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  1. I completely understand your point and as a baseball umpire and a basketball referee for over 12 years I do not believe in " make up" calls. HOWEVER this is the DREAM TEAM MAIN EVENT and it's not like whoever loses does not win the Olympic gold?. Any time anybody gets to see these two studs wrestle even 10 seconds longer(which was about what it took) it is always a bonus.now that being said I did not get to see this call. From what almost every one of the people I've talked to that saw it either said it was the correct call or that they didn't have a problem with the call and they can see why it was called. Now after hearing that, I don't have a problem with the call and the only way I would have a problem is if it was flat out a terrible call and most agreed. But in my opinion that doesn't mean too much, if it's a 1 point match in the main event (or pretty much any match)of the dream team event and I have a questionable call that in my head I know I should call to send it to overtime(let's be real here obviously he never thought in all of his scenarios leading up to this event that he'd be calling Brayton Lee with any stall call. So I'd say for sure he had it in his head that he was trying to stall) then it needs to be called rather than dealing with all of the people saying he should have been called for stalling but the ref had no Kahuna's to do it to the hometown boy and one of the faces of Indiana wrestling. I'm sure if the situation was reversed then heda hit teemer with the same stall call and the most important thing for any official is to be fair and call it down the middle. I'd never want an official to make a bogus call just to send a match into overtime no matter what event or meet it is. I do have alot of respect and trust in the guys that I've talked to about it and I'd have to say that most agreed that stalling definitely needed to be called on Lee in this situation. When I think about things like this I try to think about what would be said if Brayton lost in overtime about this call. I honestly have no ideas about this one lol. But thankfully we don't have to. Congratulations Brayton you are the all around best wrestler I've ever seen in Indiana not just because of your unbelievable skills but because of your personality and likeability. I don't know anyone that doesn't like you outside of the troll that was wanting you to lose because he was mad at Joe Caprino. Just rediculous. Good luck in the future.
  2. Yes click on homepage and then college signings
  3. I may be guy #2 because I took a few with my new phone also. I'll let you know too
  4. Do you know if Willis and Mills have wrestled before? Or Garcia and Egli? Im sure I coulda did some research on this but I know one of you brainiax know the answer and score?
  5. It's amazing how well you do.Some people really just don't realize how good you are at this.Id really love to know what your overall percentage is of ranked wrestlers that had the possibility of going to state if we had wrestlebacks.i guess maybe the percentage of ranked wrestlers that get eliminated by another ranked wrestler. My whole point is when a ranked wrestler is eliminated by another ranked wrestler then that hurts your percentages even tho their is nothing you could have done different. For example right now you have a max number of ranked guys that can make it to state due to drawing another ranked opponent and only 1 of them can go . In two matches alone you are gonna lose 2 guys that would more than likely place top 6 with probably any other draw in the state except for a very few. For example it is going to hurt your overall percentage when Mills/Willis and Egli/Garcia wrestles no matter who wins.Im trying to figure a way to find out what your possible percentage is and what your actual is but I am just not smart enough. I know what I think is the right way to do it but I can't. Maybe if a ranked wrestler wrestles a ranked wrestler, or if a wrestler moves out of state during tournament, or gets injured. Just the things that are out of your control or anyones control then just don't count that for you or against you. If we had wrestle backs I really think you would have a crazy high percentage. Very good job
  6. I didn't get to see the match but it will more than likely play some kind of factor Saturday. Combest won 3-1 earlier this season. The way I believe it will be a factor is in the strategy. I know they have to win first to even have this match happen but their is no one going to make me think for one second that these two wrestler's haven't been game planning for each other since the minute they saw the brackets. If someone has the video or was at the dual, maybe give us some thoughts or insight of how the match went. But I do take Combest here.i actually have him winning the whole state championship. I sure hate that he has to beat one of the top 8 guys in the state to even get to the bank this year. SMH
  7. Yea but even Fabio said it looks like he guessed right lol. Confusing
  8. So did you post this before the brackets came out? If so I am going to start asking you every year about who someone has. You got them all perfect except at 126 you have Mills/Egli and Willis/Garcia and its Mills/Willis and Egli/Garcia. Very good job.
