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  1. 3a teams like Columbus East, Bloomington South, Northridge, and maybe a few others will be in the same situation. If you skip Al Smith you might not get in the following year.
  2. Chesterton, Crown Point, Cathedral, and Perry are all at Al Smith. What are these schools going to do if you qualify? I believe Al Smith is just two days before team state next year.
  3. Placed 2nd to PM in 2011...beating MD in the Semi-Finals.
  4. PM has a strong MS group, but not likely that any make the lineup. Our last practice had 68 wrestlers. We return, Cottey, Koontz, and Warren. Semi-state returners: Morton, Haggerty, Mckivitz, Dale, and McClure. Add to that group Toby Billerman and Ronin Hammond. We will be right with the best of them.
  5. To all the people saying you shouldn't be able to wrestle after defaulting please answer this: If a wrestler is in a tight match and is injured due to an illegal move, why should he feel it necessary to continue wrestling at a disadvantage? Why should he feel he can't try to wrestle his next match at a disadvantage? I have coached for almost 20 years, and have never won a match defaulting. I have had a kid, getting drilled, get injured by a slam a few times and just gave the win to the other guy. I know you are going to say that some coaches or wrestlers take advantage of the situation just for a W. I just don't think you can make a rule that could possibly keep a kid from participating after an illegal move.
  6. I believe there are 14 weight classes..
  7. This was mentioned in the above scenario. The coaches voted to seed the kid if he is wrestling. The powers at be think that not seeding a kid is an appropriate punishment. They don't understand that if the unseeded wrestler beats a good kid first round there is a good chance to face a seeded wrestler in the consolation semis.
  8. ^ BG coach is not out of pocket as we were told at the seeding meeting that a wrestler did not make scratch weight, but the wrestler had a waiver to wrestle in that class. After further investigation it appears that the wrestler did wrestle in that class at least one time before Christmas, so he would have made scratch. His scratch weight was not a "qualifying" weigh-in. Still a bunch of garbage as many wrestlers/coaches go to a great deal of trouble making sure kids don't weigh-in too light or too heavy from meet to meet just to make sure the weigh-in is "green."
  9. Maligned, Does this mean that the 3A and 4A teams will be having the dreaded bye round as well as the smaller schools?
  10. I think a JV state would do just that. Only kids that didn't wrestle in a sectional. I think this would be an awesome way to get the non-varsity kids into the off season. I am not against the tournament. I just know that we do have folkstyle state in just a few weeks.
  11. I like to play devils advocate. Before I post I want to say that PM will have kids at Frosh/Soph state. I really don't see a huge difference between this and what takes place a couple weeks later at Warren(Cadet Folkstyle State). Here are some cadet results from two years ago...the talent was there! Cadet - 106 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Noah Mis of Region Wrestling Academy 2nd Place - Brayden Lowery of Perry Meridian WC 3rd Place - Tyler Conley of Avon WC 4th Place - Logan Bailey of Fighting Irish WC 5th Place - Nathan Hadary of Penn WC 6th Place - Martin Cruz of Merrillville Pirates WC 7th Place - Nick Buchanan of Panther WC 8th Place - James Sturgis of Contenders Wrestling Academy Cadet - 100 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Gavinn Alstott of Red Cobra Wrestling Academy 2nd Place - Andrew Sinkovics of Mishawaka WC 3rd Place - Alexzander Cottey of Perry Meridian WC 4th Place - Vince Sparrow of Penn WC 5th Place - Aidan Hardcastle of Central Indiana Academy of Wrestling 6th Place - Cade Meier of Bloomington South WC 7th Place - Harper Dedman of Central Indiana Academy of Wrestling 8th Place - Quinton Chapman of Unaffliliated Cadet - 113 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Devon Casebolt of Maurer Coughlin WC 2nd Place - Ricky Hegedus of Portage WC 3rd Place - Gabriel Smith of Indiana Pride Wrestling Academy 4th Place - Logan Boe of Contenders Wrestling Academy 5th Place - Reece Luhmann of Indiana Pride Wrestling Academy 6th Place - Logan Sutton of Boonville Freestyle WC 7th Place - Carson Eldred of Westfield WC 8th Place - Camden Spears of Club Madison PWA Cadet - 120 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Blake Boarman of Maurer Coughlin WC 2nd Place - Brock Peele of Portage WC 3rd Place - Hunter Watts of Jimtown WC 4th Place - Chris Schuller of Beast Mode Wrestling Academy 5th Place - Caleb Oliver of