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  1. A few good 1 vs 3's getting ready to go. 152 Anderson v Rust then later 126 Seltzer v Lowery.
  2. I loved how IHPO wrestled in sessions and got them done in 4 hours. Sure beats waiting around all day.
  3. Not confirmed but I heard he's wrestling for Ben Davis.
  4. I bet a bunch of bananas on Silas to pin his way thru state. Thank you for the extra bananas for whatever they are worth.
  5. That's the elephant in the state series. Hopefully he is able to compete.
  6. Parade of Champions starts at 5:30.
  7. I'll be watching this match Friday. Guys that throw always make matches interesting.
  8. That's a big upset. Early I posted Viduya was one of my locks for a state championship. I got push back from others that Ellis had something for Viduya. I don't know much about Dull and curious why you are picking this upset. Thanks in advance for your response.
  9. Great article on a fantastic young man. I've followed Carson since 1st grade. Still cheering you on!
  10. Zeke 120, Viduya 145, and Coleman 152.
  11. OK, I'm in. I ran into the Silver Fox, PM Coach Phil Strader, a few years ago and he called me a DOUBLER in front of my buddies. My friends still remind me about that one. I'm not quite a doubler. 1986 wrestled at 132 and today would be competing at 195. Plenty of room to cut down.
  12. would loved to watch this match. Warren has a motor and never stops so does not surprise me. Looks like this is 2nd close match between these two.
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