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  1. This is huge. The powerhouses stay powerhouses because they “breed” great wrestlers. Those great wrestlers get to wrestle each other every night at practice. The non powerhouse programs may only have 1 or 2 good/great wrestlers and the chances of them being near the same weight are slim. Therefore they don’t get good competition each night at practice. The best stay the best until you have a complete culture change. Also almost all sports (except football usually) are encouraging kids to play that one sport year round. Football coaches normally encourage kids to be multi sport. Wrestling is no different. It is becoming the baseball/soccer/basketball year round sport.
  2. Why did Mike Goebel relinquish the HC at EMD? He clearly loves coaching as he still coaches the football team. Other tidbit I learned this year was Goebel was the head coach at Castle for a year before being hired by EMD.
  3. Isn’t that a revenge win? Garcia beat him at Ev Ss right? Nice weekend for Hayhurst.
  4. How do we get IHSAA to change it? Surely if all the coaches tell them to right?
  5. Is there or has there ever been serious talk about having class wrestling for individual tournament? Based on what I have learned on this site about how IHSAA treats wrestling I don’t see them doing it. They don’t have class track and field, golf, tennis, etc so that seems to set the precedent.
  6. I know they have done it in the past but why the break? Removing mats 1 and 4 didn’t change anything. Just roll right into finals and semifinals and only use mats 2/3. 10 minute break at the most and I think most people would have stayed.
  7. The hour break after semis was absurd. Most people walked laps upstairs to pass time.
  8. I was just getting ready to say that I just asked this a few days ago. Basically IHSAA won’t budge on this even though many if not most states do wrestle backs. It makes entirely no sense to even us novice wrestling fans.
  9. I understand that state matchups are always 1v4 and 2v3 from other semi states. My question is how are they matching them up? Rankings, records, etc or just totally random?
  10. Technically called Comfort by the Cross Eyed Cricket. Nice southern style food.
  11. Amazing write up! Some close food options. Across the street is Backstage (new name change going to be Tiki on Main). Just a block down MLK is Rooftop Bar and Grill. And a few blocks away is Bru Burger inside the old Greyhound station. Can’t beat west Franklin St for the most options in one place.
  12. What do other states do as far as wrestle backs for an all in style tournament like us?
  13. I’m new to HS wrestling, but why don’t they do wrestle backs starting from the ticket/blood round? Wouldn’t this prevent these issues?
  14. KT Nelson - Castle - Senior 37-0 Ashton Hayhurst - Castle - 11-0 (came to team after Christmas break)
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