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  1. It is easy to blame officials for not checking at weigh ins. I get that they are the ruling authority figure at the tournament so they do deserve some blame--it is, of course, part of their duties. But I am shocked how quickly we are to point the finger at the official. What about the wrestler's responsibility to properly groom him/herself? It also is a responsibility of the coach to verify that their wrestlers are groomed, properly equipped and ready to wrestle. That is part of my issue with this NJ incident. Where is the personal responsibility of the wrestler? Why has his coach not worked with him to obtain legal hair covering? This wasn't a rule change this year. The rule that hair covering must attach to the headgear it at least 2-3 years old. Why has he been allowed to slide this long? Other officials should have enforced the rule. Then you wouldn't have the "well they him wrestle last week" excuse I am seeing many use and maybe he'd have the proper equipment. It is a point of emphasis this year that officials are not to allow illegal equipment (like hair covering that doesn't attach), so the ref wasn't in the wrong in the ruling on the mat. It just should have been addressed earlier. According to the NYT coverage an official who graduated from Johnson's school had warned them that the hair cover wasn't legal the week prior. I get that the ref has had the past experience/suspension with using the racial slur. That isn't ok. There isn't room for hatred and racism in the ranks of officials in the sport. If they deem he should lose his license because of that, I can understand and support that ruling. But I doubt that most of the outrage wouldn't be the same or similar had he not had that happen. People on social media were quick to respond prior to that fact coming to light. I don't want any wrestler to feel as if this sport isn't for them or that the rules don't allow them to express themselves (including having whatever hairstyle they want). Our sport is one of the most inclusive sports when it comes to accommodations for contestants. How many sports allow a 5' 100 lb participant to be able to contribute as much as a 6'6" 250 lb participant? How many other sports allow for female and male athletes to compete against each other? We allow all participants to wrestle with accommodation if need be. I can't think of another sport that alters rules so that visually impaired contestants can compete with those who aren't and that allows contestants without limbs to compete freely. I know there are religions that don't permit shaving or cutting of the hair, wrestling allows those individuals to compete using legal coverings or facemasks. If wearing your hair in dreadlocks or a Mississippi Mudflap (mullet for those who aren't familiar) help you express yourself, wear your hair like that to your heart's content. Just please use the proper hair covering.
  2. From a ref’s perspective, it seems as though the letter of the rule was enforced correctly—a local ref says he had seen the wrestler using an illegal hair cover a week prior and told both wrestler and coach it needed to be addressed. It sounds like they didn’t address it. The penalty point and starting the injury clock to give the wrestler time to address the issue is the right call per the rule 8-1-1 that is referenced above. I don’t think the intent of the rule is so that kids will cut their hair matside to make it legal. I think it is more so removing a brace that might not be legal or taping laces. I imagine we will see a ruling forbidding the cutting of hair matside. You either use proper legal covering or you don’t wrestle. I wanted to start this topic because I’ve seen my fair share of illegal hair coverings over the past years. I’ve always addressed it with the wrestler and coach, but I’ve permitted it if I didn’t think it would have the potential to cause harm (example: skull caps that don’t attach to the headgear). There is a rule emphasis that we are to not permit it. Hair coverings must be affixed to the headgear. If you are a parent or coach of a wrestler whose hair doesn’t meet the standards, please be sure your wrestler has a legal hair covering. I am getting frustrated reading all about this and getting texts from my nonwrestling friends asking about this. It is bad optics for our sport.
  3. Today footage of a varsity wrestler in NJ went viral. The video is of the wrestler having his hair cut matside in what I imagine allowed it to meet the the requirements for wrestlers’ appearance and health in accordance to NFHS rule 4-2-1. The wrestler appears to be African-American and his hair was in medium length dreadlocks. From what I gather, his hair cover wasn’t legal because it couldn’t be attached to his headgear. It is unclear to me if the hair cover he was trying to use was the same he had worn all year, or if it was different. I read that he had misplaced his normal headgear and was using something else. I also read that it was the same head cover and no other official made a big deal about it. You can’t always believe what you read on the internet, so I guess pick whichever version you like. Either way, something was apparently wrong. The main reason this seems to have gotten attention is the shock and awe factor of them hastily cutting the young man’s hair in the middle of the gym while he is clearly frustrated and emotional about the whole thing. Now asking a wrestler to cut their hair because their hair didn’t meet the standard/rule and they didn’t have the proper equipment has happened before, but it normally takes place in a lockerroom or wrestling room prior to the meet (as it should be addressed at the time of weigh ins). Having it happen in the middle of the gym in front of all to see is a much different thing and I can see how this