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  1. Anybody have any insite on what we might see this weekend?
  2. I noticed in the “Locks” post that people were talking about the jump from 113 - 126 being a difficult feat. Curious who are some of the wrestlers who have bumped up the most weight classes from last year?
  3. Early upsets in Al Smith 145# Lake Central’s Daniel Park beats Lowell’s Shawn Hollis (#5 EC SS) 12-7 160# unranked Gavin Layman (Chesterton) beats South Bend’s Jacob Atkins (#10 State & #2 EC SS) 11-9 SV
  4. So, I know some kids who already qualified wrestled at Indy Nationals this past weekend. Assuming some might have wrestled up a weight class and if they did well are entered as qualified wrestlers twice. Do they just need to state the weight class they intend to wrestle (assuming they will take their best seed) at time of registration and payment? Then they will be removed from the other weight class??
  5. Maybe this wrestler won’t punch their ticket, but who pulls an upset in the first round??
  6. Any wrestler going to pull off a first round upset??
  7. Thought it would be interesting to see most promising up and coming teams as far as underclassman go. Here is: in order of MOST Freshman to qualify as well as total number of underclassmen (UC) that have qualified for the 4 SS’s. Let me know if I missed anything. Chesterton- 5 Freshman, 8 UC Zionsville- 4 Freshman, 6 UC Mishawaka- 3 Freshman, 8UC Western- 3 Freshman, 8UC EV. Mat. Dei- 3 Freshman, 8 UC Avon- 2 Freshman, 8 UC Perry Meridian- 2 Freshman, 7 UC Ind. Cathedral- 1 Freshman, 9 UC Carmel- 1 Freshman, 8 UC Brownsburg- 1 Freshman, 5 UC
  8. Here’s a question..... How many of these top MS wrestlers redshirted (and how many years). Heard Carroll is going to be a 20 or 21 year old senior. Seems like the next few years is when we see the wave that has many up & coming “freshman”
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