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  1. University of Indianapolis’s team is up and coming , they have a lot of Indiana kids putting in the the hard work to have university of Indianapolis compete on the D2 national level ..
  2. https://athletics.uindy.edu/news/2020/2/28/uindy-wrestling-sets-sights-on-ncaa-postseason-hosting-super-regional-3.aspx
  3. Agree , UIndy has surprised some individuals , as a team they have had a ton of injuries but that allows experience for some of the younger wrestlers..Wabash has been really strong in the national duals as well ..several of their wrestlers ranked in the top two of their weight class ..
  4. Why do you word it like Rooks win over a “injured” or “gassed “ Parriott ? Do you know with first hand knowledge that Parriott is hurt ? Rooks was in better form tonight so if you don’t know of a injury then don’t take away from Rook’s win .. You said in a earlier thread that Parriott would major Rooks , IU has been recruiting and working hard to make a push in the next three / Four years .. and no I am not a parent or relative of any wrestler at a IU ..
  5. Lots of great brother combinations... Hard work and knowledge being shared between siblings..
  6. This tournament there is a 5 pound weight allowance, 132=137 , Kris wrestled 138 all year as did Dawson , this is a national tournament , most people drop weight classes because of the weight cutting.. I Would have liked straight up high school weight classes , we would have went 138. As I am sure Rumph would have done the same.. Our best Indiana kids don’t run and dunk competition. Every weight class is loaded with talent ..
  7. Nick and Zach We have nothing but the ultimate amount of respect and appreciation for you and your family.. it does seem just like yesterday that Zach and Daws battled as youngsters, Zach always pushed Dawson to be better and share a special friendship.. Zach is a outstanding young man way past being a outstanding wrestler.. Purdue got the total package in Zach .. We will be cheering and following him and his career... Blake Mulkey Thank you for being such a great kid and bringing out the best in the Columbus East opponents (especially Daws) , after the matches were over , you were back to always joking and being a good kid to be around ...We wish you nothing but the best with your next stop ... Kris Rumph The semifinals was the first time that Daws got to wrestle you but of course we had heard so much about your ability and skills , you didn’t disappoint on your showing on that big stage.. Dawson said that was the most fun he ever had in a match , of course I was beyond nervous but you both pushed each to overtime coming up with the win .. Congratulations to you and your family... This weight class was very deep and talented .. Every round , it seemed like we had a ranked wrestler with a competitive spirit to the end .. it was truly a life experience and privilege to be in the mix.. The Combest Family
  8. Thanks Joe , I had no clue how the award was selected or who was on the list on candidates.. All of the kids on the list are deserving .
  9. Graham Rooks was successful last night in getting his state title .. At Columbus East, he is a four time state placer including his state title run last night .. I believe he has 4-5 losses throughout his four year high school career .. Also is a multiple Academic Allstate selection ..I know Columbus East is not as popular as some other schools on here but I am not sure why he wasn’t selected for the award but should have been deeply considered.. ( Joe , I don’t know he wasn’t considered or was considered) What other kids from other schools should have been in consideration for this award?? Atleast this post will recognize those kids and their accomplishments throughout their entire high school career .. This isn’t intended to be a knock on the selection process but more of way to recognize some kids that don’t get the lime light as some others and their accomplishments..
  10. Tripe b , you were missed at the ford center , I hope you can make to bankers life Friday and Saturday..
  11. Mattyb , the feeling of friendship and respect is mutual with the Avon club .. we appreciate having Carson on our team in the offseason .. he is a great kid and talented wrestler .. This Team is very close and pushes each other every day in practice, supports each other on / off the mat .. Huge shoutout to Andy Davidson , #4 regional placer finishing up 3rd at semistate... He is a great example of the culture that Cooper sets forth in his room .. As far as Nick South , you won’t find a kid that works any harder or is any better of a kid .. Nick will be doing big things this season and next year . He will be wrestling in college somewhere ..
  12. There’s my homeboy triple B!! I thought both wrestlers wrestled tough , just giving our kid his props against a super tuff opponent!!
  13. Well we agree on that but according to some of the Madison folks last week , it was a fluke in which it was more of the Madison wrestler losing and not giving the other wrestler credit for the win ..
  14. 113). Jeremy Clark (CE) beat #19 ranked Spears from Madison 13-3 today . Second week in a row with that upset ..
  15. (113). Jeremy Clark (CE) beat #19 ranked Spears from Madison 13-3 today . Second week in a row with that upset ..
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