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  1. randalllynch

    Need matches

    Jeff Classic may have an open spot, Coach Struck was looking earlier. It is on 15 Dec this year.
  2. randalllynch


    I have lost track, if we want to pass on information for the semi-state rankings who should we send it too? For me it is Evansville but others may want to know theirs.
  3. randalllynch

    December 15 - Jeff Classic 16 team tourney

    Coach - who is in it this year?
  4. randalllynch


  5. randalllynch

    Team State Qualifying

    As a team that only had 6 this year at sectional, you guess wrong. I use it to motivate the kids I have and as a marketing tool to continue to get more. Exclusion or the perception of exclusion will only hurt small schools trying to build up.
  6. randalllynch

    All semi states deserve credit

    Have you seen the Ford Center in Evansville? Talk about not too shabby.... : )
  7. randalllynch

    2018 Sectional Forfeit Data

    It was a question on the new questionnaire that just came out to the coaches.
  8. randalllynch

    Best and Worst Sectionals

    My team is in that sectional and it is night and day to previous years. We have VERY few kids or weight classes that would be considered "top tier", but there are a few good wrestlers that know what there doing (and yest will most likely struggle at the regional), but I do look forward to seeing several weight classes that have kids who are very competitive at this sectional (126, 160, and 285 come to mind quickly) and most of those kids are just as nervous and anxious as those kids preparing for the Avon sectional. More importantly though if you are only looking at the top tier kids, how they do competing with each other, you may be missing a piece of the sport that makes most of us smile especially at sectional. It is the kids seeded 6th or unseeded at sectional who overcomes all odds and their own doubts to place 4th and get to wrestle at regional. Some of them will have achieved their only goal in wrestling after 4 years taking a beating in practice, never even believing they could do it because they wrestled behind a stud or had 5 studs in the sectional. That kid will ll be just as happy (and most likely or more so) than most of the wrestlers who lose in the go round or on Friday night. Weak or strong there is a lot of happiness and tears getting ready to happen on Saturday, but that is what make sectional entertaining and brings a lot of smiles.
  9. randalllynch

    Extra training Forbidden?

    You can't forget that most IHSAA rules are put in place to be applied across multiple sports, and like it or not in Indiana basketball is king. I have not of anyone setting up a high school for wrestlers yet or tempting our top talent to go to a wrestling school that has the system in place to let kids get a high school diploma while they work at their sport with the top AAU kids from the country. There is a kid down here who is one of the top recruits in the country and there is fear every year he will be coaxed away from the high school to go to a basketball academy.
  10. randalllynch

    Favorite Coach's Quote/Saying

    "This is gonna hurt" Jim Binkley
  11. randalllynch

    New Uniform issues

    Only issue we have had is the waist band has too much Nike logo (we are trying to dye the band completely black now). We have experienced no penalty issues so far. But ours all fit tight.
  12. randalllynch

    New Startup Team North Harrison Ramsey, IN

    Please feel free to reach out to me or have your coach contact me if you have any questions or issues that come up! Glad to see another team in the area! Randy Lynch Providence Wrestling
  13. randalllynch

    2017 Head Coaching Changes

    I believe it is official now New Albany Old - Eric Burres New - John (JT) Jenkins
  14. I believe Antunez (113) and Craig (126) from Jennings county will both be back this year.
  15. randalllynch

    2017 Head Coaching Changes

    I have been told JT Jenkins will be taking over the New Albany wrestling program.

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