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  1. It would be cool if you got an overall win this year. You, @BrokenTowelRack, and myself would all have 3 overall titles. I'm of the TB12 mindset....semi state and state wins are cool but unless it's an overall win, its a disappointing year of pickems.
  2. Nothing matters but overall wins. I'd take never winning semi states or state but winning overall every chance I could get. Especially since you have won twice overall already.... I know anything but an overall win is a disappointment for you
  3. Jay County Sectional has 3 state ranked wrestlers at 126 #8 Landon Bertsch #10 Logan Uhlman #14 Ethan Reiley
  4. Sawyer Miller from South Adams 2012-2015 4th, 3rd, 2nd place finishes at state NAIA All-American x3 and NAIA 125 champ last year
  5. Was a little worried I would give up my slim lead after Semi State. But winning State for the first time helped me win my 3rd overall title
  6. Why didn’t you say something to him then, instead of doing it on the internet? Don’t be a internet tough guy to other people now
  7. Happy Birthday to the legend!
  8. @maligned when will the individual scores for each team be posted now that sectional is over and you can see how many teams had at least 7 wrestlers?
  9. Is there any change is team state scoring this year? Any regionals throughout the state change their category
  10. 10 eastern from what I’ve seen on track
  11. As coaches, parents, and wrestlers, we need to educate each other on how to diet and manage weight in a healthy way. Each wrestler is different and will need an individualized plan. I think a lot of the times a kid isn’t eating for a day, it’s because the previous 3 or 4 days, they didn’t manage our weight in the correct way. I know it’s hard to maintain your diet every day, but if it’s done we can avoid seeing kids not each for a 24 hr period.
  12. Feels good to be back on top! Always enjoy the battle every year for pick’ems champ
  13. The call is not debatable in any way you try to defend. As someone else mentioned, there is no such thing as situational stalling in the rule book. If he’s in a front headlock and not using it, it’s stalemate and stand them up. If that’s stalling, then almost every wrestler should have been hit multiple times from when they initiated a front headlock. If the defensive wrestler gets elbow control from a front headlock, it’s neutralized very quickly......not stalling but stalemate since no progress is being made by either wrestler. What makes it worse is Mulkey was bouncing Mellohs head off the
  14. 25 total placers from Fort Wayne
  15. Yeah, I’ll be there both days
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