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  1. When @bigballerbposted a pickems topic before semi state, I replied about only winning even years and let's see if I can go 4/4. I've joked about it since 2018 but now there is a weird tendency that occurs. I've won 7 total pickems but 6/7 have occurred in even years. 4x overall (16, 18, 20, 22) 2x state (20, 22) 1x New Castle (21)
  2. Gotta love the even years! Just adding more to the history books.
  3. I got 11 right in my pickems too. Most the favorites on paper won this year. @ontherise219killed the State rankings this year! missed 120 - picked Gilbert missed 145- picked Koontz missed 285- picked Jones
  4. The only ones I feel different at first thought would be 126: Frazier, Crown Point 132: Bahl/Ison/Schoeff 170: Goodwin, Crown Point 220: Carroll, New Prairie (if he doesn't go RTC)
  5. I was right in front of the the mat actually, I don't need video. Very clear that it is potentially dangerous. My guy didn't wrestle his best but this situation is avoided if a referee calls potentially dangerous early. I can live with the result of a loss, but it sucks to end a seniors season with a DQ when it could have been prevented if the correct call is made
  6. Should have been called potentially dangerous before it was ever illegal. Ref allowed it to go up more. He was in position the whole time and was late on the call. This picture already is potentially dangerous and should have been called before an illegal move ever was thought of
  7. Evansville should have everyone worried! Everyone knew that Evansville was really good but seeing the brackets just shows how insane it is
  8. Trying to add a third place this year?
  9. Also, a Caleb has won the even years dating back to 2014. I joke about only winning even years so I guess we will see if I can go 4/4!
  10. Here's a picture for reference on the original post. I would understand if the opponent getting shot on did nothing and the offensive wrestle put his hips to the mat. But in this situation, the wrestler defending a shot from neutral is in good position and not allowing any advancement in position.....so a stalemate should always be called in this situation. This position stayed the same with no advancement for 14 seconds and then stalling was called on the wrestler who took the shot
  11. Will we ever see the undercard event again?!.... Speed walking state championship for lower section seats! Thanks Covid!
  12. I went through track results and listed anyone that wasn't mentioned above. Sorry if I missed anyone East Chicago Quentin Clark 285 - Logansport (9-0) Fort Wayne Tanner Tishner 113 - Western (24-0) Aiden Sprague 126 - East Noble (28-0) Dylan Stroud 132 - Manchester (26-0) Toby Abbott 145- Cowan (21-0) Alex Currie 152 - Adams Central (38-0) Mitchel Betz 152 - Western (30-0) Eli Johnson 170 - Norwell (28-0) New Castle Nathan Smith 106 - Southport (35-0) Kyrel Leavell 120 - Warren Central (22-0) Blake Wolf 126 - East Central (35-0) Elijah Anthony 126 - Frankfort (26-0) Carson Johnson 132 - Mt Vernon (26-0) Matthew Koontz 145 - Perry Meridian (27-0) Corbin Watson 152 - Lawrenceburg (26-0) Leo Calderon 160 - Centerville (28-0) Evan Tilton 182 - Hamilton Heights (36-0) Jackson Goodall 285 - Lawrenceburg (11-0) Evansville Donnie Feeler 113 - Crawford County (24-0) Joey Butler 126 - Whiteland (26-0) Kellan Carter 132 - Scottsburg (39-0) Cash Turner 138 - Edgewood (20-0) Ben Phillips 170 - Charlestown (32-0) Drake Buchanan 182 - Center Grove (29-0) Noah Phelps 182 - North Harrison (17-0)
  13. X_R A T E D


    Maverick Summersett
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