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  1. God Bless this young man and his family.
  2. My question would be....Lets say a student that is in the band, transfers from their existing school because the band program isnt very good. The student transfers to another school that has a state championship band. Is this transfer scrutinized by the IHSAA?
  3. Apparently you’re working too hard....take a break!!
  4. Indiana rapper! Is this Will the rapper?
  5. Congratulations to Cathedral on a job well done. Congrats Asa on 3. Good luck at IU and to all the others that have signed to go there. Congrats to the 14 state champs. Congrats to the parents that raised these kids to be well spoken, good young men. It was impressive to hear all the champs carry theirselves with confidence and gratitude. How about that national anthem! No kneeling! Respect for the sport and our great country. G
  6. Any idea on what he weighs in at?
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