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Everything posted by nkraus

  1. nkraus

    Garrett vs. Fort Wayne Concordia

  2. nkraus

    Garrett vs. Fort Wayne Snider

  3. nkraus


    Eight Six Seven Five Three OH NINNNNEEE
  4. nkraus

    Garrett vs. Lakeland

  5. nkraus

    Garrett vs. Fairfield

  6. nkraus

    Garrett vs. West Noble

  7. nkraus

    Garrett vs. Fremont

  8. nkraus

    Garrett vs. Westview

  9. nkraus

    Upsets between 11/26 - 12/2

    Not an upset, but sounds like a good match-Danny Tolin Chesterton over Ty Haskins Portage 12-8 and then Culver Academies defeating Wawasee 42-36 is bit of an upset I'd say
  10. nkraus

    2018 Al Smith

    Agreed 100% and I love it!
  11. nkraus

    2018 Al Smith

    Wawasee is ranked #12 also...Wouldn't be surprised to see Center Grove, Northridge, maybe another enter the rankings as well.
  12. nkraus

    2018 Al Smith

    Wawasee and Northridge new also
  13. nkraus

    East Chicago Semi state pre rankings

    How many medalist did the EC SS have last year? I predict 25 to medal this year.
  14. I'll start Tuesday the 20th Prairie Heights vs. Carroll--Should be a nice dual with some interesting match ups.
  15. nkraus

    Evansville Semi-State Rankings #1

    HAHAHAHA...yeah, who did the new rankings guy wrestle and where?!? I'm kidding...I was confused and when you said "Good effort new guy...can't wait to see how this all plays out." I thought you were referencing Bellamy had a good match with a stud. Sorry about that!
  16. nkraus

    Evansville Semi-State Rankings #1

    Who did he wrestle and where?
  17. nkraus

    Fort Wayne Semi-State Rankings #1

    Joe Walker over Laik Minnick at 170. 4-3 in SV1 according to track.
  18. nkraus

    Big Matches/Duals 11/19---11/24

    Wawasee with a 39-32 dual victory over Mishawaka. Looked like a good dual. Mishawaka had a good lead and Wawasee got 3 pins and a decision in their last 4 matches to close out the dual
  19. nkraus

    IHSAA Weight Managment Discussion

    If that's the case then you just need the doctors note, and your kid will not have much wiggle room in order to get his 6 quality weigh ins.
  20. nkraus

    IHSAA Weight Managment Discussion

    Not just the 2% exception. That form must be filled out by the parents. You'll also need the doctor's note, which essentially says that the kid is healthy and naturally has a low body fat. The 2% form would be beneficial so the kid doesn't have to weight 105.8-105.9-106.0 to get a quality weigh in. It would give them a little wiggle room.
  21. Can you give a title to each episode? For example : Gorilla Radio Episode 1:Early Surprises and Weight Movement ...etc etc

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