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  1. Chapdaddy

    Big Saturday Morning Matches

    Lee is having a great year. I've watched Leavell a few times now and he will pin you in a heartbeat. Should be a good one.
  2. Chapdaddy

    Fantasy Wrestling State Finals

    Can we get a point update after round 1? I'm not happy with my picks... lost 6.
  3. Chapdaddy

    Fantasy Wrestling State Finals

    Man, that's tough keeping it under salary cap. Had to waive a lot of kids I'll be cheering for this weekend. Thanks for putting this together!
  4. Chapdaddy

    Best Wrestling Rooms-Pictures

    I know it's not High School but now that Angel has taken over the new facility is pretty sweet and has tons of upside.
  5. Chapdaddy

    New Castle Semi-State altercation

    Just before the call for security the announcer said... if you are driving a Jaguar (pretty sure that's the make) with license plate xxx please move your vehicle
  6. Chapdaddy

    Friday night death draws

    Yes, Silas is a beast. Saw him wrestle 4 minutes on his semi state run.
  7. Chapdaddy

    Team State.Champs

    Don't forget Lowery at 120... He will definitely be in the mix.
  8. Chapdaddy

    New Castle Semi-State altercation

    Not sure. After announcer called for security in tunnel I saw a guy run out of tunnel, up stairs, and out door. Not sure if it had anything to do with it or not.
  9. A couple upsets from Perry Regional: 126 Sam Slivka (Roncalli) over #11 Ross (Warren) 8-4 145 #5 Graves (Warren) over #4 Aiden Warren (Perry) by fall. Warren appeared dazed after head but and did not look the same. 220 Carlos Mitchell (Warren) over #15 Young (Franklin Central) 3-2 285 #10 Harris (Roncalli) over #9 Hubbard (Warren) 2-1 152 no upsets but a meat grinder... 1st Noehre, 2nd Coleman, 3rd Fair. Semi State will be interesting.
  10. Chapdaddy

    Multiple Time Middle School State Champs?

    Bryce Lowery 2x state champ.
  11. Chapdaddy

    Hot Mic mat 4

    Listened all day long. There was a lot of positive comments but also heard a decent amount of swear words and few GD's. At times it was definitely not kid friendly. Pretty sure it was Carmel vs Roncalli match. Table made fun of 182 pounder's hair and then made derogatory comments about his father's appearance. It was after match was completed and does not appear on reply.
  12. Chapdaddy

    Hot Mic mat 4

    There was a lot of inappropriate language and comments made from scoring tables. I know they volunteer but let's try to stay classy.
  13. Chapdaddy

    Moves and Transfers

    Did Caleb Oliver transfer from Cathedral to Greenwood?

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