthew.behling@culver.org if you were one of the top two seniors to finish in your weight class. We plan to reach out to you asap as well.
  22. Your MCM woke up at noon, ate chips and salsa for lunch, and still hasn’t showered or put anything but boxers on...… https://t.co/cgWfiIpXXJ

  23. RTC near Connersville

    Shenandoah open mat will begin next Tues at 6 p.m. and continue each week. Look forward to seeing you! Let's work together and get better!!!
  24. Happy birthday @kaefranks !! ???

  25. Yesterday
  26. Nick South of Columbus East commits to

    Congrats Champ, his Parents Troy & Andi South to. IU getting a great kid. Pistol Pete
  27. Which state does it best?

    I'm ashamed to admit back in my home state of Kansas, which is a classic class wrestling state, the 4 four different classes wrestle in 3 different locations. Ive personally seen one of those locations where we wrestled at, so I'm not sure what goes on at the other two. That's the biggest complaint is that they have four classes, but don't have a location big enough to host all four classes.
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