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  1. Cosgrove

    Moves and Transfers

    Two time state place winner no less than a 3rd is a pretty big move.... two years left.
  2. Cosgrove

    Moves and Transfers

    Thought Culver had guys coming in and not going out?
  3. When you click that link above and then click all round results it goes to that error 404 page not found.
  4. Florida, Virginia And Illinois
  5. Yeah a friend messaged me this as well. It shows everything EXCEPT the last two duals. I cant find those individual results for those two anywhere.
  6. Cosgrove

    Past State Brackets

    AWESOME!! good stuff
  7. got it! Now to find the results
  8. How do I go about finding out results from a team back in 2007? Indiana gold that went to Delaware?
  9. Cosgrove

    Fargo List

    Do believe seth abad HWT freestyle and Greco
  10. Cosgrove

    Jared Williams

    PERFECT!! Got to love the sport and the people we surround ourselves with.
  11. Trying to fill my final spot for the team I have put together for the jimtown high school duals for this coming sunday. Looking to snag a 138 pounder. If you know or are interested please message me or text me 219-805-8177. Thank you.
  12. Nice! I'll send some guys to that cause..... I already planned on doing the same thing except on Fridays. I'll inform some other guys to head your way.
  13. Cosgrove

    Most Indiana Triple Crowns?

    We had a single Greco camp at crown point from the Illinois assistant greco coach and..... I can put money on it that I learned MUCH MORE about positioning and how to execute moves than a takedown camp from around here.

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