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  1. 120 Rooks vs hunt , I will take Rooks 126 Holmes vs De LaPena I will take Holmes 126 Combest vs Becker , I will take Combest 152 Dunn vs Johnson , I will take Johnson 145 Timberman vs Rodriguez , Timberman gets that one
  2. Does anyone has the data for the average grade per weight class and age for the state finals??
  3. Your other picks that you were more confident didn't pan out as well..
  4. Many of your coin flips were not close... Maybe want to try the magic 8 ball next time
  5. How did everyone's predictions go? Any big surprises?
  6. Ok thanks team Garcia , I knew he had injured his left knee at the beginning of the season I didn't know if it was the same injury or a new one.. Hopefully he is ok , he is a good kid.
  7. What happened to Pritchett? I didn't hear anything about him getting hurt , I just saw he got beat to masconi ??
  8. Nick south beat Noah Franklin at 126 as predicated
  9. Nick south (Jennings County) beat Noah Franklin(new Washington) (126) at Jeffersonville Regional ... South controlled the entire match...
  10. I am not saying anything negative about the "jv" kids wrestling against varsity kids..I agree any mat time for kids is good mat time but you shouldn't count those wins for sectionals seeding unless it is common opponents .. Because some coaches won't count the losses .. Also any varsity match involving a wrestler win or loss counts towards their seeding no matter if it is up or down ..For whatever reason it seems acceptable to some coaches to manipulate results to their favor when seeding kids ..
  11. Busstogate The inflated record was in reference to varsity teams wrestling Jv teams not small teams..Some of the best wrestlers in state come from small schools. If a kid is the schools #1 kid at that weight regardless of how good he is then that is a varsity match.. If a varsity school has a dual team tournament where there are 4 b or jv teams ( not the schools best team) those should not count as varsity wins come sectional time or for the dual stats.. Also your overall record regardless of what weight classes you wrestle should count in the seeding.. If a kid bumps up and
  12. Leaveitonthemat I totally agree with your assessment LN&LC ,both wrestle large schools and tough competition I have two main points with this post 1.When coaches change their schedules to make this situation happen , you are hurting our sport and I think it is on the edge of dishonest (unless those teams are in your conference) 2.These coaches are hurting their kids as well as other kids that this affects... Wrestling has become my favorite sport because any kid can complete regardless of size,economic condition and creed..95%of the time the correct hand gets raised ...
  13. Littlevito I know it is the wrestlers fault , it is the coaches or AD that change the schedule to make it easier... You can see that in the dual records but when they get into decent tournament, the team fails... I know it is factored in when scoring for the team state meet , it is just sad that teams would do that... Nothing againist any kids , they can wrestle what is scheduled..
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