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  1. Cade Defendoll is missing out of 160 bracket
  2. I don't know the answer to that, just know they are 1-1. I don't know if Purdy underestimated him after beating him earlier in the season and wasn't prepared for what he had to offer, if Defendoll felt he had a loss to revenge, if 1 or the other was just having an off match when they took the loss. I don't know.
  3. I'm not taking anything away from Defendoll. He's a tough kid and great wrestler that's been at it since youth. I'm just saying that Purdy beat him earlier in the season without issue. So they are now 1-1. We might get to see a rematch next weekend, time will tell.
  4. Purdy beat Deffendoll earlier in season at Memorial. Purdy didn’t quite look like himself in that match.
  5. What are the rules behind the semi-state brackets?
  6. Boonville product is a bit of a stretch on Purdy. He wrestled the youth travel league 3 years(?). He wrestled for Castle all 3 middle school years. He’s been at MCWC since he was 5/6, I’d say he’s a product of Maurer and Coughlin.
  7. He did lose consciousness. Once he came to it was clear he wasn’t in agreement with the trainers decision that he couldn’t proceed with the match.
  8. How do you know what Sectionals are A, B, C, etc?
  9. Will we see the Top 10's updated for this season sometime soon?
  10. Moore for Castle is no longer wrestling
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