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  1. 1oldwrestler

    Fort Wayne Semi-State Rankings Updated 1-27 FINAL

    Must've missed it. Unless this is one of Y2's patented revisionist histories...
  2. 1oldwrestler

    Fort Wayne Semi-State Rankings Updated 1-27 FINAL

    I analyzed the rankings based on state qualifiers and whether they were ranked in the top 4 and whether they were ranked at all (I didn't take into account how they placed at semi-state specifically): 103: 4/4, with all 4 ranked top 8 112: 2/4, with 3 ranked top 8 119: 3/4, with 3 ranked top 8 125: 3/4, with all 4 ranked top 8 130: 2/4, with all 4 ranked top 8 135: 3/4, with all 4 ranked top 8 140: 3/4, with all 4 ranked top 8 145: 3/4, with all 4 ranked top 8 152: 2/4, with 3 ranked top 8 160: 2/4, with 3 ranked top 8 171: 3/4, with all 4 ranked top 8 189: 2/4, with 3 ranked top 8 215: 1/4, with 2 ranked top 8 (although Mills of Homestead got hurt before regionals) 285: 2/4, with all 4 ranked top 8 So only 7 unranked wrestlers made it to state out of a total of 56 state qualifiers. Y2 only predicted all of the correct qualifiers at 103, but got 3/4 in six weight classes, 2/4 in six weight classes, and 1/4 in only one weight class, 215. He didn't predict the top 4 in exact order at any weight class, and correctly predicted 8 of the 14 champions. Only 8 ranked wrestlers out of a total 112 didn't make it to semi-state. Pretty decent rankings overall. Funny that your predictions were the most correct in the weight class you hate the most, Y2 ;D
  3. 1oldwrestler

    NHC Tournament

    103 - Bowman (H) over Krumlauf (D) 7-5 (Krumlauf was up late in the third and Bowman won it with two quick takedowns) 112 - Frane (D) over Poling ( Dec 119 - George (H) over Keuneke ( 9-7 in OT (Keuneke was up 5-0 going into the third and George took it to overtime and won) 125 - Poynter (D) over Rushing (H) Dec (Poynter is great on his feet) 130 - Nesbitt (EN) over Seeger (NH) 1-0 135 - Kryder (H) over Clark © 7-4 140 - Riecke (EN) over Faurote ( 8-3 (Faurote looked to be in a lot of pain, just couldn't wrestle the way he wanted to) 145 - Timmerman © over Francois (NH) 9-1 152 - Lefever © over Zurbrugg (NH) 14-4 160 - Lefever © over Mahlan ( Pin (Both Lefever twins and Timmerman are really tough. Definitely three guys that make each other better in the practice room) 171 - Hankenson ( over Enrietto © Second Period Pin (Big win for Bellmont) 189 - Raypole © over Short (N) 10-2 (Locks up the win for Carroll) 215 - Thatcher ( over Mills (H) Second Period Pin 285 - Meyer ( over McClure © First Period Pin (Meyer hits an absolutely filthy headlock after giving up the first takedown) Carroll beats Bellmont, big win for them. Oh, and everyone should check out the video feed posted above by littlevito, really good quality video and insightful commentary (surprising coming from Razo)
  4. 1oldwrestler

    NHC Tournament

    As Demoguy/Caliboy would say "no disresepct" but every year people think that "this is the year" Bellmont loses the NHC tournament and they NEVER do. Wasn't it 5 years ago when Columbia City had studs up and down the lineup, they beat Bellmont in the dual and when tourney time came they went down like a cheap........, well you know what I mean. Then New Haven was supposed to topple them and cowboy boot clad Barry and his mohawked boys folded like a cheap card table when the NHC came around. Lately it's been Carroll and they haven't been able to pull it off either. This year will be the same outcome, Bellmont 1st and Carroll 2nd. Book it.
  5. 1oldwrestler

    NHC Tournament

    Where is it?
  6. 1oldwrestler

    NHC Tournament

    The NHC tourney is coming up this weekend. Does anyone know when the seeing meeting is? And how about some predictions? Should be a good weekend of wrestling as usual.
  7. 1oldwrestler

