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  1. Prediction Time

    Da rat took da beating on his predictions last year when da brinks truck got robbed . Hope dis year he does better on his picks but looks like he is banking on only 2 schools to get it done .....
  2. Mendez competing in the Ironman

    Thanks now I'm with you
  3. Mendez competing in the Ironman

    I may be confused did he win the middle school division or high school division I thought one post said he won the middle school division
  4. Mendez competing in the Ironman

    You may want to double check that it seems like he would be 14 1/2 at the most. My son is only 17 1/2 now and is in his senior year already so at 15 1/2 he was a sophomore so that may be incorrect but it could be right I guess .
  5. U23 Trials

    How did lefever do?
  6. Hey Caleb your indianamat account is not accepting messages tried to send you one today

  7. Is there going to be a snider crossroads preseason wrestling tourney this year coach ?

  8. Disney Duals

    So how are all the Indiana teams doing so far ??
  9. Maconaquah Duals

    Very well run tournament one of the best run tournaments I have been too thanks bob and maconaquah!!!
  10. Yes there were who ended up winning it today?
  11. Results are missing

    With the site on a new server are all the past tournament results and all the archived brackets gone or I'm I just not going to the right place????
  12. That's what I thought thanks
  13. How many Indiana teams placed last year ???? It seems like it was a down year this year???
  14. What places did the Indiana teams come in???

    Just watching the Cosgrove lift and return how was that an illegal slam? It looks like one of the stay down and you will win the match type of things. Was McGill hurt ?and if so it was not bad he won state the next week right? It just looked perfectly legal to me .....