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  1. Mike Langley 145# 1985 36-0 Tipton Junior year got knocked out by the eventual champion. Sophomore year got in a fight with the coach and threw a lock. Not sure about his freshman year. I caught up with him at the library a couple months bf he passed a couple years ago. He said he had 12 losses in his life and over 2,000 wins which included a national championship over a summer. He had 2-3 dozen college offers but chose Ball State bc that’s where his then gf was. He started that season at 155. After the first match vs. North Central he said he was going to drop to 1
  2. Was he the one who got a DQ, went out the exit ramp and banged something so loud you could hear it in the arena? I was trying to remember the name and Tony Jones Warren Central was the name and school coming to mind, but I don’t even know if that’s a wrestler. I wasn’t confident enough in the identity to post it. I was thinking it was an illegal slam in the semis by a 185 or Hwt that got him the DQ. It likely would have been 86-91. Long time ago.
  3. Where is the delete button? McCormick coached at Yorktown. My mistake.
  4. Darden Schurg, Crown Point 2012-15 4th, 6th at SS behind Forte, 2nd & 2nd D3 Nat. Champ at Wabash Andy Hobbs, Tipton 4th and 3rd in 1985 & 86 with losses both years to Yorktown’s McCormick if my memory is correct. The online archives should be updated to go back further.
  5. 1. Hollendonner upsetting Noehre then upsetting Levitz to make the finals. Someone get him a scholarship already and iron out the few kinks in his neutral game that Dickens exploited. 2. Bettich getting up from an illegal slam that could have given CP the team title over Cathedral had he stayed down. The Western lady next to me blurted out “that kid is feisty” and “give Bettich the Mental Attitude Award.” I heard that award is decided bf finals start though. If so, that should change bc finals performances and conduct should be considered. 3. Previously undefeated Logan Boe
  6. I saw him wrestle. He was always a weight or two below me and a year behind. Best lateral/whip-over and cradle from any angle I’ve ever seen. Nobody at Tipton gave a thought to avoiding Ellis bc it wouldn’t have made any difference in getting beat at regionals by him or another Cathedral guy 1-2 weight classes above or below. Public high schools back then weren’t as large it seems, so it was harder to compete against the private schools that could recruit from all over. Delta was one among other exceptions though.
  7. 1988 wrestled 130 as a senior and 141 in college (142 then). Now 170. A week in the wrestling room and I’d make 160 easily. 130 + 15 (marriage) + 3 kids*10 = 175 so the math is close.
  8. Back around 1984-5, with 13 weight classes, Tipton beat Peru 72-0 by my memory. I thought we had all pins that day, but 72 is 6 pts shy, so maybe there were some tech falls. Andy Hobbs, the Peru coach was Tipton’s 185 guy. He might know for sure. I also am not sure if tech falls were 6 points in a dual back then.
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