    Adams County Allstar team

    Who do you have winning against CP decbell? Roe, Batt, Ehr, Hankenson, Busse, Thatcher, Meyer and maybe the 52 lb Schwartz? Which would make most of the winners Bellmont guys. It'd come down to the other guys not giving up bonus points to CPs studs.
  8. Weak argument - you generally don't have to move to get your kid into a better academic situation and even if you did it would be a helluva lot better reason to do so than athletics. Enhancing a kids intelligence is going to pay a lot more dividends for him his entire life than enhancing his abilities in a sport he'll more than likely be finished with at the age of 35. Again, weak argument - you're talking about a parents career choice here. No comparison whatsoever.
  9. Last year, he was wrestling high school kids in Kentucky as a seventh grader because they allow seventh and eighth graders to compete at the high school level. This year he's wrestling in Minnesota in their premier program, Apple Valley, again as a seventh grader, because his dad held him back. Minnesota also allows seventh and eighth graders to wrestle at the high school level, I believe. The dad did pretty much own up to just moving his son around the country in order to make him a better wrestler, but I think his reasons for holding him back in school are disingenuous, for the reasons I stated before. It's not about college, it's about giving his son a physical advantage over his peers, in addition to all the other advantages he obviously already has. I don't necessarily disagree with either decision, although I would think it would be hard to have the life of a normal kid moving around so much, but the father should at least be straightforward about everything he's doing.
  10. I don't really understand his dad's logic about holding him back. He's talking about not wanting to send his son to college at the age of 17, but if he's turning 14 during his 7th grade year, he'll be 17 by the time he's a sophomore, making him 19 when he goes to college... Sounds like B.S. to me. If he wants to hold his son back and move him all over the country in order to give him an advantage on the mat the least he should do is be honest about it.
  11. 1oldwrestler

    Ft. Wayne Concordia seeds/brackets?

    If homestead and carroll combined teams they'd be a fairly formidable, lol. Homesteads lightweights and carrolls mids n heavies would make for one tough outfit. Hometeads mills would be the 215 pounder.
  12. 1oldwrestler

    Ft. Wayne Concordia seeds/brackets?

    Predictions: 103 - Bowman - Homestead 112 - Jolas - Huntington North 119 - George - Homestead 125 - Rushing - Homestead 130 - Eckert - Huntington North 135 - Bradley - Muncie South 140 - Norris - Homestead 145 - Timmerman - Carroll 152 - Lefever - Carroll 160 - Lefever - Carroll 171 - Enrietto - Carroll 189 - Evans - Huntington North 215 - Mills - Homestead 285 - McClure - Carroll Team Champs: Homestead
  13. 1oldwrestler


    I never understand posts like these. Mustang makes a completely reasonable question about why someone is ranked where they are, and people get mad and say stuff like, "Wow, the rankings guy does such a great job, let's see you do better." Isn't the sole reason these rankings exist is to create discussion like Mustang was just trying to bring up? No need to get defensive. I think we've all established RG does a great job with the rankings, and everyone respects that. At this point, I think it's stupid to get all up in arms "defending" him every time someone questions the rankings, which is honestly why they were created in the first place. What would the point be if everyone just said "Wow, RG. These are the best rankings I've ever seen, I completely agree with every single placement you made." Sometimes it seems like that's what some of you want people to say.
  14. 1oldwrestler

    Doing Questionable Things to Win a Match

    Not sure I've seen "checking the oil" as a purposeful move ever but have been to national tourney's with my sons and obsereved OH and PA kids taking liberties with the rules. My son once had a deep cradle sunk and as soon as the ref' was out of position, the kid grabbed and bent my kids fingers back, breaking the hold. OH and PA kids run the legs and get right to the edge of choking. Etc., etc. Seems like IN kids, in general, wrestle by the rules and I appreciate that but things change at the national level. Maybe IN kids are just coming around to these dirty moves but I sure hope not. Stay clean Indiana. Don't fall into the trap of "if you're not cheating you're not trying."
  15. 1oldwrestler

    Unranked Wrestlers To Look Out For??

    8-4. It was 6-4 with less than 30 seconds left in the match and George was in deep on a shot which would've sent it to OT, but he couldn't finish it and Carroll ended up getting the TD. George wrestled back to third at the Mooresville tournament.

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