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  1. If Cottey has a 12-1 lead and gets aggressive and gets caught and stuck everyone would be saying he shoulda just played it safe and not been so aggressive with that lead. Lol.
  2. I agree but my only debate was 170 was probably the "easiest" weight class there. I believe there was only 1 or 2 returning placers. But his longest match was like 3 minutes. That's insane considering he is 170 pounds and not heavyweight lol.
  3. Ok i stand corrected. Maybe Hall wasn't the hands down no doubt outstanding wrestler but its really hard for anyone to do something that hasnt hardly happened ever and not get it lol. You can arguably say it was the best state tourney anyone has ever had. Not only did he pin everyone but his longest match lasted 3 mins. This was at 170 also not heavyweight lol. My only downfall was that 170 weight class MIGHT of been the "easiest" weight class at state. No disrespect but i think it only had like 1 or 2 returning placers not counting himself. Thanks for the friendly debate.
  4. My OW had to be Briar Hall. Is that even a debate lol
  5. Im sure they have 8th graders and a few wrestlers that didn't make varsity this year that will get a chance next year and make it to state also.
  6. Also not knowing if he's even gonna wrestle and if so how healthy hed be. So if you pick him as your champ and he don't even wrestle that means you pretty much lose your whole pickems lol.
  7. Is this the Matt Miller I wrestled several times? Lol. I know it has to be since you are from Seymour. How are you doing bro? I dont know if its a good thing or bad thing that my name comes up in this thread every single year lol
  8. Man considering Mitch Robb had 4 or 5 matches against me(Pinnick) and Hunter Hughes id love to hear his take on this considering he is a State Champion. I had a few matches against state champs or runner ups in high school that just shows outside of 1 year I had the worsr ticket round draws in semi state history probably lol. I'll try to remember to the best of my knowledge. Freshman year. - lost 8-6 in ticket round to top ranked and state champ or runner up Brian Smiley.(hit him with a lay drop but only kept 1 foot in bounds. I have the tape still that shows 1 foot only lol) I also Beat Derek Black that year and i believe he was a placer) Sophomore- I lost to state champ or runner up David Combs 2-1. I pinned Matt orchell in the regional finals and I choked in ticket round against Breedlove. I couldn't stop 1 move. Finished 38-3 i believe. Junior year- I beat 4th place finisher Demetrian Cole and 3rd or 4th place finisher Bubby Chambers and 4th place finisher Derek Black. I drew Derek Black first round of regional and won. Then beat Cole in finals just to draw defending champ or runner up Travis Beech in the ticket round and lose 8-6. Senior- Beat State Champ(and good friend) Mitch Robb 12-4 at Jeff Classic finals and got hurt anf came back at sectional and lost to Mitch Robb 5-3 giving up 2 caution points lol. Then i lost again to Mitch Robb in finals of regional i believe 6-3 and reinjured my shoulder and drew state champ or 2 time Greg Schaefer in the ticket round of Semi State.. So bottom line is a little bit of bad luck and some choking equals no state for Joe Pinnick lol.
  9. This should be under the lights I personally believe.
  10. How is that possible? Makes no sense lol. Every once in a while i think to myself if I was his coach ida been thrown out of the gym. This is definately one of them cases lol
  11. What are you talking about? Never seen that lol but what i did see was Charlestown wrestler shoot in and lock his hands around the leg when his opponent was lifting his back ankle in the air and Charlestown got called for stalling even tho he was the one who shot in and had his hands locked around the guys leg. Blew me away.
  12. Without a question it was a takedown. The rule is once a hand hits the mat when they are behind you then its a takedown. I honestly think the ref knew he blew it but no way he's making that change after the way it ended. But good job by Dalton to keep wrestling.
  13. What time does the Finals approximately supposed to start? Thanks
  14. I have a roku TV but that doesn't help me with trackwrestling does it? I think im gonna borrow my bros computer and hook an HDMI cord up and connect it to his TV. I heard that will work. Thanks everyone
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