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  1. mustang13

    IHSWCA Academic All-State

    New Washington senior and state qualifier Noah Franklin has a 4.46 GPA but not listed on here.
  2. mustang13

    Way too early 2016-2017 predictions

    Franklin qualified that year as well and will be a senior this coming year.
  3. mustang13

    Jeffersonville Regionals

    Franklin stuck Combest last year at Regionals. He may not pin him but I think franklin will win.
  4. mustang13

    Jeffersonville Regionals

    In this order: 106: Rooks, Beasley, Antunez, Rose 113: Schooengge, Craig, swoboda, Hallsen 120: Rooks, Stein, Smith, Santos 126: Franklin, Combest, Gohl, south 132: Sellmer, bullock, Dillon, ferraro 138: Dowell, Johnson, wathen, Michalski 145: Crowl, Beineke, cooper, day 152: Herrin, hauser, Wilkerson, Raymer 160: Chandler, smith, dickens, stikes 170: Glass, Fuller, Park, Deiwert 182: Sonner, dial, hauser, smith 195: Redmond, Philpot, Newbolt, Craig 220: Long, sorg, Barger McClanahan hwt: Galligar, Sutton, Griffen, cain
  5. mustang13

    Jeffersonville Sectional - No Chatter this Year?

    I'd have to say Franklin would have a good chance at 126.
  6. mustang13

    Indianas best

    Who would you have out of all the guys who have competed in college, in your line up on a team? 125,133...etc
  7. mustang13

    Jeffersonville Sectional preview

    I'm just pumped for the franklin sellmer match!
  8. mustang13

    Jeffersonville Sectional

    Franklin and sellmer will be a good match as they have wrestled before at club wrestling. And as for the headlock statement I think that was said last year as well;)
  9. mustang13

    Midlands - Indiana wrestlers

    How did Riley lose? It says 6-6
  10. Jacob Franklin campbellsville
  11. mustang13

    zero state champs

    new washington is 1A
  12. Haha as a friend of Josh's the mustache comment made me laugh
  13. mustang13

    2014 Indiana All-Star Team

    I would change 113 to pepple. Looked real good at state an I think he would beat dj smith if they wrestled again. I would change 126, again as good as Lee is Micic is just on a different level and I think he would win 10 out of 10 match against Lee 170 Id go with rickenbaugh Hwt I just can't go against Wes ;D Everything else looks good!
  14. mustang13

    How much weight have you gained?

    Wrestled 160 I weigh 167 right now
  15. mustang13

    What schools have never had a state qualifier?

    New Washington had a state placer in 2009 josh sampson (who is ranked 6th in d3 for wabash this year) an my brother Noah Franklin qualified this year at 106 for us.

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