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  1. Happy Birthday to the legend!
  2. @maligned when will the individual scores for each team be posted now that sectional is over and you can see how many teams had at least 7 wrestlers?
  3. Is there any change is team state scoring this year? Any regionals throughout the state change their category
  4. 10 eastern from what I’ve seen on track
  5. As coaches, parents, and wrestlers, we need to educate each other on how to diet and manage weight in a healthy way. Each wrestler is different and will need an individualized plan. I think a lot of the times a kid isn’t eating for a day, it’s because the previous 3 or 4 days, they didn’t manage our weight in the correct way. I know it’s hard to maintain your diet every day, but if it’s done we can avoid seeing kids not each for a 24 hr period.
  6. Feels good to be back on top! Always enjoy the battle every year for pick’ems champ
  7. The call is not debatable in any way you try to defend. As someone else mentioned, there is no such thing as situational stalling in the rule book. If he’s in a front headlock and not using it, it’s stalemate and stand them up. If that’s stalling, then almost every wrestler should have been hit multiple times from when they initiated a front headlock. If the defensive wrestler gets elbow control from a front headlock, it’s neutralized very quickly......not stalling but stalemate since no progress is being made by either wrestler. What makes it worse is Mulkey was bouncing Mellohs head off the mat multiple times while having good angles for a possible takedown attempt if he wanted.
  8. 25 total placers from Fort Wayne
  9. Yeah, I’ll be there both days
  10. I looked at the post and three people had 41 points, and one person had 39 points. What are you gonna use as a tiebreaker
  11. I thought the same thing. Peru is a category 4 which is shocking to me
  12. IHSAA.org has the following times East Chicago: 11am CT/ 12 pm ET Fort Wayne: 7:30am CT/ 8:30am ET New Castle : 8am CT/ 9am ET Evansville: 9am CT/ 10 am ET
  13. I wasn’t impressed with the refs.....heard many complaints throughout the day
  14. 106: Wyatt Miller, Fernando Flores, Zach Todd, Jett Boots (Wildcard: Dayoen Johnson) 113: Brayden Curtis, Brayden Shearer, Kade Zadylak, Josh Smith-Goheen (Wildcard: Harper Dedman 120: Hunter Watts, Zane Standridge, Logan Mosser, Evan Beasley (Wildcard: Jordan George 126: Christian Mejia, Tanner Schoeff, Jacob Hall, Xavier Curtis (Wildcard: Payne Blackburn) 132: Matt Gimson, Hunter Cottingham, Alex Barr, Adam Ledesma (Wildcard: Nick Liter) 138: Colt Rutter, Conner Gimson, Austin Moore, Bryton Goering (Wildcard: Jaden Miller) 145: Christian Hunt, Eliseus Young, Giran Kunkel, Joe sleazier (Wildcard: Gage Bustos) 152: Xander Stroud, Joel Arney, Logan Macklin, Isaiah Levitz (Wildcard: Josh Beeks) 160: Hunter Reed, Mason Winner, Christian Bratcher, Ethan Hicks (Wildcard: Eli Elkins) 170: Jordan Raider, Caden Friedt, Jake Lone, Laik Minnick (Wildcard: Garrett Hetzner) 182: Noah Cressel, Conner Graber, Jonyvan Johnson, Cameron Christen (Wildcard: Justin Poeppel) 195: Draven Rasler, Jaxson Savieo, Charlie Agnew, Aaron Sedgwick (Wildcard: Victor Lee) 220: Levi Leffers, Dalyn Hart, Cameron Smith, Chandler Schumm (Wildcard: Braydon Erb) 285: Dakota Ault, Avery Jones, Vince Yoder, Nick Conner (Wildcard: Logan Schaffer)
  15. Take your time. Whether the exact policy is known or not, I think the same basic approach will apply every year. The more matches you win and higher your wrestlers place each round of the individual tournament (especially non-seniors) .....the odds of your team making it to Team State increase.
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