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  1. Bailey said Friday does not count.
  2. I think this guy has a good message so I donated 5k bananas.
  3. If there are scalpers out there on Friday, I fear for their safety.
  4. Man this stinks. Can’t believe people would do that.
  5. Looked to me like each wrestler had a unique code. Was able to buy tickets for Friday, but presale window doesn’t pop up for Saturday. Maybe parents won’t get priority for Saturday unless their kid makes it thru?
  6. Will it be? Who is to say these kids or their parents didn’t seek out the schools themselves because they weren’t able to wrestle in Illinois?
  7. Arsenal Tech Sectional on hold right now. I imagine it’s bad everywhere because it’s not working on my phone either
  8. Curious as to which bracket you’re referring to.............
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