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  1. Nevermind. Wrong thread. Sorry read it wrong while at work lol
  2. This kid is supposed to be pretty dang good. Dont know alot about him but have heard he is the real deal for Floyd central https://www.trackwrestling.com/membership/ViewProfile.jsp?twId=440247096
  3. I am really curious how everyone thinks Rumph would do if he wrestled in division 1 championships. has he wrestled anyone that is in division 1 any time recently? thanks
  4. I think the 1999 state finals between Doherty and Maddox was awesome to watch, going down to the last few seconds and ending with a desperation move. but im a little Bias
  5. Duh lol. Thanks. I do believe there will be another in the next 10 years.
  6. thanks so much. these will work but if you can find me an easier one to print out I will donate some bananas lmao
  7. does anyone know where I can find the big 10 brackets? thanks
  8. my brain isn't working right now. please refresh it, who is it lol
  9. well to be honest the one that came to mind to me right away was when Seltzer hit an illegal move on Bettich I believe in the Semis of state and Bettich was clearly shooken up and it looked like a possible concussion because he hit his head pretty hard. Bettich was losing pretty good and had gotten beat all year by Seltzer and he coulda layed there and took the win. If he had done so a whole lot of history would be changed. The first part that would be changed would be the 2020 team state champs would be Crown Point, the second thing would be the 120 pound state champion. also it would not
  10. I agree but this has a pretty good shot at happening. especially with Mendez in the mix. they will not wanna go his weight class. Cottey has been under the lights 3 times already. I don't see anyone outside of Mendez beating him by more than a few points,
  11. amazing, and I was just told on another thread that Seltzer would crush him if they met next year. I don't think hed CRUSH him. maybe 6-3 or so.
  12. I don't agree with Seltzer crushing Cottey. I think Cottey on top of Zeke could cause some problems. I could be wrong but its still gonna be the best match possible for him. Mendez likely crushes Boarman but hopefully Boarman improves a lot and has a better gas tank to give him some struggle, lol
  13. 1. Calhoun got robbed. 2. Allred has a great style for college 3. Koontz is a lot better than I realized 4. it is not gonna be near as exciting when Whitehead leaves 5. best kids I never heard of was Solomey and Tyler Jones 6.Tyler Jones will be top 4 in the next 2 years 7. Boarman is way to talented to stall as much as he did after he got leads. this is a compliment 8. I really wanna see Cottey and Seltzer or/and Boarman and Mendez next year.
  14. yeah I agree. but has east Chicago always been this far away from the top 2 semi states?
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