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  1. New Startup Team North Harrison Ramsey, IN

    Please feel free to reach out to me or have your coach contact me if you have any questions or issues that come up! Glad to see another team in the area! Randy Lynch Providence Wrestling
  2. 2017 Head Coaching Changes

    I believe it is official now New Albany Old - Eric Burres New - John (JT) Jenkins
  3. I believe Antunez (113) and Craig (126) from Jennings county will both be back this year.
  4. 2017 Head Coaching Changes

    I have been told JT Jenkins will be taking over the New Albany wrestling program.
  5. Update on Indiana Boys in College

    Tre Lynch (New Albany) is a Sophomore (rs) wrestling at Campbellsville, won the #1 spot at 157 last year then had an achilles injury in the first tournament and redshirted. Back this year and is expected to be at 165. Jacob Franklin (New Washington) is also on the squad and is projected at 197.
  6. Injury at Battle of the bridges

    Chase had surgery and came through it as well we could hope. He hopes to make a complete recovery and be back on the mat as soon as possible. Thanks for everyone's well wishes. Coach Lynch
  7. Providence is in if you still have a slot
  8. 2017

  9. http://www.newsandtribune.com/sports/wrestling-sectional-preview-floyd-favored-to-repeat-at-jeff-sectional/article_418eaf22-e437-11e6-b50a-176b2436efe6.html
  10. Sectional Brackets

    Jeffersonville is up
  11. Indiana's 'middle class' in wrestling

    That is one of the issues we see, non-wrestling athletes are already concerned about not being good at it when you convince them to come out, then thay lose to a JV and it becomes a real struggle to keep them long enough to get them confident.
  12. Genius Ratings sneak peek

    Do you have a separate file by class?
  13. Fuller (Jeffersonville) vs Mosely (New Albany) Same conference, sectional, and grade in school.
  14. Hoosier Hills Conference Tournament

    Your right, I was reading this one and a request to reply to a quoted comment came up and it posted here. Sorry for the confusion.
  15. Hoosier Hills Conference Tournament

    It actually annotates a Q for qualified weigh-in. I have a kid who was at 126 went up to 132 then was trying to go back down, exceeded the 1.5% and did not get a Q annotation for that weigh in. He already has 6 qualified weigh ins at 126.