Fighting Irish WC 6th Place - Tanner Schoeff of Unaffliliated 7th Place - Camren Toole of Lebanon Tiger WC 8th Place - Jaylen Wilkins of Hammond Gladiators WC Cadet - 126 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Eli Dickens of Maurer Coughlin WC 2nd Place - Bryer Hall of Unaffliliated 3rd Place - Brayden Littell of Center Grove WC 4th Place - Owen Krider of Carroll WC 5th Place - Cayden Shaffer of Jet WC 6th Place - Gavin Layman of Chesterton WC 7th Place - Traye Owens of New Castle WC 8th Place - Gerald Pearson of Greentown WC Cadet - 132 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Jaden Reynolds of Red Cobra Wrestling Academy 2nd Place - Scott Fitts of Maurer Coughlin WC 3rd Place - Jonathan Kervin of Floyd WC 4th Place - Lj Burdon of Contenders Wrestling Academy 5th Place - Deacon Pettiford of Lawrence North Wildcat WC 6th Place - Gabe Phillips of Centerville Bulldog WC 7th Place - Gavyn Warren of Normonco WC 8th Place - Jordon Vinson of Shelbyville WC Cadet - 138 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Alex Mosconi of Indiana Pride Wrestling Academy 2nd Place - Blaine Mayer of Mater Dei WC 3rd Place - Elliott Rodgers of Fighting Irish WC 4th Place - Jon Ruble of Decatur WC 5th Place - Noah Baker of Franklin Central WC 6th Place - Peyton Pruett of Center Grove WC 7th Place - Jake Loos of Unaffliliated 8th Place - Jarred Rowlett of Warren Wrestling Academy Cadet - 145 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Manzona Bryant of Culver Academies 2nd Place - Brock Ellis of Chesterton WC 3rd Place - Jacob Laplace of Mishawaka WC 4th Place - Cooper Noehre of Greenfield WC 5th Place - Paul Deters of Castle WC 6th Place - Tyler Turley of Hobart WC 7th Place - Dreiken Dunn of Husky WC 8th Place - David Page of Unattached Cadet - 152 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Ethan Hicks of Carroll WC 2nd Place - Graham Calhoun of Plymouth WC 3rd Place - Macartney Parkinson of Maurer Coughlin WC 4th Place - Austin Heckman of Edgewood WC 5th Place - Bobby Williams of Husky WC 6th Place - Ronan Hiner of Indiana Pride Wrestling Academy 7th Place - Andrew Roth of Lawrenceburg Youth WC 8th Place - Wade Presson of Bloomington South WC Cadet - 160 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Antwaun Graves of Warren Wrestling Academy 2nd Place - Jake Lone of Northwood Panther WC 3rd Place - Clayton Fielden of Garrett WC 4th Place - Kevin Hooley of Lowell WC 5th Place - Peyton Asbury of Brownsburg WC 6th Place - Nick Lawler of Unaffliliated 7th Place - Benjamin Kensinger of Mishawaka WC 8th Place - Blake Davis of Plymouth WC Cadet - 170 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Silas Allred of Shenandoah WC 2nd Place - Elijah Mahan of Rebel Wrestling Foundation 3rd Place - Jacob Atkins of South Bend WC 4th Place - Richard Bisping of Lowell WC 5th Place - Garrett Sandefur of Mishawaka WC 6th Place - Bradley Rosman of Oak Hill WC 7th Place - Cale Gray of Norwell WC 8th Place - Cameron Smith of Hobart WC Cadet - 182 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Caden Friedt of Decatur WC 2nd Place - Clayton Todd of Krieb`s Club Wrestling 3rd Place - Austin Lane of Perry Meridian WC 4th Place - Cody Timmerman of Mishawaka WC 5th Place - Solomon Barrera of Columbia City WC 6th Place - Ben Kahl of Penn WC 7th Place - Brock Hueber of Unaffliliated 8th Place - Sammy Bennett of Jennings County WC Cadet - 195 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Jay`den Williams of Carmel USA WC 2nd Place - Andrew Irick of HSE WC 3rd Place - Braydon Erb of Western WC 4th Place - Cody Root of Bloomington South WC 5th Place - Cody Edmonds of Brownsburg WC 6th Place - Alejandro Sachinas of Seymour WC 7th Place - Kyler Bills of Carroll WC 8th Place - Brady Myers of Beast Mode Wrestling Academy
  12. We aren't holding RTC at PM on Tuesday due to awards presentations and finals. Thanks to all the wrestlers and clinicians this spring!
  13. We will be showing a little technique before wrestling tonight. We have a couple guys coming to show a little, but we will wrestle a lot. Continue to get better this spring! Starts at 6:00 tonight.
  14. This week we have Coach Mauer in the the room Tuesday May 8. He had a pretty decent high school career, but we have seen Mauer/Coughlin in action once a week at PM for the past two spring seasons. These guys do a great job for sure! Come see what central Indiana is missing. Enter the main entrance and turn left at the first hallway to the room.
  15. Big thanks to all the guys from Wabash that came to RTC last week. Tuesday we will have Indiana Tech and Coach Pompei. Pompei sent seven to NAIA championships and 6 were all american this year. We will get started at 6:00.
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