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  1. Cosgrove

    Moves and Transfers

    Cant wait for my son to do better than me
  2. Cosgrove

    Pre season State Champ Predictions?

    Four from the east Chicago semi state hey that's better than ANY central or southern Indiana guys give us may be biased cause you came from up yander
  3. Cosgrove

    Pre season State Champ Predictions?

    Boarman might want to stay away from 120
  4. Cosgrove

    An Idea to Think About.

    Could see guys transferring to Yorktown......
  5. Cosgrove

    An Idea to Think About.

    Could happen over time... maybe. But... wrestling as a total is growing. If the sport is growing I dont see the sport shrinking in our state.
  6. Cosgrove

    Pre season State Champ Predictions?

    Going to be a good state series
  7. Cosgrove

    Moves and Transfers

    Shhhhh steve people dont know that
  8. Few high school have that luxury.
  9. Ok. I will put you on the list as interested to bring a couple girls.

    1. Cosgrove


      Crown point high school 

  10. Cosgrove

    Girls High School Wrestling Team

    Have some and known some individual girls who would be interested.
  11. Brownsburg has a AWESOME brand new million dollar wrestling facility area. It is pretty sweet!!
  12. Cosgrove

    Moves and Transfers

    Two time state place winner no less than a 3rd is a pretty big move.... two years left.
  13. Cosgrove

    Moves and Transfers

    Thought Culver had guys coming in and not going out?

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