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  1. RTC is not cancelled. The precautions for 60 wrestlers is quite different than the requirements of FS state. Thanks for checking.
  2. The ISWA has a wrestling clubs listed by county - https://www.iswa.com/page/show/3228710-find-a-club-in-your-area These are the clubs/ contacts in your local area, but there may be some other ones that are conveniently located.
  3. djpierson9

    Matt Krulik

    Matt Krulik
  4. Outlaws Black finished 8th in the tournament. Everyone wrestled really well. Ran into Team Kong and that was a challenge but the boys left it all on the mat.
  5. Cory Graham 317-908-2248 jamesjo328@gmail.com
  6. Adien Warren lost to Graves at Regionals Galbraith lost to Stewart 2x (semi state & MIC Conference) Ben Dalton lost to Hayden Watson at Regionals
  7. Christian White lost to David Pierson 2x (Sectionals & Regionals) Terrel Leavell lost to Graves 2x (Semi state & MIC conference)
  8. I have to disagree. There was a scheduled break at one point (you have to feed the help) and 10 min Track delay, but other than that the tournament ran smoothly and we were done by 3pm. Pat Culp runs a great tournament. No computers or score clocks ever lost power. And there are balcony areas where spectators are allowed to stand and watch. Not saying people didn't creep into the other areas, but from my observation is was not excessive. Also, the doors to the floor were locked and coaches, wrestlers, team managers, press and admins had to be let in each time. Then we opened it up at podiu
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