  9. Well on the newest rankings I see from 1-25 has Moreno at #6. let's take a little closer look at the guys in front of Moreno. And see why the rankers would have them ahead of Moreno. At # 1 it is a no brainer. #1-Brayden Curtis- undefeated and is a returning state champion and also ranked in the nation. #2-Jose Diaz-state qualifier 2 years ago and placed 8th last year at this same weight class losing to eventual state champion 7-3 but inj defaulted his next 2 matches to get 8th. also placed 4th at IHPO beating some really good kids in a stacked weight.Undefeated at time of rankings.(lost twice to Moreno since) #3-Brayden Lowery- 3rd in state last year(losing only to eventual state champion) also still Undefeated. Has several great wins. Common opponent is Alex Petro- Lowery won 9-1 and Moreno won 6-3 #4-Andrew Black- State Runner up last year. Lost to #1 Curtis in OT at conference 6-4 #5-Blake Boarman- He just doesn't lose much.He is still Undefeated. As an EIGHTH grader Just a few weeks after High School State Finals was over he pinned runner up Hunter Watts and then beat 4th place finisher Brock Peele who Moreno beat this year 11-9 in OT. Finally the rankings aren't who they think will win the state championship. It's who is getting the best wins and wrestling the better competition and it gives them recognized. I personally think Moreno will win it this year but if I was a ranker then I'd have him at 6 at the time these came out.(has beaten Diaz twice since)
  10. I believe Curtis was a strong favorite till the second half of the season. Now I just believe he is a normal favorite.This had nothing to do with him not being great or wrestling great. And since I didn't see the match with Andrew Black that he won 6-4, I can't really say if he had a safe and not much danger in losing and just giving up a meaningless last few seconds reversal or something kinda 6-4 match or the kind of match that if a call or 2 goes against him next time or if Black coulda just finished any one of them questionable takedowns that he didn't get the call 6-4 kinda match. So I can still say just because the score was close doesn't mean he can't still be "strongly favored" but what can make me think of why I don't believe he is "strongly favored" anymore is because of one reason and one reason only.I have been around this sport for a very long time and I have seen some incredible things but what I witnessed on January 20th, 2018 at the Garry Burkhart Invitational in Hobart, you almost HAD to see it to believe it.I never really heard anything about why or what reason Andres Moreno decided to bump up a weight class(even tho he was given an extra 2 pound weight allowance). I would love to hear the reason why and maybe Coach Vega can tell us. After looking at the brackets I believe he had to do it just for the competition. He coulda just wrestled his weight class and more than likely in my opinion at least majored the Mishawaka wrestler that won 113(no disrespect).Andres Moreno decided he wanted to move up to a higher weight class to have 2 of the top 5 120 pound wrestlers in the state of Indiana in his bracket Tyler Triana who placed 3rd in the state last year and Brock Peele who placed 4th last year. What makes this even more impressive to me is the the fact that Moreno was still undefeated and was not afraid to put his Undefeated streak on the line against the best of the best even if it was in a weight class above his. He met Brock Peele in the Semi-finals. He had an amazing match with Peele. Moreno ended up beating Peele in overtime 11-9 to advance to the finals to wrestle Tyler Triana of Hobart at his home school.Triana is one of the favorites to win the 120 pound weight class this year.I believe Moreno just cracked the top 10 rankings at 113.It was another unbelievable match. They had some amazing scrambles.Moreno ended up in another very close match.He edged out Triana 8-6 to complete one of the most amazing performances in recent history and to also keep his record unblemished.Moreno made me a 100℅ believer that day. If he can wrestle up a weight class and not only hang with, but beat 2 of the best wrestlers Indiana has to offer right now, then their is no way you can tell me that Brayden Curtis should be a lock.I wonder how many think that Brayden Curtis would even beat Tyler Triana or Brock Peele? Good luck everyone. This is going to be one of the best Weeks of Wrestling in history..
