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  1. Bruins2013

    Chandler Woenker

    Signs with the University of Campbellsville Projected at #165
  2. Bruins2013

    Scholastic Duals

    Good to hear the information I guess we are even better off than I thought
  3. Bruins2013

    Scholastic Duals

  4. Bruins2013

    Scholastic Duals

    I agree the gold squad should definitely have a chance to make some waves...... it looks like #170 thru #220 could be a little tough for us though .................go get em boys !!!
  5. So the Florida kid is a sophomore and he is wrestling an 8th grader I'm confused are they both cadets and the same age??
  6. Is that score/ result correct Mendez lost 15 to 2 ?????
  7. Bruins2013

    Dream Team Opener Duals

  8. Bruins2013

    Dream Team Opener Duals

    Hey guess there goes my argument the stats have spoken and I am a true believer that stats don't lie ...I will have to agree you are right on both of those last 2 statements Y2 ........especially the second one lol......And honestly all jokes aside thanks for doing all you do for the wrestling community ?
  9. Bruins2013

    Dream Team Opener Duals

    Eh you do make some good points y2 ....so tell you what I will lower my prediction to 40 to 16 for the SAC.... But got to be all in on my luers boys so Woenker by pin ( a career pinner)and reust by a super slim decision over Schrock ......unless you have some more convincing stats for me y2 that's just how I see it ....
  10. Bruins2013

    Dream Team Opener Duals

    Yea you could be right on that one too . But I figured since I gave arney the pin ( not a big pin guy)that I would do the same for macias. Just my opinion( sac wins 46-19) So How do you have it?
  11. Bruins2013

    Dream Team Opener Duals

    Yea I just saw that on track good point . I have it SAC 46 Carroll 19 so easy win this year ....but next year is a totally different story
  12. Bruins2013

    Dream Team Opener Duals

    I have it a little more in favor of the SAC in this one . I would say pins for Macias , Woenker and Hart instead of decisions and the reust/Schrock match would be a toss up not a pin for Carroll . carroll is young as y2 said and the sac has lots of seniors so this one wouldn't be close at all This year.....Next year a lot different with Carroll probably having a slight edge ..Just my opinion
  13. Bruins2013

    Mappes vs South?

    Yea we had a lot of stalemates called when instead it should have been stalling at Fort Wayne last weekend too.