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  1. I was hoping to see Cottey bump up as well.
  2. I would see if you can find what you’re looking for on the ISWA website and if not, I’d send Jason DeLois an email and ask him. He’s the ISWA Women’s Director. https://www.iswa.com/iswa-womenswrestling
  3. My son wrestles in more national level events than he does local, but thank you for the advice. Do Indiana state champs not typically receive scholarships of some kind?
  4. Here is an argument on why one class is better for the kids: A state championship in a state with one class will carry more weight with college coaches. Also, I am raising my kids to think big. Not just in terms of wrestling, but in life. But in that theme, as far as wrestling goes, competing in a single class state tournament is a much bigger stage, and encourages them to shoot higher than a multi-class tourney.
  5. I heard they charge you an additional $15 if you put that code in.
  6. Yep. One of a few suggested outcomes above that I believe either would go the other way, or should be considered a tossup for sure. But hey, you know what they say about opinions. 😁
  7. Congratulations to Cathedral on the big win this weekend at Al Smith! 🏆 Go Irish!!!
  8. Need 155 & 220 Please send a text to Bryan Bailey at 269-352-4526 if you’re interested
  9. Hey I always thought you were champ725. Lol
  10. Oh, ok. Sounds great. Thanks for being a fan of middle school wrestling. Would love to meet you if you’re ever at another tournament. Please introduce yourself next time. God bless.
  11. Where did you see the results of matches at Huntington Duals?
  12. Hi there. I am Dillon’s dad. Bryce is a tough kid. He actually injury defaulted Dillon out of ISWA state when they were 2nd yr novices. Dillon ended up placing 8th, And Bryce placed 5th, I think. That was the first time Dillon placed there. You registered on this website 6 hrs ago and immediately posted in this thread about this match. That is interesting to me. But yes, the score was 5-1 at Huntington. Like I said, Bryce is a tough kid. Best of luck.
  13. I think Perry Meridian usually has a dual tournament a bit early.
  14. I see one in Hobart 12/22. https://www.iswa.com/page/show/3228720-event-schedule Also might wanna check IKWF event schedule on their website if you’re willing to wrestle in Chicago.
  15. Last year it was two weeks earlier. Would be good to know when it will be for sure. Not on track yet either.
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