video might catch the eyes of people unfamiliar with our sport. Many are sharing and commenting on the video and many people are viewing it through a racial lense—a white ref making the ruling while a white trainer/manager cuts a black adolescents hair while his white coach stands by allowing all this to happen. I get the optics. It isn’t good. Making matters worse, the ref who made the call allegedly had been disciplined a few years ago for using a racial slur to discribe another official. Really not good optics. All of this could and should have went differently. The ref should have addressed the hair at the weigh in. The wrestler could have had the proper legal haircovering (assuming he didn’t). The coach, ref, or AD could have decided that cutting the hair matside was wrong. All these things could have happened differently. Hopefully this viral video prevents this from happening again. I hope to never see this happen in Indiana. But it very well could. I could almost have seen it happen on my mat. As a ref, I have had to enforce this rule matside—just last weekend, even, at a multi-team individual tournament. Another ref forgot to check for hair coverings (probably assuming wrestlers had them but didn’t bring them to be approved as special equipment) during skin check and the the offending wrestler came onto the mat with hair similar to the boy in the viral video. Luckily the wrestler’s teammates had a spare legal covering and they were able to correct it (in my experience, this has always been the case). The offending wrestler pinned his opponent in the first period so the penalty didn’t play a factor. After the match he and his coach said they didn’t realize he needed the hair cover and said he had been wrestling like this all year. This is a problem. I’ve had wrestlers try to use pantyhose, skull caps that don’t meet NHFS regulations, swim caps, and even had a wrestler try to use a textbook cover as hair covers. Luckily they were all shut down during weigh-in/skin checks. If, in the heat of the moment, a wrestler didn’t have the proper equipment available like in the situation I mentioned above, I can imaging seeing a coach quickly doing something like this and me—with everything that refs have on their mind at a tournament—not thinking about how it might look or if it is appropriate letting it happen. We can do better to prevent these situations. I don’t know if the official was making the kid cut his hair because of racial bias. Maybe he was, maybe he wasn’t. I try not to figure out intent—that isn’t my job. As a ref, I only see two colors: red and green. But I totally can see how this has become story. In the age of social media, stuff like this spreads fast and many people don’t care to look at all the facts. If this happened in the heat of the moment at a meet that I was working, I surely wouldn’t want people assocating my name with racism and hatred. So...let’s make sure this doesn’t happen in the Hoosier state. Below are some rules for this year’s verson of the rule book that partain to this issue. Rule 4-2-1 During competition all wrestlers shall be clean shaven, with sideburns trimmed no lower than earlobe level and hair trimmed and well groomed. The hair, in its natural state, shall not extend below the top of an ordinary shirt collar in the back; and on the sides, the hair shall not extend below the earlobe level; in the back; and on the sides, the hair shall not extend below earlobe level; in the front, the hair shall not extend below the eyebrows. A neatly trimmed mustache that does not extend below the line of the lower lip shall be permissible. If an individual has hair longer than allowed by rule, it may be braided or rolled if it is contained in a cover so that the hair rule is satisfied. The legal hair cover shall be attached to the ear guards. A bandanna is not considered a legal hair cover. The legal hair cover must be of solid material and be nonabrasive. The wrestler opting to wear a legal hair cover must wear it to the weigh-in procedure and be checked for grooming with it on. The legal hair cover must be removed prior to the wrestler stepping on the scale to be weighed. If a referee is not present at the weigh-ins, the hair cover must be checked by the meet referee upon arrival at the site. If an individual has facial hair it must be covered with a face mask. All legal hair covers and face masks will be considered special equipment. If an individual’s hair is as abrasive as an unshaved face, the individual shall be required to shave the head as smooth as a face is required or wear legal hair cover. 7-3-5 Reporting to the scorers table, not properly equipt, or not ready to wrestle or any equipment that is detected as being illegal after the match as started is a technical violation. According to 5-27, technical violations are to be penalized without warning. Rule 8 covers penalties and injuries. 8-1-1 states: Any contestant reporting to the scorers’ table not properly equipped or not ready to wrestle is a technical violation. A wrestler with greasy substance on the body or uniform, improper grooming, objectionable pads and braces, illegal equipment, illegal uniform or any equipment that is detected as being illegal after the match has started shall be disqualified if not removed or corrected within the 1 1/2-minute injury time. ... Most refs don’t want to be bad guys. We want to grow the sport. Help us avoid these types of calls by familiarizing yourselves with the rules and please share the information and knowledge you have gained with others. Also, if you have questions about these or any other rules, please use this site’s “Ask the Officials” Forum. A lot of times great questions can help us dig deeper into our knowledge of the rules and make us better officials...and from what I hear, everyone wants better officials.
  4. runner-up

