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  1. graham

    Jesse Mendez

    Yesterday evening @Flowrestling tweeted: Jessie Mendez is the truth.
  2. graham

    New Flo Rankings

    Yes, I noticed this. I guess it’s pretty common? Seems like every high level transfer-in has only stayed a year or two tops the past few years.
  3. graham

    Jay County Summer Trip

    Wow. That sounds awesome!
  4. graham

    Freestyle State by the numbers

    Can’t read map, not from Indiana originally, but looks like westernmost County on the map is Hancock? Indy eastsiders hackles will likely raise when being referred to as westside. 😂
  5. graham

    Freestyle State by the numbers

    Marion County is included in your definition of Westside?
  6. graham

    US Open Entries with Indiana ties

    https://www.flowrestling.org/video/6463569-74-kg-rnd-of-16-jaden-mattox-ohio-state-unattached-vs-joe-lee-nlwc Here’s a barn burner for ya.
  7. Yes, of course that is true. But if getting the best team to Heartland is what the goal is, then loyalty to one entity and one entity only should be considered. And that is loyalty to the state of Indiana. Not a club or academy. I am not as experienced as you are in putting wrestling teams together, obviously. But I have quite a bit of experience in a similar situation and when factions are present in a state based effort, this pisses people off and they revolt and start their own thing. And yes, this dilutes the overall quality. I know there are other reasons why people start their own thing. And I know in this case different people had different reasons. But if you went back to the beginning of splitting dual teams in Indiana and looked through to today, I’d bet a dollar to a dime this would be the number one reason. Factions, and a lack of unity. I agree with you on this. I think bringing the best teams to Heartland on that weekend is the best thing for Indiana wrestling since it is through USA Wrestling.
  8. Thank you for the sentiment. Much respect to Logan and his success! Now on the matter at hand.... I think I am reading between the lines. I’m sorry but I just don’t see how Team Indiana and loyalty to a certain club or academy have anything to do with each other.
  9. This is an interesting paragraph. Jmill are you saying that wrestling with Team Indiana has something to do with whether you have loyalty to a certain club or academy?
  10. Yes! Especially considering there are big national opportunities this time of year. The other one we went to was St Roch last Tues. Quick in and out, two matches. Run very efficiently. Would like to see one of these on the Northside of Indy!!
  11. My son isn’t in HS, but I will say Indy Freco at Southport was a pretty good tourney. He got 8 matches in one day. Not bad so close to home. All matches were on trackcast and the subscription was only $2.
  12. Maybe I am misinterpreting the above post, but the MS team doesn’t have wrestle offs as it is. They select 1st and 2nd from MS State, and then down from there. And the weight factor is an issue, for sure. My son got 3rd this year and was invited, but part of the reason I declined is because I didn’t want to commit him to that weight two months down the road. I do believe matside weigh ins for MSS would help.
  13. If we are making suggestions or giving opinions on how to ensure you get the best team to represent Indiana at Heartland Duals... I have a few thoughts. There are plenty of opportunities for Indiana kids to travel on a national level and wrestle top level competition. This can be done for a lower cost, and closer to home. Just about every high level wrestler family knows this. So there needs to be something more. Team spirit is the top thing I have in mind here. I took notice on Twitter that the Indiana team that went to Tennessee had that spirit. Gathering in a circle before the championship dual, slapping the mat and chanting. Kids were coming over from other teams to join in the chant! It looked to be a great team atmosphere. The kids looked inspired. Before that I would have thought simply naming a team “Team Indiana” would be the way to inspire kids to win for their state and have a sense of unity, but those guys did something right. I think it would make sense to find out what they did, replicate it, or try and recruit them to help with Heartland Duals next year!
  14. graham

    USA Wrestling National Duals

    Great dual tournament. Only an hour away from Indy, too.
  15. graham

    County Stats

    This is a good point. ^^^ My son has said to me that wrestling isn’t cool at his school.

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