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  1. https://goportageindians.com/2019/05/07/bradbury-tapped-to-lead-wrestling-forward/?fbclid=IwAR3A6fVHJMXtaAK3ZwZFQ_Iu15HJTEhSl1QpwV6LCrm1_PsWA1JRStHtB-Q Portage job filled by Andrew Bradbury.
  2. Andrew Bradbury
  3. We worked with the table workers to help find these videos, these are not even close to all of the awesome moves that occurred during the weekend, but these are some that those table workers thought were awesome. I may be putting together one for freestyle, so if there was an awesome score that you just can't believe I missed, let me know at twg0ph3r@gmail.com
  4. Portage's prom was Friday night, so you missed Moran, Washington, and Peele on their farewell tour.
  5. Uhhhh...it is considered an alternate event for ISWA.
  6. Steven "Bam" Lawrence (of Grand View, via Portage) wrestled at NAIA as well and placed 5th, so he is probably in before Brett Johnson or Mason Gaines.
  7. trackgopher

    Down #s

    Ask and you shall receive. Over 900 video subscriptions were purchased.
  8. Please realize this event is also trying to bridge the gap between the IHSAA season and ISWA Folkstyle State. Many programs lose the kids after they are eliminated from the state series, while this is to keep those guys around. This is something the Illinois does, and they are a pretty good wrestling state. We are just trying to get better.
  9. Always great to see UIndy and Coach Warthan adding to #HoundPoundNation with another #AlphaDog
  10. Portage was taken out of the LaPorte Sectional and put into the Calumet. LaPorte held the Regional with CP involved and it was moved after Portage left to CP. Portage has never hosted an individual regional, Team Regional back in the day was hosted by Portage though.
  11. Crown Point took over the LaPorte Regional. Hobart took over for Calumet.
  12. Regional brackets should be available as 3PM CST tomorrow and Semi State is currently scheduled as 2/4 at 11 CST. Though it could always change. And the state brackets will be released after the IHSAA telecast.
  13. Every sectional should be up on TW now.
  14. While I do technically have an agreement with the IHSAA (as I run the finals for them), you can’t blame me or TW. The IHSAA has written scathing emails to TW due to events opening up without their permission. So unfortunately, I too, have no ability.
  15. I approve the information that is showing as accurate.
  16. trackgopher

    Portage vs. Lake Central

  17. trackgopher

    Portage vs. LaPorte

  18. The issue is that once you got into 16 (wo)man brackets, there is the possibility of them wrestling more than 5 times, as is the NFHS rule. What happens when the IHSAA (while you probably do not know how involved they are) says that 16 man WB-5th Place 6 is the way we have to compete because of the too many matches issue? I do not have insider information, but that is what it seems happened.
  19. I can agree with this. Again, if anyone wants to volunteer to do things like these, we would be more than happy to try to work something out.
  20. It is far from a done deal. It is just becoming more and more apparent that more needs to be done. We are working to figure out what the best course of action is going to be, but can tell you that something has to change. We had fifteen messages sent through from TW about the issues at a couple tables. Unfortunately they did not respond with the actual table numbers. Here is the biggest issue. We have to beg people to work the tables. Teams turn in a list of people and then for some reason they are unavailable to do the jobs so we have to ask the general public to assist. There was even a point where I had to sit at a table as one of the event management. And hopefully there was no issues with talking at the 3A finals match. If there was, I am probably in trouble myself. Haha. Honestly I love working tables, as evident that I work Big Tens and NCAAs (volunteer). But for me, running tournaments and coaching still have my heart more.
  21. Unfortunately they were told to begin the day, after reports of a couple of people trashing a teams coaching staff, and again later in the day when TW sent us a message about another issue. That was why I was asking for mat #s if possible. Unfortunately we are at a point where next year we will have to strongly question if the audio will be live due to these issues and lack of knowledge of who was causing the issues. This helps us know the mat that was being ran due to giving specifics! So thank you! The MD-Cathedral stream was a little shaky for a while, but it should have resolved in the middle of the dual. We stopped streaming and started again, and it was showing that it was working as it should. We logged in as a user to closely monitor. For the lets go xxx, those were the schools managers that were also at the table. This is no different than any other event. It is always good to have checks and balances and there were a couple of instances that the checks and balances were utilized for discrepancies with the scores and such. The managers will still be allowed at the tables, but we may move the cameras so that they are heard less. There was one large issue in the middle of the meet as a wrestler fell into a computer and ultimately took down the entire event's streams. But it only should have been down for at most 2 minutes. We do apologize for this issue, but there wasn't much we could have done about it! We are also aware that mat 1 was having some issues throughout the day with freezing. We kept that mat up, but know that some matches were missed due to the freezing. We regret that it happened, but we were trying to monitor it closely. If you guys do still have more comments on how to make it better for those at home, please let us know! I am compiling the responses for the TW extraordinaire Pat Culp and she is always willing to try to make things better.
  22. Any clue what dual might have been occurring for all of this? Let us know any complaints. We want to run the best tournament we can but need your feedback with that kind of info to get us to bring the best back! Thanks.
  23. That is not what I thought you were talking about! I thought you were talking TrackCast, and I apologize. Now for that, this match is over is triggered by the matside controller. And the ads are ran on a x number of minutes interval. Unfortunately, I am not sure if much is going to change here as that is what the Gold Membership fixes.
  24. 1st Paragraph: TW prides themselves on prompt and personalized customer service. Sure there are FAQs for situations where the issue happens a lot and they just use that 'canned response' so to say. 2nd: TW no longer has a contract with USAW since NBCSE took over. 3rd: Andy Hamilton (Director of Wrestling Information or something to that effect) was hired to highlight more events. They also have hired Eric Olanoski and a couple other sports journalists to cover more events. This part of the business is getting off the ground, but they are not trying to compete on other things with Flo. This year was the first time that TW went through the conferences and did conference and NCAA previews. They will get better!
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