    Indiana Mat Top 5 Moves of the Week

    Best of luck with this. If you aren’t getting enough footage, maybe you can switch it to top 5 of the month. I’ve been shocked with how little I see teams taping recently. One of the best ways to get better is watching tape with someone who can point out what you are doing wrong. Also if teams created a highlight real, they could show it on the announcements at school, I bet you could garnish a bit more interest in the sport from both a spectators standing and recruiting kids to the sport.
  5. runner-up


    Well...I guess you might as well start the season with a boom.
  6. Let's go Sarah! Going for gold today. As the kids are saying these days: let's go get that bread!
  7. runner-up

    Sarah Hildebrandt SBTrib article

    Sarah is into the semi-finals! 5-1 win over Kazakhstan and 15-9 win over Azerbaijan. She will take on Diana Mary Weicke of Canada in the semi finals. Go Sarah!
  8. runner-up


    Sadulaev...never heard of him. Is he any good?
  9. 2nd year official looking to fill my schedule for the year. I am a bit behind currently, only having 1 assignment on 12/1. All other weekends are free and I can be available for weeknight matches in the Indianapolis area. Available to officiate at all levels, though I am looking to do more varsity to get more experience and to be eligible to officiate at sectionals. 4 Year Varsity Wrestler at Lawrence Central High School 2005-2009 4 Year Wrestler at Wabash College 2010-2013 3 year Assistant Coach at Lawrence North High School 2014-2016 Started officiating last fall -- had a full schedule of Freshman/JV/Middle School Matches; officiated multiple Elementary tournaments; officiated Middle School State, Indy Nationals, and ISWA State in the offseason You can reach out to me via email: drsandberg@gmail.com Official Number # 3794344 Member of the Indiana Officials Association
  10. runner-up

    Beards- Hyway and ISWA

    Facial hair has been permitted at Fr-Soph State and at the ISWA Folkstyke state tournament. That said, I think it depends on the beard. If it is deamed abrasive, your wrestler may be asked to shave. I’d say a little stubble would be permissible—but if the wrestler has the ability to grow beard of a 30 hipster, he’d better keep it trim. I’d suggest looking into the USA Wrestling rules about it, but last I heard there no rule against facial hair.
  11. runner-up

    Blake Mauer's Play by Play

    Great informative commentary from one of Indiana’s finest wrestlers and youth coaches. I agree. It is a nice change of pace from years past.
  12. runner-up

    Melloh and Mulkey

    Even if you think you can be impartial, just the illusion of there being any bias is enough taint a match or duel for some fans or wrestlers. When I was in high school, we had a teacher who was also a wrestling official. I had no idea. He would make sure he would only take assignments that were not associated with us in any way. I never would have known, but we were added to a different tournament due to a weather related cancellation. He happened to have already been contracted for the tournament, but made sure he was not involved in any of our schools matches.
  13. runner-up

    TV finals

    Fox Sports Net for anyone else struggling to find the right channel.
  14. runner-up

    Melloh and Mulkey

    I tried, too long of a video for the site I guess. I tried to describe the call in question as best I could im a previous comment.
  15. runner-up

    Melloh and Mulkey

    If you rewatch the match, he snaps him to the mat but doesn’t make any attempts to score off of it (i.e. get to a point where he could secure a takedown). The casebook shows an example were this could be called stalling: 6.4a: “Typical holds/maneuvers contributing to stalling in the neutral position are: a) Upper body tie-ups with no attempt to take down the opponent.” Per the rulebook, overtime is just the continuation of the match (rule 7-2) so normal rules would apply. The difference would take place in the ultimate tiebreaker. The offensive wrestler scores here by preventing the defensive wrestler from scoring. So riding a spiral ride with no attempt to breakdown or turn the opponent shouldn’t be penalized. The casebook does reference a similar situation for the stall call that would favor the Mulkey fans: 7.6.6 Situation B: “Should stalling be called in the following situations? A) In a neutral position, Wrestler A attempts a takedown and is stopped by Wrestler B who applies a legal front headlock. Wrestler B does not use the headlock to attempt to score a takedown but maintains the headlock....Ruling: In [this situation] Wrestler B has created a stalemate situation to avoid being scored upon. Repeating the same action to create a stalemate situation without using it in an attempt to score would be stalling on Wrestler B.” The question here would be did Mulkey snap Melloh into the headlock, or did he apply it in an attempt to defend a shot. If the later, than no stalling should be called per the ruling above (as it should have been called a stalemate the first time it happened). But if Mulkey initiates the front headlock, then I can see how a stall call could be argued. I also acknowledge that a simple stalemate could have been called as well.

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