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  1. We have one opening for 1-9-2021 for the Old Capitol Classic tournament in Corydon, Indiana. This is set up as a 10 team pooled tournament. 5 matches on the day. Teams currently in are: Bedford North Lawrence Columbus North Corydon Evansville Central Floyd Central Gibson Southern Henry Clay KY Meade County KY Milan
  2. cccoach

    Corydon Central vs. Salem

    Corydon Central
  3. Corydon Central
  4. Corydon Central
  5. I have a wrestler who lost an eye a few months before the season in an accident. His Dr. won’t clear him to participate this season without eye protection of some kind. Are there any rules regarding goggles and does anyone know of a face mask that doubles with something covering the eyes? I don’t think a regular mask can be fitted after leaving the manufacturer as the rules are now, correct? I appreciate any and all help. Thanks
  6. cccoach

    Reagen Gusler

    Reagen Gusler
  7. North Harrison's new coach is Dusty Rhodes Crawford County's new coach is Mike Carlisle
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