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  1. Bruins2013

    What High School is Kamariyon Nelson going to?

    Yes Cottey could have and so could’ve Hunter Watts and Asa Garcia at their weights too bad would have liked to see them all!!!!
  2. Bruins2013

    220 and HWT needed for tournament 6/9

    Still looking for a heavyweight and also a 100 pounder for dual tournament call the number above if interested.
  3. Fort Wayne area team Needs a 220 pounder and a heavyweight for a Dual tournament at Maconaquah on June the 9th.The Tournament was very well ran last year and the Cost is great at only $25 for 6 matches . Transportation available if needed....Contact coach Bruce Ojeda @ 2603859402
  4. Bruins2013

    Chandler Woenker

    Sorry people told me to word this better so here it is....Chandler now holds the Fort Wayne Bishop Luers single season record for pins at 36 and the all time pins record at 106.......
  5. Bruins2013

    Chandler Woenker

    Thanks for the good words he is super excited .He plans to continue to get bigger , stronger and better at the next level as you mentioned. And yes sir he does love the legs , that is for sure he broke the FW Luers all time record for pins .
  6. Bruins2013

    Chandler Woenker

    Signs with the University of Campbellsville Projected at #165
  7. Bruins2013

    Scholastic Duals

    Good to hear the information I guess we are even better off than I thought
  8. Bruins2013

    Scholastic Duals

  9. Bruins2013

    Scholastic Duals

    I agree the gold squad should definitely have a chance to make some waves...... it looks like #170 thru #220 could be a little tough for us though .................go get em boys !!!
  10. So the Florida kid is a sophomore and he is wrestling an 8th grader I'm confused are they both cadets and the same age??
  11. Is that score/ result correct Mendez lost 15 to 2 ?????
  12. Bruins2013

    Dream Team Opener Duals

  13. Bruins2013

    Dream Team Opener Duals

    Hey guess there goes my argument the stats have spoken and I am a true believer that stats don't lie ...I will have to agree you are right on both of those last 2 statements Y2 ........especially the second one lol......And honestly all jokes aside thanks for doing all you do for the wrestling community ?
  14. Bruins2013

    Dream Team Opener Duals

    Eh you do make some good points y2 ....so tell you what I will lower my prediction to 40 to 16 for the SAC.... But got to be all in on my luers boys so Woenker by pin ( a career pinner)and reust by a super slim decision over Schrock ......unless you have some more convincing stats for me y2 that's just how I see it ....
  15. Bruins2013

    Dream Team Opener Duals

    Yea you could be right on that one too . But I figured since I gave arney the pin ( not a big pin guy)that I would do the same for macias. Just my opinion( sac wins 46-19) So How do you have it?

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