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Everything posted by 1oldwrestler

  1. After 12 years of being involved in wrestling in the state of Indiana, the Franklin family is saying thanks for the memories. Two boys and over 215 career IHSAA (between them) victories later we are bowing out and thanking the sport for all it has taught us. Jack made it to Banker's this year which was a special moment for all of us. For those of you that remember Jack's older brother, Andy (3x NHC Champ - 2008, 2009 & 2010), he is in his second year of law school at IU (Bloomington) and in the top 20% of his class. Jack is headed to Ball State this Fall. As for me, I hope the aging process slows to a normal pace as it feels I've aged 25 years during the times I lived and died with my sons these past 12 years. Homestead HS, where Jack and Andy attended, is in great hands with Coaches Devaux, Stockman and Oberlin. Viva Indiana wrestling!
  2. More than one person on this thread said that our champs would "hold their own" in ohio and illinois. What is the definition of holding one's own? (Insert joke here) But seriously, how many of our champs would be champs in Ohio and Illinois? And Im talking about putting our champs in the large school class of both those states. Is holding our own is measured by how many of our champs would double as champs or how many of our champs would place in the top four. Im just curious what people think.
  3. You are kinda screwed depending on the size of your school and I'm guessing you're 4a or better from the way your fball coach is talking to you. As Karl stated, you can talk him and explain technique but that will more than likely be an exercise in futility. Football is king and coaches know it.
  4. I like your line of thinking and believe you should bring that up at the next school board meeting!!
  5. Where's the "like" button when you need it?
  6. Don't have time to read your posted report. What I will say is that kids that play pee wee and h.s. football, imo, will have no more lasting effects (especially conscussion related) than any other sport. I have coached pee wee footbal and I don't think I ever saw a kid get hit so hard that he suffered a concussion. I know that it happens at that level, I just never saw it. The little guys that can uncoil and deliver a devastating hit are few and far between. At the h.s. level the number of big hits increases but still is miniscule compared to the big hits that occur at the next levels. Telling kids not to go out for football at the pre-college level due to health concerns, is silly, IMO.
  7. The old eye for an eye approachprobably wont get you very far. Football is the "it" sport in Indiana and most states. Some would argue basketball here but the popularity of the nfl, imo, makes football Americas pastime. I love football but hate when h.s. football coaches actively tell kids not to go out for football. I find it ignorant and if they simply said nothing pro or con re wrestling it would be better.
  8. I was recently speaking with someone in a bit of the know at HHS and it appears HHS is going the independent route and not joining the SAC (primary reason being the splitting of the gate) the season after next. Don't have any idea what Carroll will be doing but can't imagine they will join the SAC either. Will be interesting to see the benefits and the drawbacks.
  9. The gym tends to be a little fuller for bball games as well.
  10. Being a strong wrestling community is nice but I think you may be giving that factor a bit too much weight when I look at one of your top two teams. You got one of the top two right but the other, I would argue, might not even be in the top 5 but for that (IMO) overrated fabled past. I would be more inclined to put PM into your Top 5.
  11. Of hear ya yoda. Payton oss my #1 but im incredibly biased admittedly. I believe smith would have to.be top 3
  12. Im no emmit smith guy (payton was was my guy) but I think, based on the all time rushing record alone, you could easily argue smith WAS the greatest of all time. You have to throw brown/simpson/payton/etc into the discussion but that rushing title carries a lot of weight, imo.
  13. As long as the ref's can apply the OB rule consistently, should work fine. Do the refs you have working the tourney have experience in the college ranks or have they had experience calling matches with the college OB rules? If this is going to be the first foray for many of them calling it, it might get a little dicey but it's an off season tourney, who cares. The results from these matches have no bearing on Sectional seedings anyway or any other seeds for regular season tourneys.
  14. Illinois, again, ran away with the most AA's in both divisions and styles (just looking at boys). They had 71 AA's, more than doubling their closest competitiors, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin who both had 30 AA's. Illinois had a staggering 13.8% of the AA's. Indiana was just outside the top 10 at the 11th spot with 16 AA's (tied with MD and NJ). Below are the numbers for the top 15 states: State # of AA's State's Population IL 71 12.88 Million PA 30 12.76 Million WI 30 5.72 Million CA 27 38.04 Million OH 27 11.54 Million MN 26 5.37 Million OK 25 3.81 Million IA 18 3.07 Million UT 18 2.85 Million OR 17 3.89 Million IN 16 6.53 Million MD 16 5.88 Million NJ 16 8.86 Million MI 15 9.88 Million GA 14 9.91 Million ID 14 1.59 Million
  15. Wow. Glad J Tsirtsis/A Tsirtsis/Howe/Escobedo decided to wrestle in h.s. for their teams. Hope this is merely rumor.
  16. Can you do this for the nhc? Would be nice as its coming to an end in 2 years
  17. I believe that if you were great in one era, you will be great an any other era. If Lance Ellis were given the same training, nutrition and conditioning methods available to today's athlete, he would be dominant still. That being said, my vote still goes to Jason Tsirtsis
  18. Written or read, I'm pretty sure the editing will take years to get through.
  19. Yeah, me either. I also dont think the sac ads/administrators are very excited to change their policies just to accommodate hhs/chs. Cant blame em. Id have the attitude as well thats "you wanna play in our sandbox, here are the rules. Not our fault your old sandbox mates kicked you out."
  20. ? Sorry, not understanding your comment.
  21. Ahh, it wouldn't be a true "insider party" without Mr. Wisejan making an appearence! Maybe we can get some Hobbit references going. C'mon, it'll be fun and it makes for fascinating reading!
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