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  1. Mappes vs South?

    Yea we had a lot of stalemates called when instead it should have been stalling at Fort Wayne last weekend too.
  2. Tournament results

    Thanks man for the good words on chandler and good luck to trizton also. And yes his teams schedule is a little light so we try to find challenging matches however possible and bumping up is the easiest way
  3. Tournament results

    Thanks man he is a good kid and Yea I remember trizton also a good kid and wrestler glad to be teammates with him . Just like today chan wrestled up it's just something we do to get tougher competition. Actually at border wars he weighed 159 and went 170 then today he weighed 161.6 so he needs to decide if he wants to go 160 or 170 for the big dance guess he better decide by tomorrow lol.
  4. Tournament results

    Oh definitely Great win for sure . Tough loss for woenker he thought he had 2 pins one on a spladle one on a very nice half but that's the way it goes ..... I'm sure he will bounce whether it's 160 or 170
  5. Tournament results

    And boy was it a wild match lol
  6. Tournament results

    Yes he did but It was actually at 170 not 160 Woenker bumped up .
  7. SAC Conference Tournament

    Brackets are up on track wrestling
  8. Tomorrow morning 9am at Snider High School is SAC tournament. Bishop Luers Bishop Dwenger Concordia South Side Northrop Wayne Snider North Side
  9. Undefeated????

    Chandler Woenker Bishop Luers 29-0
  10. Prediction Time

    Da rat took da beating on his predictions last year when da brinks truck got robbed . Hope dis year he does better on his picks but looks like he is banking on only 2 schools to get it done .....
  11. Mendez competing in the Ironman

    Thanks now I'm with you
  12. Mendez competing in the Ironman

    I may be confused did he win the middle school division or high school division I thought one post said he won the middle school division
  13. Mendez competing in the Ironman

    You may want to double check that it seems like he would be 14 1/2 at the most. My son is only 17 1/2 now and is in his senior year already so at 15 1/2 he was a sophomore so that may be incorrect but it could be right I guess .