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  1. As a parent who has lurked here for the 4 years of my son's high school career, I just wanted to to say thanks to all the rankers and members of the community here. This has been a valuable resource that I have shared with others throughout the years and has helped in getting to know the competition and sometimes what to expect during the season. I wish other sports had the same kind of community that I have seen with Indiana high school wrestling.
  2. Anthony very well sums up a lot of the reasons why my son selected Wabash College for further his education. We were both very impressed by the wrestling program from the coaches to the athletes to the facilities. In meeting with the coaches from both wrestling and football, the discussions were focused on what Wabash can do for my son's future, not stats or x's and o's. We're excited for his next 4 years.
  3. Is this the year Carroll gives up the sectional crown?
  4. Top 10 Schools with the most Academic All-State Recipients Penn 11 Carmel 9 Harrison (WL) 9 Roncalli 9 Western 8 Columbus East 7 Garrett 7 Jay County 7 Jimtown 7 Lafayette Jefferson 7
  5. Slivka is listed as being in the 10th grade on the Semi State roster list, but is on the Junior Academic All State list. That is probably how I missed it. I only saw Garcia, Brewer, and Conley that qualified for both Academic and Semi State. I double checked the Academic list and the Semi State roster.
  6. I'm posting this because I thought it was something worth noting and somewhat interesting. I put together what I could. Out of the 246 Juniors honored with Academic All-State status, 92 were Semi-State Qualifiers. 104 of the 224 Seniors also qualified. Below is a breakdown of those qualifiers by Semi State. I know there are some statistical issues with this and how some schools may not participate. The number of "Academic" includes honorable mention recipients as well. Four schools had 5 or more wrestlers qualify for both Academic All State and Semi State. They were Carmel (8), Columbus E
  7. Thank you for sharing this. Congratulations to all those for their hard work on and off the mat!
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