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  1. Completely agree, I had Kody at 145, but he was actually 152. I've updated my list.
  2. Zionsville 106/103: Tyler Mantel - SQ 113/112: Dean Arnold - SQ 120/119: Preston Mantel - State Placer 126/125: Brandon Christensen - State Runner-up (3x qualifier) 132/130: Josiah Wagner - State Placer 138/135: Graham Youngs - State Placer (2x Qualifier) 145/140: Logan Wagner - State Champ (4x placer) 152/145: Kody Wagner - State Placer 160/152: Shane Wagner - State Runner-up (2x placer, 4x qualifier) 170/160: Shane Bates - State Placer (2x Qualifier) 182/171: Jacob Howenstein - State Placer 195/189: Thomas Penola - State Placer 220/215: Ryan Wagner - State Placer (3x placer, 4x qualifier) 285/275: Chuck Robinson - State Placer
  3. Can you confirm that we do not need to pre-register, we just show up at weigh-ins? What is the event cost? The flyer says there will be 2 sessions on Saturday. I assume that session 1 will be 106-145 and session 2 will be 152-285. Is that correct?
  4. This may have been posted elsewhere, but I did not see it. Here are the medal/champ counts by semi-state. I did this manually so there is a chance I miscounted.
  5. Must have been the semi-finals. Shane Wagner was a runner-up in 1997.
  6. Prayers and condolences to Greenfield Central Wrestling and the Hamant family
  7. It looks like wrestlers who qualified automatically (via semi-state) have been automatically placed into the wrestler list on trackwrestling. I'm wondering if we need to do anything further to register or just show up for weigh ins? Does anyone know entry fees?
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    Luke Penola
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    Joseph Kitko
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    Luke Penola
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    Kaptur Nowaczyk
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    Tommy Frazier
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    Chase Wagner
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    Jason Rooney
  15. Congratulations to Tyler and the Fuqua family!
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