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  1. Hopefully that loss is exactly what Snyder needed. He has looked a little flat the last few weeks.
  2. Kind of on the same subject, nothing was called, but I could not believe how many wrestlers threw fits, were forced to shake hands with their opponents, or failed to shake hands with the other coaches after a tough loss in Fort Wayne yesterday. I understand shaking hands with the opposing coaches is surely not a rule, and premier wrestlers in college rarely do it, but I believe it shows class, respect, and sportsmanship. I didn't see anything too concerning with the victory celebrations, and rather enjoyed the 220 backflip.
  3. Other than 160, looks like you nailed this one...
  4. Any thoughts on match of the day?? How did the numbers finish for the Elkhart/Westview Sectionals?
  5. Also have the family matchups between PH and West Noble... All of those Rasler boys should be good. It is too bad they are all in separate weight classes! Still could make for some interesting family gatherings though the holidays. Keep an eye on D Rasler from WN, he had an elbow injury most of the season last year. If he is healthy, he should be in for a good season.
  6. We lose a few here and there to 4H or FFA. Several of the weekend tournaments are on "Showing" days.
  7. Prairie Heights has to be the favorite considering how last year ended, plus they always seem to re-load every year. Curious to see how many NECC wrestlers make the first set of rankings. There are several individuals at almost every NECC school who are serious competitors.
  8. Prairie Heights is bringing back several of their top wrestlers, and re-loading with incoming Freshmen. It should be a great Team State all the way around.
  9. My son graduates this year, and has balanced football, wrestling, and baseball all through high school. After his freshman season of wrestling, a coach said he had the potential to be a great wrestler if he concentrated on wrestling throughout the year. I tried to push him to do this, but luckily he resisted and I left it alone. He still wrestled in summer tournaments, only about 10 pounds heavier than during the season. The next year the football coach told me the same thing. I actually said that if they began telling the athletes which sports to play, they may not like which ones they choose
  10. Sorry to hear about this, thinking about you guys over there.
  11. I hate to tell an athlete to only concentrate on one sport. Of course you have exceptions, but for the vast majority, high school or college will probably be the end of highly competitive sports. You only have a few years to be young, and then it is on to the real world. Enjoy every minute of it while you can!
  12. Still haven't heard why most others are classed and we are not? Does it bring more competitors and fans in a classed system? Are most states just not as smart as us? There must be some reason why we are one of the last to class.
  13. For the sake of argument, what are the reasons that most states have gone to class wrestling? What advantages to class wrestling did they see? Who are some of the more recent states to move to class wrestling? There must be something to it....
  14. I would agree with these choices. What a great tournament.....
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