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  1. Ok SWIN....thanks for the info.
  2. guillotine

    You think IndianaMat should??

    Thanks Joe, and all the others that are involved with this site.
  3. guillotine

    Fargo List

    Hes a class act. Congrats and good luck in college.
  4. guillotine

    Dream Team Classic Recap

    It was a well run meet with a great atmosphere. Thanks Joe and everyone else that helped make this meet happen.
  5. guillotine

    2x State Champions

    Pete....only 2 bangs!!
  6. guillotine

    The next Kris Rumph???

    Most of you guys probably werent born yet, but back in 1981 and 1982 Evansville Reitz’s Jeff Harp won a state title at 112 in 1981 and 119 in 1982. He started wrestling his freshmen year. My weight classes for him might be off a bit, but he wrestled at a light weight.
  7. guillotine

    Melloh and Mulkey

    BS call....feel bad for Mulkey. I dont blame the coach for what he did. I would do the same. Some of these refs are a little full of themselves.
  8. North did an excellent job! Well run and well staffed. Congrats North for hosting an excellent regional.
  9. guillotine

    Sectional mis-seeding

    Sounds ridiculous that the ihsaa hasnt already solved this problem. Hopefully common sense will prevail......soon.
  10. guillotine

    Evansville North Regional

    I hear that Jasper has a shot at the new location in 2019.
  11. guillotine

    Brownsburg vs. Perry Meridian at 6:30pm Tuesday

    Job well done. Thanks for telecasting it.
  12. guillotine


    Rat.....have you been hitting the bottle tonight?
  13. guillotine

    Mooresville Holiday Classic

    Very impressive win by yorktown....congrats!

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