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  1. Top 10 Schools with the most Academic All-State Recipients Penn 11 Carmel 9 Harrison (WL) 9 Roncalli 9 Western 8 Columbus East 7 Garrett 7 Jay County 7 Jimtown 7 Lafayette Jefferson 7
  2. Slivka is listed as being in the 10th grade on the Semi State roster list, but is on the Junior Academic All State list. That is probably how I missed it. I only saw Garcia, Brewer, and Conley that qualified for both Academic and Semi State. I double checked the Academic list and the Semi State roster.
  3. I'm posting this because I thought it was something worth noting and somewhat interesting. I put together what I could. Out of the 246 Juniors honored with Academic All-State status, 92 were Semi-State Qualifiers. 104 of the 224 Seniors also qualified. Below is a breakdown of those qualifiers by Semi State. I know there are some statistical issues with this and how some schools may not participate. The number of "Academic" includes honorable mention recipients as well. Four schools had 5 or more wrestlers qualify for both Academic All State and Semi State. They were Carmel (8), Columbus East (6), Garrett (6), and Penn (5). Semi State Total Academic % Academic Seniors Senior Academic Junior Junior Academic East Chicago Central 41 27.89% 80 25 67 16 New Haven (Fort Wayne) 55 33.33% 86 26 79 29 New Castle 46 28.75% 88 18 72 28 Evansville 54 37.50% 85 35 59 19
  4. Thank you for sharing this. Congratulations to all those for their hard work on and off the mat!
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