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  1. It looks like Mater Dei is the clear favorite after seeing the brackets come out. Brownsburg got some bad Friday night matchups. We will see what happens in 5 days.
  2. Lee will win by tech or pin. Ross will win by 12 or more Boarman will win by 12 or more Egli will win by 8 or more. JMO... But i bet these predictions come pretty close come Saturday afternoon. you have to look at the competition that MD faces compared to the competition that Boonville faces. Boonville is a good solid team just not in MD's league. You will see Boonville at semi-state making some noise in the 1st round and podsibly the 2nd round depending the draws.
  3. Looks like Mater Dei dominated from start to finish. lost one match in final round.
  4. what is the record for most points scored by a team in a sectional?
  5. When can we expect to see the brackets?
  6. Not so sure that Mills and Garcia can be considered locks to get past Willis and the Mater Dei kid.
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