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  1. PatParham

    FLO v. Track

    As Dingo said "Flo is the king of content". Between the mini-series, documentaries, highlights, etc. it is undeniable that they are the most consistent in putting out compelling content. They do monetize wrestling well and have earned that right. However, as a former Flo-Pro subscriber, their product is far from perfect. Many times I was disappointed by technical difficulties, unnecessary obstacles in browsing their site, and the poor product that is FloArena. I like Willie, CP, and Bader. They are good people and great wrestling media members. With that being said their is an undeniable aura of audacity that Flo as an organization carries about themselves. As a customer that suffered from numerous technical difficulties when it came time to watch an exciting wrestling event this aura of audacity was absolutely maddening. As a result I'm pulling for Track. I hope Track is able to eventually provide enough competition to Flo to force Flo to improve their product (more so than they already have/do). I think Track is already doing this to some degree with how reliable their streaming service is (at least from my experience). Track has a ways to go in terms of producing content like min-series, documentaries, etc. that can compete with Flo's. At the end of the day strong competition means a win for us, the consumers, regardless of who 'wins'.
  2. PatParham


    Proud of the Little Giants. Was hoping to see them get 7 through after the first day, but it didn't help that Baldwin Wallace couldn't lose. There should still be a strong showing in Cleveland for Wabash!
  3. PatParham

    New Uniforms

    I couldn't agree more.
  4. PatParham

    Evan Ellis of Eastern commits to

    Congratulations to Evan, we are blessed to have Evan supplement his training with us at CIA. Look for him to do big things on the mat and in the classroom for the Bears.
  5. PatParham

    Sam Hipple of Carmel commits to

    Congratulations Sam! The Little Giants are lucky to have you, I look forward to following your continued success.
  6. PatParham


    Actually no, the way they called it was Waters was called for the "slam" from the top position with legs in. Then Gilman was called for unsportsmanlike conduct for trying to double leg Waters well after the whistle. There is a quick clip of it on Flo and I can honestly say that was the only time in which I have seen that situation called as a slam on the top guy. Interesting decision by the stripes on that one.

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