  11. Actually I think I see it as more of a compliment other than a bad thing.I believe Indiana is starting to have way more depth and talent than ever. Just because their isn't any "locks" doesn't mean their still isn't alot of nationally ranked wrestlers. Just take for instance when Chad Red and Nick Lee was in the same weight class a few years back their was no lock that year at that class. Look at this year at 126 If a few of them guys like Garcia or Rooks, were there within the past few years then they could have been a lock. But this year their is a legitimate chance either Garcia or Rooks won't even make it to the Bank because of the odds of them meeting each other or Mills/Willis/Egli in the Ticket round. I see a whole lot more Indiana guys being top notch and nationally ranked then their has been. So I believe as a whole the talent will be better. It's hard to explain exactly what I mean by this message board your i think I could explain it pretty easy in person. But the best way I can explain it is instead of having 1 wrestler ranked nationally in 3-4 different weight classes and making them pretty much a "lock" . I believe their will be 6-8 guys ranked nationally with a few if them being in the same weight classes to now not make them a "lock" because the other stud may be able to beat him. But like I said I definitely did not mean it as a bad thing about the future talent of Indiana wrestling. It was a huge compliment.
  12. This is great. Great minds think alike. Just the other day in the "before sectional predictions" I wrote this. Im glad to see im not thinking this all by myself lol.. Their has been a whole lot of predictable weight classes in the past decade or so. It's pretty easy to do when you have All Time greats like the Tsirtsis and Lee brothers and then you have Angel Escobedo,Chad Red, Steven Micic, Drew Hughes, Shawn Streck, Wesley Bernard,Gelen Robinson,Tommy Forte,Blake Rypel,Brock Hudkins and Andrew Davison. And now we have Mason Parris and BraytonLee. So it didn't take much knowledge of the sport to pick By of these guys as the winner.I don't believe it will ever be as many "locks" as their has been since Alex Tsirtsis came through.Not only did everyone in Indiana know he was gonna win it all no matter what team they were from, NOONE even thought he'd be scored on so any time an opponent would even touch a leg or literally show any fight whatsoever the whole arena would erupt. I don't think we will see many more years like that or some like the ones of these other guys either. So take your 2 "locks" this year and appreciate them because I don't think we will see anywhere even close to the amount we've seen over the past 10-12 years.
  13. Master Thrower has to be Kameron Fuller
  14. I'll tell ya what y'all can have the field on guys ranked 15th and lower and I will take Seth Johnson at 126. He got 4th last year pinning some pretty good guys along the way like Logan Bailey and Andrew Black. He lost to Brayden Curtis 7-4 and beat Logan Boe 7-3. He did make a pretty big weight jump from the 106 class he wrestled in last year. I believe he has the ability to hang with anyone in the weight class.This is just more proof of how stacked the 126 class is. So the 15th ranked wrestler (Johnson) wrestled in the State SEMI FINALS just a year ago and the 19th ranked wrestler(Kelly) in this weight class only lost to Tyler Triana 4-2 and Ethan Smiley by a few points.That is pretty much all you need to know about the strength and depth of 126. I would love for one of these stat guys to do some research on this class to see how it compares to the DEPTH of some of the deepest weight classes in history. You may be able to find a class that has a little better all around top 8-9 Guys in it(3 State àgChampionships, 9 times a wrestler has made it to the State Semi Finals, 12 State Medals, 15 times a wrestler has qualified for state, 6 times a wrestler has wrestled under the lights) and that's only the top half of the rankings. From the spots 9-20 in the rankings their are several guys that have the ability to make the Semis and possibly even wrestle under the lights like State placers Braxton Alexander(6th), Tanner DeMien(7th), and Seth Johnson(4th). It also has some very good qualifiers like Brycen Denny, Trevor Ragle, Tanner Schoeff, and Hunter Whitman, that if they show up and wrestle their best they can beat anyone there. You can never forget about anyone from Mater Dei, especially with the last name of Egli. Clay Egli has had a few very close matches with 2 of the favorites to wrestle under the lights in returning State Champ Cayden Rooks and last years semi finalist Colin Poynter. When you are 40-1 and your only loss was out of state and you are only ranked 16th(rightfully so probably) and because of how deep the weight class is you can't even crack the top 15 yet even tho you have some quality wins.The Freshman from South Dearborn Bryar Hall also has a pretty good off season resume.This kid could be this years Eli Stock even tho I don't think this is the weight class that an "unknown" is gonna win because of all the studs in it but that's why they wrestle and that is what makes this the best sport in the world. 126 is gonna be worth the price of admission at the bank.
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