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  1. That makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the info.
  2. Based on the numbers I saw in Greenwood this weekend, there is definitely a way to make this happen if the venue can be changed. Heck 2020 IHPO numbers were higher than 2019 Al Smith numbers. Forgive me if I am stating the obvious, just think this can happen for the kids.
  3. Well if they have to postpone.... Make freestyle/Greco an Ironman. Get your triple crown in one weekend.
  4. regarding the shutdowns and the present state of society I am like: They had chickenpox parties 30 years ago to get viruses over with. Now we will shut down our society and cause widespread economic hardship for all to be “comforted”.
  5. Tough to plan for something like this. Many, many things are being cancelled/postponed. This virus scare appears to be disrupting everyone’s lives in many ways. Public health appears to be the least of things that will be impacted although this is the reason for shutting everything down.
  6. Looks like WC is a no go. They are looking for other venues. We shall see what happens from here.
  7. I never saw any reports on how the Avon child contracted the virus. We’re they out of the country? Were their parents? Anybody know?
  8. Another one tomorrow. Same place, same time, same price!!
  9. Where’s it at? It’s not on track and I can’t find it on ISWA.com. Maybe it’s not showing up because I am on mobile?
  10. What's Cathedral wrestling's secret? 'Best coaching staff in the state of Indiana' BRIAN HARMON | SPECIAL FOR INDYSTAR 1:38 p.m. EST Feb. 23, 2020 INDIANAPOLIS – Keeping a keen eye on a third-place match at the IHSAA Wrestling State Finals from one of two designated coaching chairs per team on the mat’s periphery, Cathedral coach Jeff Brown shouts encouragement to senior Tyler Wagner. During a break in the action, fellow Irish coach Michael Venezia pats Wagner on the shoulder and provides additional advice. Brown is not the Cathedral head coach. Nei
  11. i think he screen shotted at 0:00 time on the clock. It’s on track. Free to gold members.
  12. @bwoodjc89 I heard they are going to class it but will make Jay County stay in largest class based on recent performance.
  13. My two cents: these threads are pointless.
  14. Yes that was the post. Initially I took it as though this is the protocol officials go by. Should have taken more time reading it. Seems like there should be a consistent protocol in these situations. In the NFL, they can’t overturn a call unless it can be confirmed in video review that the first call was wrong. I think if it were like that in HS wrestling, this situation would have been one of those “the call on the mat stands”. Meaning, they couldn’t confirm it was wrong. I understand the second ref can’t overturn the call, but either way it was changed based
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