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  1. Amante was such a sweet, loving & compassionate young man. Miss this bro all the time
  2. 145 first round upsets @ New Castle Harley Taylor over Ben Wolf 4-2 TB-1 #8ss Brady Mckivitz over #14 Gabe Phillips by Fall.
  3. Really sleeping on PM with a couple of these predictions but regardless it’ll be a close one again.
  4. While I do agree it’s nice to see constant action, we have to remember that we wrestle folkstyle in high school. I’m all for stalling if a wrestler isn’t trying to advance position or is blatantly avoiding/stopping action. Nothing should ever change from an official’s perspective regardless of wrestlers being D1 athletes or 0-22 jv kids.
  5. Not trying to bash any officials here but one major thing I noticed was the inconsistency. You can’t call for stalling but 2 seconds later they end up scoring. I’ve seen too many matches this weekend get dictated by the officials. Al Smith is a very competitive tournament with dozens of ranked wrestlers battling for a championship. It’s good to be on top of stalling but when you have two ranked competitors, you typically aren’t going to see what you’ll see in a peewee 45 match. Nonetheless, great tournament and thanks for officiating!
  6. Up here for college now... looking forward to seeing who the top dogs are around here.
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