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  1. Does anyone of the top teams have any wrestlers coming in from 8th grade that will help out their team and make some noise at the state meet next year.
  2. did we ever hear what exactly happenen to Walker? Was it his ankle that he hurt?
  3. Is Walker going to be able to go this weekend?
  4. Not as bad as it looks. You have to wrestle the best to be the best. Hope Walker can wrestle but it soinds like he won't be 100%
  5. How is the Walker kid doing? Hope he can wrestle this weekend.
  6. only shows two losses for Egli amd.four for Conley. Was just curious who the other losses came from.
  7. Who has Egli and Conley lost to this year?
  8. i agree. no reason why they can't release them
  9. I don't think it will be Ruhlman and Sollars again. it could very well be Deters and Ruhlman is the same. Just assuming you wouldn't have Bloomington champ.amd Evansville 2nd place finisher in same bracker for three years in a row.
  10. After looking at the last two years Bloomington Regional winner has matched up with Evansville's 2nd place finisher in the same bracket at 170. Couldn't imagine it being like that again for e years in a row.
  11. Looks like we will see Tristan Ruhlman and Gabe Sollars in different brackets for semi-state next weekend
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