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  1. graham

    Wic jr high

    I should probably know this, but what is wic jr high?
  2. graham

    Manzona Bryant

    Looks like he got 6th at Super 32
  3. graham

    Middle school predictions

    Yes, what a showing by the Haines boys. I didn’t see Landen wrestle, but Preston wrestled my son in the finals, and he wrestled a great match. Hat’s off! Congrats to all participants, it was a great tourney. Back to the room to get better!
  4. graham

    Who is sending the most ?

    Looks like Cathedral is sending all 14
  5. graham

    Sectional Wrestlebacks

    Curious... what rationale has been given as to why it is done this way?
  6. graham

    Biggest weight jump from last year?

    Logan Bailey from 106 to 132.
  7. graham

    Top Middle School Wrestlers 2018/2019

    No, I would rather leave that to those who know better. I just couldn’t resist commenting re: Kenny. I will say.... I have seen his takedown defense and it is phenomenal 😂 If Linser is out there he can confirm this.
  8. graham

    Top Middle School Wrestlers 2018/2019

    Kenny would definitely be high on this list, but he graduated from middle school about 25 years ago. 😂 Kenny is Kyle’s dad. Kyle is still in 5th grade, but he is definitely someone you should keep your eye on. Very talented kid.
  9. Voted. Jeff’s a great kid!
  10. graham

    Here come the Irish song

    I was there at Cathedral when they played it before Perry Dual. Great atmosphere!
  11. graham

    IHSWCA Middle School State

    I emailed the tournament director with this question and he replied that they weigh-in wearing singlet AND shoes. 1 lb allowance.

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